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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 8 – Santa the Krumper

Last week I thought it was hard enough to get rid of two dancers. How are we ever going to do it again? Looking at Noelle Marsh and Nathan Trasoras dance (Did you see them on Ellen? They were awesome!), it’s hard to believe they’re not final four material. That’s how great and tight this season is.

Wait, where’s Ashleigh Di Lello in the beginning? The judges tonight are of course Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe, etc. But where is Ashleigh? And wait, Cat tells us that next week is the finale and that this is the last time dancers will be eliminated? We usually do a final four here, not a final 6. What’s going on? We’re starting the show with too many questions.

Cat brings out Ashleigh who is wearing a sling. Uh-oh. That’s not good. She tells us she was doing a lift and her shoulder popped out, yet she popped it back in, and is ready to go, but the doctors won’t clear her to do so. She begged and pleaded, but they said they want to do an MRI to make sure it’s clear first. She’s hoping she’ll be voted through to next week anyway. I think she’ll get the votes, as she’s a favorite.

Kathryn McCormick and Ryan Di Lello are paired up tonight, and she is excited to still be in it, saying she just wants to go for everything 150% and not take it for granted. It would be special for Ryan as well, as he hopes he might be able to dance with Ashleigh, his wife, if they’re both in the finale. He thinks America would love to see the couple dance together. I disagree. I think they’re better separately, or at least she is. Uh-oh, they’re doing a Dorianna Sanchez disco routine, and I know Dr. Dance is going to chime in and not be happy about it. Ryan is excited to finally do disco, and Dorianna says the theme is Last Dance, but it will really be in the story that they’re dancing for the first time.

Dancing to a Samantha Ronson Remix of Last Dance by Donna Summer, Kathryn and Ryan take the stage in sparkly blue and black, until she whips off her bigger dress to reveal a skimpier one. I think they do really well with it, but I know Dr. Dance, a venerable Disco Queen herself will not approve. To my surprise, she liked the beginning quarter of the show and felt they danced it well, but that it fell apart after that. She couldn’t understand why the intricate turns weren’t included, and what the deal was with their heads being thrown backwards. At least it was an upbeat way to start the show.

Adam tells Dorianna it was a lot of fun and says it really put a smile on his face. He was having so much fun out there with them. Ryan has now proved something Adam’s been saying for years that real men can wear sequins, and he’s personally been campaigning for that. The style of disco was so suited for Kathryn and Ryan, and Adam liked seeing someone of Ryan’s stature out there doing this. Kathryn couldn’t look more gorgeous, and Ryan’s one of the contestants who Adam has watched become a better dancer on the show.

Mary tells Kathryn and Ryan if they keep dancing like that, it certainly won’t be the last dance at all. She thinks Kathryn is just peaking at the right time, lighting up the stage. She loves the two of them together and believed the chemistry. The movement was together, and they were present and attacking it with such clarity. Ryan again did such perfect partner work and just let it go this time. Nigel doesn’t agree with his colleagues, but thought Kathryn suited the style. He loves what she’s wearing, like Cher in Vegas. It seems like he’s saying Dorianna works with that show … Nigel isn’t sure about Ryan’s shirt and has been campaigning for guys not to wear those shirts. He felt Ryan was too stiff and straight, while he should have had more fun and bounce.

The next pairing this week is Mollee Gray and Jakob Karr. She says this week is crucial, and if she makes it, she’ll just get to enjoy her dream that much longer. Jakob feels the stakes are really high this week as everyone is so good, it’s going to be tough. For him, it means one step away from winning. For their first dance, they’ll be doing a Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jason Gilkison, who explains the story is about two friends. She’s lost her mojo and he’s trying to help her find it. Jason admits two people out of their genre doing this waltz is really tough.

Mollee and Jakob take on the Viennese Waltz to Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlson. If Nigel wants to talk about being too stiff, I see that in Mollee. I know she’s supposed to have lost her mojo, but she could still be more flowing, especially when she’s trying to do a waltz. I really don’t see a good pairing. However, Dr. Dance disagrees, calling it fabulous and wonderful.

Adam says he could have watched it for two more hours. He feels it speaks to the power of a a great coupling, a great choreographer, a great piece of music, and a great idea. It all happened for them out there. He feels like a broken record going on and on calling Jakob the best dancer he’s seen, but he is. Mollee is peaking and blooming.

Mary adds, “What’s not to like?” as the song is talking about an ordinary guy, ordinary girl, and ordinary day, but there’s nothing ordinary about this. Jakob’s partnering work was fantastic, as he made it work keeping his feet going while he got the turns in. He was there for her every step of the way and Mollee elevated again. Mary doesn’t feel Mollee lost her mojo at all, as she gains confidence in every routine she does. Nigel calls it the beauty of the variations of dance, as last week they had people gasping with huge flips, and this routine makes him gasp just as much. He thinks Jason’s choreography shows the Viennese Waltz off at its best.

Ashleigh was supposed to dance her solo here, but instead takes the stage in her sling, saying she feels perfect now. Regardless, they won’t let her dance, and Cat gives her number so we can vote for her anyway.


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