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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 1 – Extra Time, Extra Good

Nathan was raised in California and has two older brothers who were in dance first. When he got to age 10 he started really liking dance. His brother believes dance is who Nathan is, and he thinks he really deserves it. It’s all made Nathan realize he should really appreciate his family. He’s thankful, as it’s his time to pay them back. He does that by dancing to Golden Train by Justin Nozuka, and he brings it in his solo tonight.

Ryan and Noelle are back, and this time with a JT Thomas and Tomas Melnicki Smooth Waltz to Jeux d’eau O (Cirque du Soleil soundtrack). They’ve gone from hot to elegant. We knew the ballroom dancer would do well here, but Noelle does just as well. They get in some beautiful flowing lifts. It’s just wonderful.

Ellenore grew up in Santa Cruz, California, and needed to go somewhere bigger for her training, Nigel tells them they look like a prince and princess at the end of Disney movie falling in love. It was a lovely routine, and he loved the spin and promenade. Ryan had a wonderful open carriage, but he’d love to see a little more softness in his shoulders and neck as he looks at the floor a little too much. But the rise and fall and flow was beautiful. He thinks they mastered both dances tonight.

Mary agrees. She found Noelle breathtaking in this with the quality of movement and the correct footwork with beautiful flowing movement. She gained strength from Ryan tonight, and he dominated the whole thing in the right way and played it with just the right amount of strength. It seemed effortless. Adam says the way he knew it was a great routine was by being hypnotized by the performance in the most positive way . He found himself breathing with them, as it was that good. He got a little high in the promenade, as it was so perfect. He thinks this is now a power partnership.

so she told her parents she needed to go to NYC. They were apprehensive, but realized it was her dream and obliged. Her mom says everyone thought they were nuts, but they recognized her talent. They used all their money to move there and were then broke. Her mom has been the most supportive, and it’s all she could ask for. Her mom feels blessed to have her as a daughter. Ellenore dances solo to Beatbox Harmonica by Yuri Lane. It’s another of her quirky routines, yet it’s captivating.

Ashleigh and Legacy are back, this time with a Dave Scott hip hop to Slow Down by Bobby Valentino. It’s going to be another power thing with them. There’s something about these two together and that power and strength that is really hot. They’re doing it like a vampire thing. She enjoys teasing him, and while he thinks he has the power, it seems like it’s really her. I liked their first routine better, although I don’t think anything could have topped that.

Nigel didn’t feel it with this one and didn’t find enough dancing. With Legacy and hip hop, he wanted more, but all he had was a lot of stuff with the cloak. He knows they could only do what they were given, and he apologizes to Dave that it just wasn’t there for him. The musicality wasn’t there, and the little steps weren’t synchronized. There just wasn’t enough dancing for him.

Mary agrees again, saying she isn’t being left with a great impression. They had a good number before, and this one just didn’t work. Adam says it wasn’t challenging enough at this point in the competition. They’re used to seeing Legacy doing outrageous things, and they established Ashleigh can really handle hip hop, so it maybe could have been taken up a notch by being more competitive.

Nathan and Kathryn now take on a Tony and Melanie rhumba to Walk On By by Aretha Franklin. Regardless, I like them as a couple, and they’re very hot together. Again his maturity is really coming out, something we never saw from him with Mollee. He’s a man here, not a boy, just as she’s a woman now. He needed this seductress in Kathryn or something.

Nigel mentions how he warned before to be careful of the choreography, and because the song says “walk on by,” they need to almost ignore each other. They fail to get chemistry between them if Nathan keeps the sour face. The dancing and lines were good, and they’re calling it a rhumba, but it could have been anything. It’s not their fault, as that’s what they were given to do. Mary notes they had two people outside their style, but agrees that the passion wasn’t there between the two of them. She’s proud of Nathan though in his rhumba back walk, as he had his hips and feet moving correctly. There were some awkward moments with the roll, and Kathryn had one of her most beautiful moments as she draped her leg over Nathan and had her body rippling. She was able to capture those moments. She won’t stand up and cheer, but there were some really fabulous moments, but also some awkward moments.

Adam thinks what is really important is Nathan is very polarizing an he’s charming, young and out there, but people have a lot of feelings about him, an that is really good on this show, yet it’s also been very bumpy for him. He won’t get that tonight, and it’s because he had Kathryn supporting him. What he loved about watching Kathryn was she was dancing like she was competing and with passion.

Legacy grew up in Miami and didn’t start B-boying until he was a teenager, but once he did, he didn’t want to stop. He and a friend decided to go out to LA and make something of their lives. Dancing on the street was their means of survival, and they had to be proactive to make rent. His dad is really proud, as he’s his Mini Me. His friend says Legacy is living their dream. He dances his solo to No Air by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown. He does that great backwards crab walk, and all of this reminds us what we love about him that we didn’t see in that hip hop routine he did earlier. His dad stands up and busts his own moves in the audience afterwards.


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