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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 25 – Grow Up, or Go Out!

So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 25 – Grow Up, or Go Out!

I’ve spent the latter half of today searching through some of my favorite SYTYCD performance clips on YouTube. These were from past seasons, like the yummy “Bleeding Love Routine” and “Addiction” dances. But what excited me most in particular this afternoon was looking up Legacy and Kathryn’s Jazz routine from last night. Talk about a pair of dancing hot tamales! There were a few notable performances last night, but Legacy – his moves, his personality, his, well, everything – inspired many of my YouTube clicks.

Judge Nigel Lythgoe wishes us viewers a happy holiday and says it’s all about love. I’m excited about tomorrow’s Thanksgiving mashed potatoes … because they most definitely fill me with love. 🙂 Judge Mary Murphy comments she’s so proud of the dancers on this season, and I have yet to think of a season that hasn’t made her proud. Judge Adam Shankman is excited about who will make the Top 10 and go on tour. He explains that now the dancers need to shake off their fear and have fun instead. Speaking of fun, host Cat Deeley is dressed in a fun sparkly silver dress sequined softly in small shell-like designs. How’s that for alliteration? 😉

The first two couples enter the floor, and it’s 1) Karen Hauer and Victor Smalley, and 2) Ashleigh Di Lello and Jakob Karr. Karen and Victor had performed a sultry tango, and the first two descriptive words that came to my mind were “magical hotness.” Their hip-pop dance was uninspiring and unsynchronized in some places. Ashleigh and Jakob were definitely more inspiring in their two numbers. Their lyrical jazz routine was so beautiful that it made Jakob’s tight purple pants less ugly. Their second cha cha dance was jaw-dropping in terms of Ashleigh’s moves. The judges were right when they said it was her world…a world that seems to include her omg-how-are-they-so-toned legs.

First couple in danger: Karen and Victor.

The next two couples on the floor are 1) Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras, and 2) Kathryn McCormick, and Jonathan “Legacy” Perez. WARNING to readers: At this precise moment, my beloved Legacy can do no wrong, so the opinions about him might be just a bit biased – true, but biased. LOL. Mollee and Nathan had danced the hip-hop dance (and my only real memory from it was the ring-a-linging of a phone) and then their Can Can dance, which would have made the Energizer Bunny extremely proud. But, it was Legacy and Kathryn who compelled me to hold my breath for a short while as they danced one of the hottest jazz routines I’ve seen throughout the past seasons. His crab walk at the beginning was stellar. Kathryn’s gorgeous self stole the show when they did the ballroom dance…but Legacy was still my, er.., her hero.

Second couple in danger: Mollee and Nathan.

The judges’ comments: If Mollee and Nathan want to continue in the show, they won’t do it as a couple. Their downfall is that they’re too young—too immature. Judge Adam warns them to watch what they say in their media clips because those clips are very important to their image. Apparently helping children in third-world countries and going jet-skiing when you’re stressed doesn’t connect you to the audience. And I feel kind of sorry for these two youths…they aren’t old enough to endure the less adventurous effects of stress yet. 😉

The next couples on the floor are: 1) Ellenore Scott and Ryan Di Lello, and 2) Noelle Marsh and Russell Ferguson. I immediately think back to the auditions when Ryan and his wife Ashleigh tried out for the show, and I didn’t give them a second thought about making it all the way to the finals. Noelle and Russell’s first contemporary dance was dazzling in white, as Noelle oozed her body over Russell’s. They then shook their hips to Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” music, but the judges were mostly disappointed. Noelle seems almost too nice … too sweet … She needs to get down and dirty. If I was on the judges panel, my comment would have been simply: Stop smiling at us! Ellenore and Ryan had done their spunky Lindy Hop and fun Razzle-Dazze Broadway routines. P.S. Ellenore is just too cute.

Third couple in danger: Ellenore and Ryan. Noelle is shocked! Nigel is frustrated about this because he believes that Ryan is the “best partner” and Elenore is a top dancer.

It’s the break. Principal dancer from the American Ballet Theatre, Paloma Herrera, performs a ballet routine, and I can’t help but want the show to quickly return to the other dancers.

The six dancers perform their solos. Karen is up first, and I’m more dazzled by her black boots than by her dancing. Victor performs a contemporary routine, which feels like ballet … but amplified a hundred times. Mollee gives it her all in her solo; you can tell she knows that if she doesn’t sell it, she’ll lose it. Nathan dances next, and his contemporary moves and lines are unique, but they don’t stir me. After the break, Ellenore dances, and her leg lifts defy gravity. She’s cute but strong at the same time, which is a nice blend. Finally, Ryan moves and grooves, and I look forward to a future dance where he’s hopefully coupled with his wife.

Shakira performs to her “Give it up to me” song, surrounded by a bunch of dancing girls. It’s a sensual performance, with a lot of gyrating of the hips. But then again, those hips don’t lie. 😉

RESULTS: According to the judges, Karen is a fantastic performer, but she seems to have given up and didn’t put her heart and soul into her dancing. So, Karen is OUT. With regards to the boys, the judges’ decision was NOT unanimous. Nigel had wanted Nathan to go home due to lack of improvement, but the other two judges wanted Victor to leave the show. With no real explanation, Nigel tells Victor he is OUT. Apparently, the judges believe that next week’s solo performances will be particularly important for youthful and peppy Mollee and Nathan … which will either grow them up, or lead to sudden reality TV death.

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