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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 24 – They Sure Can Can

This is an important week for the dancers. If they make it past this week, they’re in the final ten and they make the tour. It’s still such a tight race between them all. I watch them all and can’t imagine getting rid of anyone. I only thought one couple should be in the bottom last week. And only one of that couple went home. They’ve been bringing their A game, so it should be interesting to see what they do tonight, as they try to make it through this all-important next step.

We have our normal weekly judges of Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe. Again, no Paula Abdul. Each couple will be dancing twice tonight to fill up the two hours. This is the last week with their original couples, so each couple was asked what they’ll miss about working with each other.

Ellenore Scott says what she’ll miss most about Ryan Di Lello is that he’s such a total perfectionist. He’ll miss her fun, energetic, quirky personality. This week they’re doing the Lindy Hop with Carla Heiney for their first dance. She explains it’s high energy and fast-paced. Ellenore has to take a deep breath before talking about the cartwheels, flips, and lifts they’ll have to do. Ryan just wants it all to be awesome by the time it gets to the stage.

Tonight, Ellen and Ryan do their Lindy Hop to I’ve Got to Be a Rug Cutter by Boilermaker Jazz Band, and I think they picked the right girl in Ellenore for the high energy. It works well with her quirky personality. One of their lifts doesn’t seem like it worked quite right though. They struggle a little with those, which seems odd for the ballroom dancer. Their other tricks, though, seem to work out great. If it wasn’t for that awkward looking lift, I think it would have been really great.

Adam calls it a fantastic start to the show. He thinks both Ellenore and Ryan looked cute like all get out, as he recognizes he sounds like his grandmother. He mentions Ryan hurt his back this week, so to do the lifts that he did in this were amazing. He doesn’t mention the mishap I see, so maybe it was supposed to be that way. Ellenore gets better and better every week, and this was so great for her energy. The coffee grinders with the flares were amazing. They made him feel the spirit of the party.

Mary clapped during the routine and felt it was tremendous. She found it to be stunning and is happy to have the lindy hop back on the show. She mentions the passing of one of the original creators of the lindy hop and thinks he would have been really proud. The end was amazing, and they both captured the right feel. He doesn’t think Ryan could have had a better partner for this dance. Nigel thought it was terrible … that we hadn’t had the lindy hop on yet this season. They haven’t had it on the show since Neil Haskell and Lacey Schwimmer did it. If they look at Ryan’s build, he’s taller than a normal lindy hopper, but he got down into the floor, to get that bounce going. it’s not Ellenore’s style whatsoever, and the flexed feet must have hurt her. What Carla did was give them the energy and great spirit of the dance.

Jonathan “Legacy” Perez will miss the way Kathryn McCormick has helped him with his body, to get flexible. What she’ll miss is the way Legacy tries to get them ready and get into character. They’ll be doing jazz with Sonya Tayeh, who explains this piece is based on a a man who quivers every time he sees his lady and can’t contain himself. Legacy finds a sense of playfulness in it, and he even gets to bite her hand in one move. Kathryn just wants to be sure he brushes his teeth. I’m with her on that one.

So Deep by Hot Chip is the background for Kathryn and Legacy’s jazz routine. These two are hot together, that’s for sure. And lucky us, we get to see him shirtless again. She plays the role to the hilt, with the whole vixen thing, leading him around the stage, taking advantage of his quivering stage. Sonya does some great choreography here, too, working with their different styles, allowing him certain B-Boy moves.

Adam tells Sonya it was a great routine and that it was awesome. He asks how great it is that she so beautifully showcased Legacy’s B-boy skills in the jazz routine. It was smart and probably helped him out. If they keep dancing like this, they’re going all the way. He’s really sad to see this partnership break up, as they’ve developed such a beautiful chemistry. Mary asks Legacy what it’s called where he crawls on his hands backward, and hearing it’s a crab walk, she says he’s one of the best crab walker she’s ever seen. Sonya was very clever putting the moves in for him, but in between the dancing was still outstanding. Again, they see Legacy’s growth, “And you keep goin’, doncha?” It showcases Kathryn as well, being drop dead gorgeous with her lines and feet. They’re walking right into the top ten.

Nigel calls it one of his favorite routines of the season, and Sonya celebrates in the audience. He tells Kathryn she was incredibly sexy and mature, and he’s sure Legacy agrees with him. Legacy was doing incredible stuff, yet Kathryn was doing equally incredible moves. He never saw Legacy as being musical in Vegas, but he found some great musical instinct in him tonight. Legacy tells him he was dancing, and Nigel adds dancing bloody well.

We have a newly paired couple next in Karen Hauer and Victor Smalley, so what are they most looking forward to about working with each other this week? He’s excited about working with Karen who has been on the Hot Tamale train twice. She’s looking forward to the fact she can talk Spanish with him. They’ll be doing the tango with Tony Meredith and Melanie Lapatin, which will work well with their Spanish. It’s about lust, tension, and desire, but only between the two of them. Karen calls them silent lovers.

Karen and Victor tango to Montserrat by Orquesta del Plata, and they should prove to be very sexy together, yet it might be hard in a new partnership. They’re both dressed completely in black, and they’re dancing well, but I miss the partnership she had with Kevin. I think they had more chemistry. It’s a beautiful dance, though. And the emotions come out well. I can only imagine how great it would have been had they been matched with each other longer.


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