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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 1 – Extra Time, Extra Good

Ellenore and Jacob take on a Sonya Tayeh contemporary piece to Tore My Heart by OONA & Dave Tweedle. The quirkiness of Ellenore works well with Sonya’s work. I think they’re cut of the same cloth or something. And Jakob’s not so bad either. It’s yet another dance of strength, and it’s interesting the theme that has developed here tonight. They both do great character work, and this is just mesmerizing.

Nigel thinks everyone needs to calm down … then scream like Mary. He hopes people realize when they’re disappointed in the dancers it’s because they’re up against brilliance like this. Everyone needs to come up to that level. He thinks they have just rewritten the rules when it comes to chemistry. Ellenore and Jakob have incredible chemistry as dancers together, but also with their choreographer tonight when it comes together on a routine. Ellenore and Sonya are both quirky and incredibly artistic in their creativity, and to drag Jakob into their world is brilliant. He keeps saying every week “This is my favorite routine,” but this really is his favorite routine of this season. He doesn’t know anything that is as perfect as this. He asks Jakob how he does some of his moves and says it’s annoying. They’re absolutely a different class.

Ellenore grew up in Santa Cruz, California, and needed to go somewhere bigger for her training, Mary doesn’t know what goes on in Sonya’s head, but she likes it a lot. She has to agree that they’re like the new dream team, and what comes with that is high expectation after their first number, and they delivered and then some. Jakob is definitely one of the best dancers in this competition, and there isn’t anything he can’t do, and that goes for Ellenore too. They just find a way to connect with each other. Adam feels like he needs a stretch. He tells Sonya that so far the most memorable piece has been The Garden, and this is like the sequel. This will leave an indelible impression on fans forever. He keeps wanting to see that thing that gives him goosebumps, and he got it. They all three stand and give them an standing ovation, then disco move for them as well.

Ashleigh was born in Salt Lake City, a huge dancing area, and was introduced to ballroom dancing when she was 12. When she returned home from a trip at 13 she had pain in every joint, and specialists diagnosed a rare parasitic infection. Her mom admits she wanted to take her pain and thinks any parent feels like that. To get through that and now step on the stage and do what she loves is like life being perfect. She dances tonight in her solo to Batucada Por Favor by Bob Azzam. She has some great samba rolls going on, and gets those feet moving.

Mollee and Russell finish up the couple’s dancing for the evening with an Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev jive to Land of 1000 Dances by Jimmy Barnes. It’s definitely fun, but their first dance was the one we’ll remember this partnership for. Yet, this is the dance we all wish we could do, as it’s just that much fun.

Nigel would not in any way shape or form want to follow Jakob and Ellenore, because that routine was so outstanding. They are the only couple with this routine that could have done that. They are such good performers, and two of the best as well as really good dancers. He wishes they would have been together from the start, as they really are a fun couple. Mollee’s dancing is maturing every time he sees her, and he hopes the two of them will be here for a long time.

Mary welcomes back Pasha and Anya, noting those hot tamales are back and we have two more hot tamales right in front of her. She asks how much fun the routine was and says they brought the routine to life. Everyone was feeling it. It’s a great partnership and a great way to end the show. Adam says according to Mary he’s feeling it, then admits he is feeling it. He’s feeling so good about this pairing. They are bringing out something really wonderful in each other, incredibly playful. It’s a dance partnership chemistry, and he already sees a beautiful playfulness, respect, a great give and take. Mollee is so back.

Jakob grew up in a small town in Florida. His dad’s whole life was sports, and he tried to push Jakob into them, but he wasn’t good at any of them, though he tried. His mom then took him to New York to see Broadway shows, and he started to realize he could do that someday. It was motivation and a kick in the pants to start focusing on that. His mom feels so emotional when she watches him dance. She’s watching it happen, as he’s worked so hard. He does his solo tonight to Always Midnight (Acoustic) by Pay Monahan. It’s the greatness we’ve come to expect from him with the terrific lines.

As it is, we didn’t need all 2-1/2 hours to complete this show, and the local news starts seven minutes past the two hour mark. I think maybe for the first time the show realized they didn’t have to micro-manage the time out to make sure it fit in the two hours and decided to take advantage of it. Either way, tomorrow, it’s going to be a tough loss no matter who goes home. I can’t think of anyone right now I want to leave, or that I think deserves to leave.

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