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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 24 – They Sure Can Can

Mollee and Nathan are taking on the can can, a show first. Helping them with this dance is Tyce Diorio. All Mollee and Nathan know is that the dance originated in France and has a lot of kicks. Tyce fills them in on the history, and even someone 18 years old like Mollee thinks this is going to be tiring. They can can to Cancan Suite by Offenbach/Ponchielli, and the problem is the same thing it always is with dances done for the first time here. We have nothing to compare it to. Nevertheless, I think this might make up for their telephone hip hop.

Adam notes he always loves new styles being introduced, and he thinks they’re the best ones to get this style, as they’re like a bunch of hopping Energizer bunnies. He loved Mollee’s prim little arias and using all her girlishness, but it was a little better showing for Nathan, possibly because Tyce gave him all the turns, although Mollee’s aerial was beautiful, and it almost gave him a panic attack because of her ankle.

Mary doesn’t want anyone to say they can’t do it with a bad ankle, but Mollee can can! She thought Mollee was killing it with total energy the whole time. Nathan, too, was good at the end of turns, just with his leg out as if he was saying “There you go” as she came across him. Nathan thinks Tyce did his homework as every can can step was thrown in there. He notes it was scandalous back then as girls didn’t wear any underwear, just all the petticoats, but Mollee wants it known she did wear her underwear. He thought they did it with all of the energy and enthusiasm the routine asked for, and thank goodness for that, as they were the couple that could do it.

Noelle and Russell met up with Tyce as well, but they worked on contemporary. Tyce wants them to paint a picture of their relationship across each other’s bodies, and it works well for them at this point, bringing in their weeks of working together. They dance to A Case of You by Diana Krall, and there Noelle goes with her lines. But honestly, why can Russell do this ? This is so beautiful, you would think it was a Mia Michaels piece. I honestly stopped typing for a large gap in this song and just watched them. It spurs me to tears, and I’m not even sure why. It’s just that beautiful, as they become art together.

Adam calls it very interesting, saying as a choreographer the dancers are the paint, so the point that Tyce picked up on that and used the paint so beautifully, Noelle and Russell were just gorgeous. That section where they did the aerials that was like asymmetrical chaos was one of his favorite moments of the night. He doesn’t think they’re going anywhere after that.

Mary agrees it was very special and was also clever, as it was endless and flowing along. The entrance was so beautiful, how it just rolled into that vertical hold. It never stopped and just kept rolling and flowing, and this number for her was out of this world. Nigel thinks what Tyce said to them about painting across her chest with his face was a commercial for all guys to start dancing. Russell and Noelle needed to leave them with something to remember them by and that’s what they did. Noelle committed to everything and had such confidence in him she could throw herself at him knowing he would catch her. Russell’s technique gets better and better every week, and at this point Nigel has forgotten he’s a street dancer. It’s just crazy.

Jean-Marc and France work with Ashleigh and Jakob on a cha cha. She’s excited, of course, the Latin ballroom queen, but Jakob is nervous, having never done any kind of Latin ballroom before. They’re fighting over a chair, over who will get it, but Jean-Marc wants to lay claim to it. They cha cha to Cha Cha Heels (Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit) by Rosabel feat. Jeanie Tracy, and she’s in top gear, of course, with him not looking so bad either. Oddly, I’m not as impressed as I thought I’d be, but that’s only because she’s been so impressive with everything else.

Adam says this is Ashleigh’s world and we’re all just visiting. Jakob calls it terrifying and inspiring. Jakob now is in the spot Ashleigh was in before, as he made himself seem like a ballroom dancer. His least favorite thing about ballroom is the hungry jazz looks, as he demonstrates it, then shows the favorite one of the turn with the look of surprise, as he thought why are you surprised? You know the routine. But in the meantime, they killed it, and they’re the couple of the night for him.

Without question, Mary says they’ve blown it out of he ballpark with both of their numbers. It was so fun to see Ashleigh do her style and her legs are amazing. For Mary it doesn’t get any better. Jakob was really there for her in all the partnering work. Most of all, he was there, because without him, she couldn’t do what she’s done tonight. Nigel tells Jakob he was the fish out of water, but didn’t look it, and he challenges any ballroom dancer to do the leap over the chair he did. He couldn’t believe there was going to be another concept routine, but Jean-Marc didn’t just do that and did a really good cha cha routine, as Ashleigh and Jakob should waltz through to the top 10.

Again, I don’t know if I can pick a bottom three couples Nathan and Mollee struggled in their first dance, but excelled in their second. Victor and Karen excelled in their first dance, but struggled with their second. Those are the only two couples I’d place in the bottom two, and with several appearances and different partners already, Victor and Karen would probably go. That’s my guess for who will go home tomorrow, but it’s such a guess still at this point.

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