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The Amazing Race 15, Nov. 29 – The Big Easy Way Out

Ericka is walking through the streets with her two glasses telling everyone to move over, yet they have a lot of drunks walking through the streets distracting them. They then have to walk down a flight of stairs in the bar. They get seven delivered and go back for more. The brothers are still walking with their figure, with Dan complaining that he’s going to drop it. Sam wants him to know they’re both working as hard. Some girl walks by Brian and Ericka and takes one of their lagers. Ericka tells her she’s about to get her ass beat.

The Globetrotters are still waiting and decide it’s over, but don’t want to give up. The brothers are still arguing. Brian and Ericka have to make it through another group of revelers, then have to head back to get more again. The brothers finally make it to the synagogue and receive their clue to get to the pit stop. Dan admits in the cab that he was being a complete baby. Heck no, Dan, who would have ever thought that?

Brian and Ericka make their way with their last round of drinks, and he jokes their goal is to finish before the sun comes up. The brothers get to Phil’s mat and are declared team number two, and one of the final three. They call it absolutely crazy, and know everyone is thinking of them as second or third place, thinking no one’s going to see them coming up from behind. They think they can beat Meghan and Cheyne.

After the four hours are up, the Globetrotters head to the Kryocentrum in the daylight. Brian and Ericka finally finish delivering their drinks in the daylight as well, and since the bar is obviously closed, deliver them to a guy waiting outside. Brian apologizes for having to keep him up all night as the guy looks like he’s snoozing on the sidewalk. They know they’re the only ones that attempted the Lager, but hope the other challenge was just as tough. They reach Phil and are named team number three, as she screams in surprise. The know they’ve made their share of screwups, but they’re contenders and will keep fighting until the end.

The Globetrotters get a note at Kryocentrum telling them to head straight to the pit stop, and they pretty much know why. We get to hear Sweet Georgia Brown one more time as we see some of their best moments. They face Phil who eliminates them. He admits he loved watching them race around the world, and Big Easy says sometimes the Race tears apart relationships, but he thinks they built theirs, and he hopes they’ll be teammates another twenty years. He knows they’ll be friends forever. Flight Time says they finished as they started, with their heads held high. They didn’t win, but the experience is priceless.

No matter how you look at it, it was a huge mistake for Big Easy to take the easy way out. When they left the castle in Prague, they had an hour and a half lead on Brian and Ericka. The speed bump probably only slowed them down a half hour at the most. That’s two hours of a lead they had on them, and the four hours they decided to take in the penalty was double. In addition, by the time Big Easy quit, he watched Brian get the clue and move on. There is no way that sitting there doing nothing for four hours was better than trying it for four when everyone has passed you up. He saw it as a no win situation, but had he just sat back and started over, he could have tried different combinations again and gotten it.

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