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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Dec. 1 – Extra Time, Extra Good

Mary tells Kathryn she was absolutely marvelous in this number. She can always capture the moments so well and makes it look so easy flowing from one style to the next. Mary was anticipating a little bit of trouble for Nathan, but she found no trouble here. What Adam loves about this genre is that it gives us an opportunity to look back at dance in American cinema. They did a good job at giving us that look back. Like Mary, he was worried about Nathan, but he came out really confident. He found relief that Nathan was doing so well. Adam thinks Kathryn brought the maturity out.

Noelle grew up in a really small town in North Carolina, but she always has a big family to help keep her company. He family is her number one fan club. She made so many sacrifices for dance. She auditioned for this show during season 5, and missed so much school, she almost didn’t graduate, having to make up a lot of time just to do so. It’s been worth it, though, as it’s been the best thing in her life. Noelle dances to Every Time it Rains by Charlotte Martin, and looks exquisite as she dances, just like she always does. She seems a little bit more freer tonight, too.

Ellenore Scott and Jakob Karr take the floor with a Tony Meredith and Melanie Lapatin quickstep, dancing to Four Brothers by Manhattan Transfer. The story seems to be them as partners in a dance contest. Ellenore does well putting away Miss Quirky long enough to be elegant, and of course Jakob is quite elegant, including donning a set of tails, but we probably won’t see any big leaps from him tonight. They do put in a little bit in the middle that looks a little like a tap routine. Too bad we lost all our tappers.

Nigel calls this a fun routine and says he loved the hopping. He thanks Ellenore and Jakob for bringing tap back into the program. He warns Jakob to be careful his feet don’t turn out and that his elbows don’t dip too much, because his bodyline was good throughout. Ellenore had a great bodyline and carried just great. They were very good together and felt very comfortable. He thinks they can leave the program and go right on to Dancing With the Stars. Mary thinks they deserve the trophy they used as a prop, and says Tony and Melanie did a fantastic job, and had a lot of confidence in the two of them as they gave them tough stuff, yet they were able to conquer it. It was the longest in-closed position she’s ever seen on the show.

What Adam thinks is fascinating is that it’s all about the luck of the draw. He asks how weird it is that the partner of the husband left, and the partners of the husband and wife are now together. i think he means Ashleigh’s and Ryan’s partners are now together. No one there understands what he’s talking about and Cat thinks it sounds like Jerry Springer. Adam has been waiting to see Ellenore and Jakob together all season, and he was jumping up and down in his seat. He doesn’t care about Jakob’s feet, and Ellenore looks unbelievable in her dress.

Ryan doesn’t think he’d exist without dance, as both his grandparents and parents met dancing, along with him and Ashleigh. He was basically raised in a dance studio. He thinks of himself as a born entertainer; It’s in his family’s blood. His dad says to watch him dance makes him well up inside and stand like a proud father, as he knows he had a part in that. Ryan dances his solo tonight to Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpions. He does a tantastic knee thing across the stage. I think he brought up his solos quite a bit, which is what they were asking from him.

Kathryn was born in Augusta, Georgia, and also had a mom that owned a dance studio. It wasn’t until she was a junior in high school that she realized she wanted to pursue a career in dance. She took a leap of faith and moved out to LA on her own. Her mom knew she’d accomplish all of her dreams by moving out, although it was hard to lose her and watch her go. Kathryn does her solo to Beautiful by Bethany Dillon. She’s definitely feeling the dance tonight. Her good reviews after her first dance with Nathan had to help.

Mollee and Russell take on a Mandy Moore lyrical jazz piece to It Must Have Been Love by Roxette. From just the first few seconds, I can tell you it’s another hot one. I think, like Nathan and Kathryn, she’s going to benefit from Russell’s maturity and experience. Again, it’s hard to look at Russell and say there’s the krumper. This is just magnificent. It’s just beautiful.

Nigel calls this absolutely beautiful choreography from Mandy, and says he loved the link of the arms and backward jump. It took him by surprise. Mollee has grown in a week, and the maturity in her work has just come out. She’s a young woman, not a baby. He’s about as proud of Russell as his dad is. He can’t believe he is doing all this. Mollee had full confidence in him when she jumped, knowing he’d catch her. For a krumper, that is so solo and sedentary in style, he’s moving along like a real contemporary dancer. He loves the partnership. Mary loves this partnership too. Talk about chemistry. Everything was so believable. She thinks Mollee fed on Russell’s strength as she elevated to a new level. She trusted him completely, as he’s there and you can bank on him. He is continuing to grow and has taken another leap to another higher level. Both of them are her favorite couple tonight. She’s just as excited as her mom.

As Adam starts to speak, Nigel jokes, “Let’s hear what your granddad has to say.” He says he needs medical attention and asks them to please not dance so well in the future. More seriously, he tells Russell he struggling to rationalize the man he’s come to know him as. when he krumps, he’s scared of him, but then he switches gears and becomes a beautiful contemporary dancer and an extraordinary partner. The shakeup in partnership worked for Mollee. This was like her coming out party. Russell gave up a lot of dance to her and let it be about letting her shine.


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