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The Amazing Race 15, Dec. 6 – For Real?

I was so rooting for the Globetrotters that I’m not even sure who I’m rooting for in the finale. Basically, I think I’m okay with anyone winning, other than the brothers, after the dirty play of theirs. Not that it’s the first time it’s been done on The Amazing Race, but to sit there and call other people out for playing dirty when they’re doing the things they’ve done the past couple of weeks is pretty low.

As has been the story most of the season, the first team to leave the pit stop in Prague are Meghan and Cheyne at 11:10 AM. They get a clue telling them to fly to their final destination, Las Vegas, Nevada. Too bad the poker players aren’t still in the Race. They’ll travel to the Graceland Wedding Chapel to get their next clue. They pick up a taxi and head to a travel agent. They’re confident in their game at this point and are “going for the gold.” The travel agent informs them of a flight on British Airways at 6:40 PM, and they take it.

Sam and Dan leave at 12:08 PM, and call Sin City a “cool end city.” They claim their mission is “Operation Beat Meghan and Cheyne,” as well as “Operation Don’t Yell at Each Other,” and think if they accomplish both of those things, they’ll win. I wouldn’t out Brian and Ericka just yet. Meghan and Cheyne won’t get to Vegas until tomorrow around 2:00 and figure everyone will be on the same flight again.

Brian and Ericka leave at 3:15 PM, so it’s possible they’ll miss the 6:40 flight, depending on how long it takes to get to the airport and check in. He doesn’t have much to say to the brothers after they stabbed them in the back stealing their cab. He does want them to watch over their shoulder, though, as he says he and his wife are coming for them. She brings up again how her mother has been hard on Brian, and she hopes she’ll now see they’re a couple just like any other, regardless of their color.

Meghan, Cheyne, and the brothers all meet up at the airport. Interestingly enough, they don’t even know who the third team is and speculate its the Globetrotters. I would have thought they’d find out at some point at the pit stop. We’ve seen them all hanging out before at pit stops on the Race. Maybe before the final leg they just ate and hit the hay, and Brian and Ericka came in after everyone was crashed.

Brian figures the others will be surprised to see them walk in and not the Globetrotters. Indeed Meghan and Cheyne see Brian and Ericka and are freaked out, as are the brothers. Dan tells them to not blame them for the taxi, to blame their driver. Brian is unwilling to let it go, though, it seems.

Once in Las Vegas, everyone bolts as fast as they can, grabbing taxis, heading to the Wedding Chapel. It’s Brian and Ericka in the lead. The brothers are in last, telling their driver to catch up to the other cabs, as their driver says, “Son of a bitch.” I’m not sure where the hostility is coming from. Brian and Ericka ask their driver to wait for them, but I’m surprised they didn’t ask for a little more assurance, knowing who their traveling companions are.

Everyone is at the chapel at the same time as a couple is getting married to Elvis singing Amazing Grace. The Racers join in in a singalong. Elvis hands them all their clues, as Meghan ask for hers second, saying she lives in Nashville. Do you think the couple getting married are still together? I joke of course, as I had some very good friends get married by Elvis in a chapel in Vegas, with me as matron of honor, and I’m happy to say they’re still together and very happy!

The Elvis clue tells the Racers to make their way to Mandalay Bay. The dirty players, the brothers, are upset that Meghan was reaching for the clue in front of them. The cab stealers are upset that she wanted to get the clue before them. Brian and Ericka are the first ones there again, and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must perform a face first rappel down the hotel. Erica figures she’s doing it, as Brian is severely afraid of heights. Apparently he can barely get on a ladder. On top of the building, she says she’s fearless today, and Brian knows he’d be peeing his pants if he was up there.

The next team to arrive are Meghan and Cheyne with him saying he’s going to do it. Ericka starts over the building as Sam and Dan are caught in traffic. Brian can’t even look at his wife climbing down at first, then moves on to encouraging her. She doesn’t think many people would have ever expected her to do this, going back to her reign as Miss America. Cheyne is nervous as he doesn’t like heights, but says he’s trying to overcome it. He says he’s sweating and tripping out. He starts his descent as Erica appears to lose her footing.

Sam and Dan arrive with Sam deciding he will do it. Cheyne has his eyes closed, and asks the guys helping him down if he’s facing the building or away. Sam is shocked that they’re doing this face first, as Ericka says she feels like Spider Woman. Ericka makes it down in one piece, and they get a clue to go to the one Mirage in the dessert.

Cheyne hears Meghan cheering him on, but he’s still freaking out. Sam is starting his descent and almost looks like he’s kissing the edge of the building before he goes down. Brian hopes karma will finally pay off for Ericka, and they hop in their cab and head off, as she’s too excited. He doesn’t want to get cocky, knowing anything can happen at this point. Cheyne hits his head into the side of the building as he goes down, and Sam is asking if he can go down faster, telling Tom Cruise to step aside. Cheyne gets down quickly and seems like he’s having a panic attack.


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