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Amazing Race 15, Ep. 11 Commentary – What’s a 5-Letter Word for WTF?!?

In other business, heck, was there any? I’ll get into some of the cooler – or in same cases frigid – parts of the episode in the Route Markers. But we have a Top Three racing to the Finish Line next week.

MEGHAN/CHEYNE – they have dominated the season in ways rarely seen on the show. But while other dominant teams have done so with some personality, controversy or drama, they have been the blandest great team in the history of the Race. I mean, name one interesting thing they have done so far? Other than race very, very well. Can’t do it, can you? They are clearly the odds on favorites to win.

SAM/DAN – they have the advantage of being an all-male team should there be a physical challenge at the end. They also have the edge at being evil. Perhaps if the final task is trying to irritate the most, or reach new levels of annoying bickering, they will sail to victory. If they win, they will instantly supplant BJ/Tyler and Eric/Danielle as my most disliked Race winners.

BRIAN/ERICKA – with the two teams I was rooting for going out fourth and fifth, I am on Team Zebra now (their name, not mine. Don’t write letters.) They may have corny humor, but they are still lots of fun. Brian is incredibly patient and has also been a rather good Racer. Ericka, well, she is a character. She also scares me a bit, so I feel if I don’t root for them she may find me and yell at me.

Route Markers

• Ericka walking the bar crawl with the hooligans harassing her … comic gold. First, I wonder how many of the people on the street were really drunken Czechs and how many were Race plants. Regardless, having them try and snatch the beers as she transported them was hysterical. Her “American attitude” and threats to punch them in the face. Heh, still laughing at that.

• Brian had the right plan for the drinks – just take a few at a time and take many trips. However, they should have taken as many as they could carry for that final one, because imagine if you dropped a few and were one or two short.

• HYPERLINK “http://www.absinth.bz/articles/effects-of-absinth.html” Absinthe? That drink is illegal here and in many other countries because of how seriously dangerous it can be. I mean, if our hard-drinking country can’t handle it, I am surprised the Amazing Race had someone do it.

• Again Meghan had a good strategy for a task – assign something to the letters to better remember them. Great team. Boring. But great.

• I love how the show called back to the cab incident when the brothers talked about no one sabotaging anyone else.

• Did they find the ugliest rabbi in the Czech Republic for that task? The Ugliest Rabbi, sounds like a strange, racist fable.

• And, by the way, Meghan/Cheyne found perhaps the “http://celebgalz.com/breaking-news-kate-moss-becomes-a-cab-driver/”>hottest cab driver in Europe. I mean, she looked like she was driving cabs to help pay for modeling school. Now that is a romantic comedy waiting to be written. Someone get Rachel McAdams’ agent on the phone!

• Two minutes in a cryo chamber? How does that help you in athletics? Strange that the show had sauna and a cryo chamber this season.

• How funny was that detour judge sleeping on the street waiting for Brian and Ericka to finish?

• Anyone notice Phil say to Brian and Ericka, “you are the third team to arrive.” Wouldn’t that indicate that they had a penalty? He only ever says that when a team has messed up, otherwise they would get a “you’re Team Number Three.” I am guessing that taking the cab in between getting the beers and walking them to the bar was illegal. However, the Trotters were so far back, I am sure the penalty was edited out.

• Brian on finishing the Roadblock ahead of Big Easy – “And I did it drunk too.”

• Wouldn’t you think the brothers’ broken golem would have been rejected? Or was that just me being hopeful?

• More great editing – Meghan saying the golem wasn’t that heavy, followed by Dan saying it was so heavy.

• Lastly, I didn’t get to see the teams talking smack or the previews for next week because of football overrun and that stupid . I have DVR set to record Cold Case each week for that reason, but I forgot about the latest unwatchable Christmas movie from CBS’ Hallmark movies.

Roadblock – find five ringing phones to spell out the name Franz, then fill out a form and unscramble the letters – Meghan, Dan, Big Easy, Brian
Extra Task – Endure two minutes in a cryo chamber in your underwear at a gazillion degrees below zero.
Speed Bump – Drink a shot of absinthe.
Legend – Build a golem (seriously, I was kidding last week!) and wheel the giant across the city to be approved by a waiting rabbi – Meghan/Cheyne & Sam/Dan
Lager – Deliver 30 beers to rowdy soccer hooligans from one bar to another – Brian/Ericka. The Trotters never got to do a Detour (or at least we didn’t get to see it).

Order of Finish

1. Meghan/Cheyne
2. Sam/Dan
3. Brian/Ericka
4. Flight Time/Big Easy – ELIMINATED

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