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The Amazing Race 15, Dec. 6 – For Real?

The brothers are finally correct and head for their meeting with Mr. Las Vegas, as Brian and Ericka are wrong again. Meghan and Cheyne get to the MGM Grand and head to the high roller suite as the brothers aren’t too far behind. They find Wayne waiting at a piano and after hugs, he tells them the finish line is at his house, which they have no idea where it is, but that’s all he’s giving them.

Sam and Dan meet up with Wayne, and they’re shocked to see him, and can’t remember his name. How embarrassing. They walk away really embarrassed. They get in a cab who tells them he knows where Wayne’s house is. Cheyne feels bad for running out on Wayne Newton. The brothers get in a cab and ask to go to Wayne Newton’s home.

Brian is counting again, and she wants to start all over again, saying something is obviously wrong. Meghan says they’ve dreamed of this moment, as Sam admits his stomach is in his throat right now. Meghan and Cheyne can’t find the main entrance, and try a big gate, which doesn’t open for them. They get back to the cab, then try another possible entrance to no avail. They head to the other side. Sam is telling the driver where to go for some reason. I’m not sure why he knows where Wayne lives, but not what his name is.

A cab pulls up, and we have no idea who it is, but see Meghan and Cheyne running across the finish line, high fiving all the other teams along the way, then nearly knocking Phil over with a hug. He pronounces them the official winners of The Amazing Race. They ask him for real? And he confirms. They’re both crying, and Meghan says it’s been such a learning experience and so neat every step of the way. She can’t even feel her body. Cheyne says she was one of the strongest competitors in the Race, even compared to the guys. He’s proud of her, as she really gave it her all. She’s amazing, strong, and intelligent, and he’s so happy she’s his.

The brothers come running into the finish line, and after hugs, are called team #2. Dan says he’s never going to a casino again. They’re happy to be here and wanted to share their story and not let their family down just by being who they were, but wanted to come out and do the race and finish it. Phil brings up their screaming matches, and they know it won’t matter, as they’re’ still brothers and want to hang out together the next day, as Maria and Tiffany stand nearby crying for them.

Brian and Ericka run in, and are called the third team to arrive, which he mocks surprise at. Phil asks Ericka what her family is thinking now, and as Brian cries, she say she thinks they’ll see things in him that they’ve never seen before, and she hopes they fully accept him for who he is. She thinks it’s important to step back and evaluate the character of a person, as what’s on the exterior means nothing as to who that person is.

All the teams get a chance to mingle after this, as Meghan says it’s absolutely a dream come true, and she couldn’t have imagined a better race. She learned so much about Cheyne, and notes he’s his friend and such a good person. Cheyne calls it life-changing, and says the money isn’t as important as what they got to do together. It couldn’t have been any better.

All in all, this was a good Race. What I’m missing from the finale is the Roadblock at the end that has someone doing total recall of the whole race, where they have to put flags or other mementos in order of the legs as they ran them. We didn’t have anything that difficult this time, and that is always a make it or break it type of thing.

I have to admit it was exciting, though, as everyone was still so close up to the very end, including several lead changes. All in all, it ended the way it should have, probably, with the team that led practically all the way taking the million, the team that played dirty coming close, but not getting it, and the team that struggled throughout and had a bit of good luck at times, just missing it.

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