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Amazing Race 15, Finale Commentary – Let’s Raid Wayne Newton’s Fridge!

Route Markers

• Anyone out there expect to hear a Katy Perry song on the Amazing Race? Not once, but twice?

• Is some dude from a CBS show I don’t watch suggesting I get my wife a pap smear appointment for Christmas? Man, that may be the strangest PSA ever. Stranger than this one.

• Why didn’t the teams know that the Trotters were eliminated? Didn’t they see each other at the Pit Stop?

• The Shut Up Twins actually told Brian and Ericka to blame the cabbie for the Cab Stealing Incident. Um, no. That’s like cheating on your spouse and telling him/her to blame the third party. You did it. No one put a gun to your head.

• Gotta love how the tasks in Vegas were at an Elvis Wedding Chapel, three casinos and Wayne Newton’s house. Throw in Hoover Dam and what else is there to do in Vegas?

• I was really hoping the cab karma thing would bite the boys in the butt. And it did for the first task. Next, I was hoping and praying that the boys who complained about the Trotters following them would be hurt by their decision to follow Meghan and Cheyne to the wrong casino. Alas, that was not to be either.

• I wonder if the couple at the Wedding Chapel were actors or local plants. I do hope that they were actually getting married and had a reality show rush in.

• Why were all the cab drivers a combined 250 years old?

• Ericka – “Marriage is nice, just don’t race with each other.”

• You could almost taste the adrenaline in the air with these teams as the Race wound down. It was palpable.

• The face-first rappel – first seen in Amazing Race 4, marked by Kelly’s hysterical reactions – still ranks to me and my acrophobia as the hardest task they have ever done on this show. Give me an ostrich egg, or haybales or anything at all over what may be my biggest fear of them all. The only thing to make it worse is to make them do it while holding a beehive steady.

• Why was Ericka so focused on dispelling notions of Miss Americas? Is that some bizarre oppressed subgroup in our culture? Are they having support meetings amongst themselves on how no one thinks the can count bells, herd ducks or bounce in the air properly?

• Is Cheyne on a one-man crusade to bring the word “gnarly” back? He’s stuck in 80s slang, while Meghan is back in the 50s (winning the Race was “neat?”)

• Sam was pretty amazing on the rappel. He may piss me off, but give credit where it was due. For a minute I thought < a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXK267Nzb-o">he was Tobey Maguire. Even if he strangely referenced Tom Cruise (I assume for Mission: Impossible, but still, climbing down a mountain doesn’t evoke Spider-Man?)

• How often do you get to say this – Grab a bouquet of flowers and hand it to a flower child. I mean, unless it is 1969 Berkley.

• I like how Ericka introduced herself to the circus people. That was before she reverted back to Scary Ericka. I don’t care how much she struggled with that circus task, it made no sense to switch places on that where it was clear that the stronger person needed to be the bouncer, not the bouncee. Happy Ericka turned into Scary Ericka by the time they got back into the cab and gave the “I’m Gonna Hurt You” face.

• Lastly, how much cooler would have the Vegas lead had been if the Poker Chicks had made it to the end and had poker chip counting as the final task?

• Oh, and somewhere Joan Rivers was watching this and said, “Wow, Wayne Newton. Enough Nip/Tuck already.”

Another Race down, another one still to come. (Spoiler alert – This one perhaps complete with more CBS reality show crossovers.

Roadblock – Face-First Rappel down the Mandalay Bay casino – Ericka, Cheyne, Sam.
Detour – None
Random Task – one team member bounces a trapeze-strapped partner up high in order to grab a bouquet of flowers – Bouncers – Brian (eventually), Sam, Cheyne
Final Task – count out $1 million in poker chips.

Final Standings
First – Meghan/Cheyne
Second – Sam/Dan
Third – Brian/Ericka

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