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The Amazing Race 15, Dec. 6 – For Real?

Sam is still going as fast as he can down the side of the building, as Dan is yelling at him to book it, yet surprisingly not yelling, telling him he’s killing it. Cheyne calls this the craziest thing he has ever done. What? Rappelling down a golden hotel building is the craziest thing he’s ever done? Wow. Sam completes his descent, and they take off for their cab. They get a different driver this time, and promise their driver a big tip if he helps them win.

Brian and Ericka find the Race arrow at the Mirage and tell their driver to wait for them again. They are told to join the cast of Love, from Cirque du Soleil. Using bunge cords, one teammate will launch the other high enough into the air to retrieve a bouquet of flowers. Once they grab it, they’ll hand it to the flower child who will give them their next clue. Ericka will be the one in the air again, and Brian says they’re huge fans of Cirque du Soleil, so this is the coolest thing to them.

Brian and Ericka arrive at the Mirage, and it seems Meghan will be the one bouncing, as Ericka is already rigged up ready to fly, and she’s frustrated to see the others there so quickly. She doesn’t get it on her first bounce, as Brian thinks he has it figured out what to do now. Cheyne knows this is their chance to get ahead of them, as Ericka just misses it again. Brian is frustrated knowing how close they are.

The brothers arrive at the clue box, and can’t decide who will do it. They figure Dan should bounce since he’s taller. Meghan isn’t close enough at all, and she tells Cheyne to be careful of her ankles, as they’re killing her. Both she and Ericka come nearly close enough to touch it. Ericka does actually touch it, but doesn’t bring it down. She tells Brian he should do it since he’s taller. Both girls get bits of the bouquet, but need to keep going to get the whole thing. Meghan finally gets the whole thing, as Ericka gets really frustrated not to. She screams at Brian to switch and starts poking him really hard.

Meghan and Cheyne’s next clue says something about the country of Monaco, and they need to figure out to head to the Monte Carlo. Sam has a hard time pushing Dan up there, saying he’s heavy. Meghan asks a cab driver other than theirs what the most famous casino is in the country of Monaco, and he tells them the Venetian. There they go. Their own driver isn’t sure. Dan gets the bouquet as Ericka is still trying to bounce Brian up there. She’s having an all out panic attack and asks him to switch again. This is the poker players all over again. And I’m pretty sure they’d know the Monte Carlo, too.

Still unsure about the Venetian, Meghan and Cheyne want to ask someone else, but see the boys heading out right behind them, so decide to just go. Meanwhile, the brothers jump in a cab and tell their driver to follow Meghan and Cheyne. Sam borrows the cab driver’s phone to get info, and says it looked like Brian and Ericka were getting mad at each other. Indeed, she is totally freaking out, and it’s not helping them at all. Brian tells her she needs to calm down, as she screams that their lead is gone.

Meghan and Cheyne try to figure out where Monaco is, and Sam and Dan have no idea where they’re headed, so again just want to follow the taxi in front of them. Ericka is having a nervous breakdown, as Sam is asking for help on the phone. They hear it’s the Monte Carlo and turn, hoping Meghan and Cheyne don’t see them. They do anyway, and Meghan wants to ask about this Monaco thing again. They hear Bellagio this time, but she isn’t sure.

Ericka tells Brian to push her butt, and she finally gets it. And, or course, she knows it’s the Monte Carlo right away. He’s not sure, but she is. The brothers run into the Monte Carlo and find poker tables covered with chips in various denominations. They have to count out exactly a million dollars, and if they’re correct, they’ll get a special chip and the next clue. The brothers are stoked to be in the lead. They start collecting the red chips first, thinking they’re the highest denomination.

At the Venetian, the person there tells Meghan and Cheyne the answer is probably the Monte Carlo, but isn’t sure. They ask people in the lobby and get the same answer. Brian is hoping the other teams went to the wrong hotel, as Meghan and Cheyne get caught in traffic. The boys have red chips stacked all over, but have no idea how much it’s worth. Dan is starting to freak out, so Sam makes him switch places with him, from the gathering table to the counting table. They’re putting them in groups of ten, and put out 100, hoping it’s right. Brian and Ericka arrive, and Brian is having an awesome feeling to not see Meghan and Cheyne.

Meghan and Cheyne finally arrive and start counting right away. The brothers feel good to have a big start on their counting. Ericka just keeps repeating, “We can not let them beat us.” Cheyne wants to stack chips in groups of 25. Everyone is stacking red chips, so they’ve been here before, I take it. Again, I think the Poker Player Team could fly through this one.

Cheyne tells Meghan to not worry about the others. Brian thinks they have $700,000, and Cheyne thinks they have $600,000. The brothers argue, ignoring their earlier operation. Dan freaks out to see Meghan and Cheyne handing over their chips to be counted and insists on handing in everything they have to be counted. Ericka and Brian are doing the same. Meghan and Cheyne are correct first and run, and both of the other teams are wrong.

Meghan and Cheyne get a clue to head to the MGM Grand where “Mr. Las Vegas” is waiting for them in the high roller suite. He will tell them the location of the finish line. They stop to ask someone first if Wayne Newton is Mr. Las Vegas. Oy vey. How do they not know that or about the Monte Carlo, but they know how much chips are worth?


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