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The Amazing Race 15, Nov. 29 – The Big Easy Way Out

Dan is still working on the letters and admits he is just guessing. He calls the supervisors the biggest douches ever. While he works on this third attempt, Big Easy comes in for his first attempt, and gets the Xes. He and Dan agree to work together, which is a mistake, I think. Dan admits it’s a mistake, as he thinks the basketball players are the stab-you-in-the-back type of guys. This coming from the guy that stole someone else’s cab. They both try again and are wrong.

Meghan and Cheyne make it through their two minutes, and she calls it painful, as Cheyne feels bad for polar bears. They now need to make their way to the Charles Bridge which links the old and new sections of the city to search for their next clue. The other two are still working on unscrambling Franz and getting it wrong.

Brian and Ericka find the bar, along with a party. Brian is quite excited about this particular speed bump, despite the fact he doesn’t drink at all. Miss America gets a little jealous at Brian looking at all the pretty girls dancing. He compares the absinthe to rubbing alcohol, and she calls it the worst drink she’s ever had. They take off back to the synagogue, then head to the museum.

Dan and Big Easy are still working on the clue, and Dan gets it right, then refuses to help Big Easy, but of course said Big Easy was the stab-you-in-the-back type of guy earlier. All he’ll tell him is that it starts with F. Dan and Sam make their way to Kryocentrum, and Sam is upset with Dan for telling Big Easy it starts with an F. He knows he just has to get it before the next team comes. Brian enters ringing phone central and starts answering phones and gets his first letter.

Meghan and Cheyne make it to the bridge and find a Detour – Legend or Lager. In Legend teams will delve into Prague lore and Jewish mythology by building a figure made of clay and straw that was constructed to protect the Jewish quarters in the 15th century. They’ll cover the skeleton in wet clay then transport it across the city to the Old New Synagogue, and if the Rabbi is satisfied, they’ll get their next clue. In Lager, teams must deliver beer to rowdy soccer hoodlums. The Czech people drink more beer per capita than any other country in the world. They will carry twenty beers and deliver them to the bar and get their net clue. We know what Brian won’t want to do that one.

With Meghan and Cheyne deciding on Legend, the brothers arrive at the Kryocentrum, and one of them thinks his ass is too big for the little shorts he has to wear. Sam feels like they’re back in Japan and calls it a bizarre costume. Brian is still answering phones looking for his last letter. He gets it and heads to the supervisors where Big Easy is making his next attempt. He gets Xed again, and Brian wants help, but Big Easy who’s been there for about two and a half hours isn’t wanting to help. Brian calls himself a visual person and thinks it’ll be easy for him. He also thinks he’s missing a vowel. Ask Pat Sajak.

Meghan and Cheyne work on their clay figure and decide to go as fast as they can. I’m figuring on that to be a good idea in a race. The brothers get done in the Kryocentrum and take off for the bridge. Flight Time says if they don’t get the word right, it’s the last time he’s every coming here. Brian gets the word right and is passed. Big Easy is beside himself. They make their way to the Kryocentrum. Brian notes he did this … drunk. Big Easy gets Xed again and walks out to Flight Time as they decide to take the four hour penalty for not finishing the Roadblock. I think that’s a mistake, as you might as well try to get that word during the four hours that you’re sitting there. In all that time you can try every single letter combination.

While the Globetrotters wait, Meghan and Cheyne are standing up their mud-covered figure, which is so big, Cheyne can barely lift it up. He calls their figure a fat ass. The brothers arrive at the Detour and decide on Legend. Brian and Ericka get to Kryocentrum. She’s from Florida, so isn’t going to enjoy this, never having seen snow until she was 21. A few seconds in, she’s already saying her ankles are frozen. Meghan and Cheyne argue over transporting their fat ass, and the brothers are arriving to start building their own.

The brothers drop it on the ground while they’re trying to cover it, as it’s that heavy. Brian and Ericka emerge from Kryocentrum, and she says it’s clearly the coldest she’s ever been. I should think so. Brian says everything went wrong last leg, but today, everything is going right for them. Famous last words? Meghan and Cheyne are dragging their figure across the street and trying to work through their relationship difficulties at this point. The brothers know they have to step it up and are arguing as well. Sam doesn’t want to have dirt all over the figure, in fear the rabbi will get pissed.

Brian and Ericka decide to do the Lager, believe it or not, as he says he used to be a server and can do it. Meghan and Cheyne reach the rabbis who tell them it’s not bad and nice work. They get their clue to make their way to the next pit stop, Strelecky Ostrov. The brothers are dragging their figure and arguing as well. Dan calls him a dumbass, and he calls him immature in return. Dan wants to find the synagogue first before they start dragging it, as he thinks that’ll take half the time. They prop it up and ask a taxi for directions.

Brian and Ericka get to where they have to pick up the drinks and make it through the streets. They’re being followed by guys that are quite celebratory, and Brian asks them why they don’t have jobs. Meghan and Cheyne run onto Phil’s mat, and he tells them once again they’re team number one, and in the finale. They’ve also both won a 52″ LCD TV. Cheyne knows they’re the best team to win, the most confident, have won the most legs and are mentally strong.

This leads into the brothers dragging their figure through the streets, still arguing. Sam is calling Dan a baby for not being able to continue, as he says they could be eliminated by waiting like this. The basketball players still have three hours to wait. Big Easy knows he was close a few times and says he killed about four trees filling out all the forms. Brian and Ericka are delivering the lager, and Ericka drops all her glasses, saying it won’t work. He gives her three of his glasses, and she complains saying they’ll be there all night. Well, they’ve got at least three hours to get it delivered.


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