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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 24 – They Sure Can Can

Adam calls it a partnership that really ended up working out. He has to say that it was really great for Victor with poise and stature, and Karen is embracing all the silliness and sharpness and keeping the energy going on when nothing was even going on. It’s what it’s all about, and they had hot chemistry. Mary gets straight to Victor, saying it’s a huge surprise, as she didn’t think he’d be able to pull it off, yet he had the air down from the second he started. She wants to point out that most of the ballroom choreographers put one pivot in there, as it’s difficult, but Melanie and Tony put three of them in there. Their frame was good as well. Karen looked tremendous with her quality of movement. She’s still on the train, and while Victor isn’t on there, he’s picking up steam.

Nigel is really happy these two came together. The outfits alone look fantastic, and their intensity together was beautiful to watch. He’s mentioned Victor’s sway back before, and he’s really got to tuck it under and bring the hips through and get that matador feeling a little more, because everything else, the look down his nose, etc. was fabulous. He notes Karen has the same quality as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. You can’t give it, as people just have it and she d does.

Nathan Trasoras will miss most Mollee Gray’s laugh and the way they have fun together. She’ll miss his weird sayings and noises that he randomly puts out. In their first dance tonight they’ll be doing hip hop with Jamal Sims, in a story about Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant creating the telephone. Hmm. That’s an odd story. Mollee wants to be sure they kill it to be sure the fans use the telephone they invented to vote for them.

Hip hopping to Ring-A-Ling by Black Eyed Peas, they’re both dressed in knickers and knee socks, with Nathan having a bit of crazy hair going on. Their youth certainly plays into the feel of the hip hop, but it still just seems like an odd story, and that’s coming from the wife of a guy who has spent a lifetime working at the phone company. Nathan shows us at the end he split his pants. Imagine Alexander Graham Bell bending over to show us his ass.

Adam points out that Mollee hurt her ankle and there were a few bobbles because of that, but they were out there really selling it, and he finds it great watching Nathan do hip hop, as he can tell how much he loves it. It’s like “I’m home now.” He could see a little stress on Mollee and the choreography got a little soft because of it, but by and large he enjoyed watching it.

Mary thought she might have been on hold for awhile, but then they answered her call. It picked up steam as it went along, and she saw the bobbles as well, and thought a few things could have been hit harder. It was fun and mostly synchronized. Nigel thinks they’re both really good dancers, and he’s looking forward to them actually losing each other and moving on to a more mature partner, as it felt a little tweet, like Dolly Dinkle’s Regional Hip Hop Class 101. Adam mentions that’s where he studied. Nigel wants to see them both mature, and Adam agrees they’ll do good by a shakeup.

Noelle Marsh is going to miss Russell Ferguson’s laid-back personality and him always encouraging her. He’s going to miss her affection and hugs, as it gives him a better vibe. They’ll work on the samba with Tony and Melanie this week, who tells them at this point they need to be really great dancer, and to do the samba after never having done it before is extremely difficult. Noelle thinks she has the hip thing down for it.

Speaking of Shakira, here’s her Hips Don’t Lie. I wasn’t sure when they started, but here they are totally samba-ing. Noelle looks hot in it, and I can’t figure out how Russell can dance like this. He’s a street dancer and shouldn’t be able to do this. Mary might totally pick it apart for frame and footwork or something, but I think they do admirably with it.

Adam enjoyed it and has to speak to the character instead of technical, and what might have been less than brilliant for him is everything they love about them; they’re too nice. They’re so sweet, it didn’t get into the nasty party version of the samba, staying at top instead of going into their “southern regions.” They needed to get more “oogie.” Mary really doesn’t want to see her samba that dirty, but Adam does. She understands what he’s saying, though, as there wasn’t enough compression in the bounce, seeming shallow. The performance value was phenomenal, and Russell kind of embodies the spirit that is the samba – the joy. He portrayed it beautifully. Noelle had it all shaking and going on out there, but she didn’t sit in the pocket, making it not feel settled.

Nigel notes they have Shakira on the show tomorrow night, and she just oozes sexuality, but he needed it more from Noelle. She’s so sweet and her hips were doing everything, but seemed homogenized. He still doesn’t believe Russell hasn’t had any other lessons to do what he does. He always says people don’t go far enough towards the back in the samba roll, but he didn’t go enough forward.

The final couple up tonight is Ashleigh Di Lello and Jakob Karr. She’ll miss their friendship the most, as it’s so easy, the two of them working together. Jakob can’t even say how much he’ll miss her, as there aren’t even words for it. They’re working on lyrical jazz with Sonya for their first dance tonight. The routine will be about the one moment in your life when you feel everything is content. Ashleigh thinks it’ll be the hardest challenge she’s had yet, as she has to totally let go of every instinct her body has.


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