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So You Think You Can Dance, Dec. 2 – “Snoooooop Dog”

It’s already down to the Top 10, and I have a sudden sense of deep foreboding that the season will be over in just a few weeks. What slightly comforts me, though, is that my beloved “LOST” will start in February (the last season!), so I’m still smiling inside. 🙂

Cat Deeley walks out with especially gorgeous wavy hair. And just an FYI, she’s 5 feet 9 inches tall. I had always thought she was taller—perhaps because she’s always standing next to smaller dancers. Or maybe it’s just her shoes.

We watch a Kmart commercial hosted by Dominic Sandoval, who danced on a previous “So You Think You Can Dance” season. Crowd members each try to show off their moves, and I debate on whether I should even write about this portion, but since I already did, it shall remain. 😉

It’s time to see what two girls are in danger. All five of them are decked out in black leather, and I am envious of their rock-solid abs. Ellenore Scott, with her award-winning Quickstep and contemporary routine that commanded a standing ovation from the judges, has made it! I am very pleased, for she has become my favorite. Last night, Mollee Gray “grew up” with a lyrical jazz routine and a Jive, and she’s safe for another week. Ashleigh Di Lello has made it too.

In danger: Noelle Marsh and Kathryn McCormick. My guess will be that it’s Noelle who goes home. Kathryn just impresses me more and more each week.

It’s the guys’ turn. Ryan Di Lello performed a highly athletic hip-pop routine and a nice Waltz. Did America find anything wrong with it? YES! He’s in the bottom two. The camera pans to Ashleigh. She’s crying. Cat tells each male dancer he’s safe until she ends up with Nathan Trasoras and Jonathan “Legacy” Perez. Now, anybody who watched last week’s results show would know that Judge Nigel Lythgoe is gunning for Nathan to leave. And, when Cat sends Nathan to the danger circle, I’m thinking that Nigel just might get his wish.

The guest performance is “The Legion of Extraordinary Actors” who dance to “Yellow” by the Vitamin String Quartet. Let me just pause right here. [Insert a blissful breath.] If you didn’t see it, you MUST YouTube it. Imagine Coldplay’s “Yellow” song performed by an orchestra and then accompanied by a group of talented dancers mixing contemporary, hip-pop, gymnastics, and jazz into a solid, yet fluid dance routine. Mesmerizing. Seriously.

The solo dance performances follow. They’re basically the same from last night, only this time the judges comment on them. Judge Adam Shankman tells Noelle that she had an incredible show last night and finally showed off her personality. Personally, I think she’s just way too happy, and I wish she’d feel the music more. Ryan dances to “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” which completely thrilled my 8-year-old son, who finally could identify a song on this show—because it came from “Guitar Hero” on his Wii. 😉 Ryan does his best, but he looks more like a man waving a blanket at a Bull. Judge Mary Murphy tells him he’s one of the best ballroom dancers ever. What he lacks in his solos he makes up in his partner/group performances. “Don’t cry,” Cat tells Ashleigh. We know that Ashleigh is crying anyway.

Kathryn performs next. Judge Mary says she’s shocked that Kathryn is in the bottom two. Frankly, so am I. Mary tells her she’s done everything she’s been asked to and has everything that Mary wishes she had. Maybe something isn’t transcending to the audience. Kathryn tears up and says that maybe some people needed to see her solo once more to know what kind of dancer she was.

Finally, Nathan performs. His contemporary dance is beautiful and artistic and heartfelt, and I think he knows that the outlook doesn’t look great for him. His facial expressions are very intense and often downtrodden, which I think can distance him from TV viewers. Judge Nigel tells him that he should continue on the path that he’s on and then says that the judges have given him tough love by criticizing him. Nigel reminds Nathan that this isn’t a competition where people vote you off, but instead they vote for other people. This seems to conflict with previous weeks when judges were voting off dancers right and left. Nigel’s sympathetic and encouraging tone tells me that Nathan might be leaving us.

Rapper Snoop Dog performs. I heart him. If you had to describe him in a word, I’d say “chill.” He’s so relaxed. For a few minutes, I’m transported back to the 90s where rap and break dancers abound. His resounding tune: “What’s my name? Snooooooooop Dog.”

The Results: Noelle and Nathan were voted off the show. It came down to the most cheerful girl and the most sullen boy, and American wanted neither.

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