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The Amazing Race 15, Nov. 29 – The Big Easy Way Out

I don’t even think I can begin to tell you how excited I am to see tonight’s episode. It’s the final four, and there can’t be any more stays of execution. Someone’s leaving tonight. We also know one of the teams will take a four hour penalty when they can’t finish a Roadblock. Four hours? How do you come back from that at this level? Being that they’re going to still be racing through Prague, there can’t be that much time between the teams, can there? I’m excited to see how it all plays out.

The first team to leave the pit stop of the castle are Meghan and Cheyne at 9:46 PM. They receive a clue telling them to make it across town to the Spanish Synagogue where they’ll find their next clue. She explains in this leg they’re just focusing on making it to final three. Their competition is stiff, but having the most wins and making the best decisions, they got themselves here, and think they’ll be successful if they keep playing the same game. They first find Erick and Brian’s speed bump, then find their clue, telling them to make their way to the Ekotechnicke Museum to find their next clue.

Sam and Dan leave at 10:13 PM and discuss the other teams probably think they are the villains. They think it’s due to the teams always being so nice with no one trying to sabotage anyone else. This is of course referring to them stealing Brian and Ericka’s taxi at the Detour last leg of the Race. Regardless, they’re confident they’ll work hard on this leg to make it to final three.

Meghan and Cheyne get to the museum and find a Roadblock that pertains to the existential author Franz Kafka who rejected technology and questioned the meaning of life. One person from each team must enter the complicated, bureaucratic world that many refer to as Kafka-esque. In an enormous warehouse filled with desks and ringing telephones, certain ringing phones with have a voice that will give them one letter in the name Franz, and once they unscramble all the letters to figure out Franz, they must fill it in on a special form, and if correct, a supervisor will hand them the next clue.

Although nervous, Meghan decides to do this one. Cheyne just hears the ringing phones, as Meghan works her way around the room answering telephones. She picks up quite a few phones before she hears her first clue, R. She follows this up quickly with Z. she can’t write the numbers down, so she says the letters out loud with an animal to remember them. So far she has Rabbit, Zebra, Ferret.

Flight Time and Big Easy leave at 10:17 PM, with Big Easy saying they feel good about the way they’ve run the Race. They’ve stayed true to who they really are and never got beside themselves. He feels who you really are is going to come out. Meghan is still frantically answering phones and gets N. She can’t think of any animals that start with N. Nag?

The brothers get to the synagogue, then take off for the museum, telling their driver to go as fast as he can, referring to him as he screeches through the streets as Jeff Gordon. Meghan gets the last letter, A. She gets the form from the supervisor and fills out all sorts of stuff like height, weight, name, occupation, etc., all sorts of things to throw her off from the information she’s supposed to be remembering. She gets a huge X emblazoned on her form and has to start again.

The basketball players arrive at the synagogue, while Meghan fills out Franz and gets her next clue. They have to make their way to Kryocentrum where they’ll find the next clue. The brothers are arriving and departing their taxi as Meghan and Cheyne are leaving, and they’re finding what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Meghan and Cheyne asks Jeff Gordon to take them. He refuses to take them, and they ask him to call another cab.

It’s Dan doing the Roadblock, and Sam warns him as he walks in not to get frustrated. He hears and sees all the ringing phones and just says, “Oh my God.” Sam hears it from the outside, and knows it’ll be so obnoxious, it’ll get Dan all flustered. Meghan and Cheyne get the next cab to come along as Dan gets A and N.

Brian and Ericka finally leave at 11:40 PM, and she says leaving in last place isn’t where they want to be, but they still think they can make the top three. He thinks they’re capable of overcoming the speed bump, as they’re the only team that has been down at the bottom.

Dan has three letters and gets his fourth, as the Globetrotters are arriving at the museum. Big Easy runs in to take care of this Roadblock, as Dan gets his fifth letter and runs out to fill in the form. Big Easy has his first letter. Dan has the letters right, but isn’t sure what word he should be unscrambling. He isn’t sure whether he’s looking for a Czech or English word. He’s wrong on his first attempt, while Big Easy has two letters.

Meghan and Cheyne arrive at the Kryocentrum, and have to strip down to nearly their skivvies and enter a kryotherapy room which is kept at a brisk 180 degrees below 0 Celsius. If they can stay there for two minutes, they’ll get their next clue. They get dressed with gloves, shoes, mask, etc., and head into the cold. She complains her gloves are freezing. Brian and Ericka arrive at their speed bump and have to pay a visit to the Green Fairy. They have to find a certain pub, then perform a three-step process to prepare a traditional shot of absinthe, and after they drink it, they can continue on. Luckily, the lounge is close by.


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