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Amazing Race 15, Ep. 10 Commentary – This Isn’t A Friggin’ Hold Your Hand Game

Route Markers

• Big Easy had all kinds of trouble navigating the ropes during the Detour. In a task that required racers to slowly move along aerial ropes while harnessed, the trick was to wrap your legs around the rope so that you can use some leg strength and avoid having your arms support your full body weight all along the course. For 6’10” Big Easy, it was tough to get his huge frame up on the ropes, so hard that he was actually touching the water. Interesting that he struggled so much, and that Meghan was able to realize this strategy, most likely thanks to her athletic instincts. That helped her finish so well, while the other woman remaining took a long time to finish.

• Only 22 minutes separated all four teams last week

• One of the brothers thought Prague was a country. You know, for them to be considered real villains, they need to look at these guys. Those first and true champions in the gay team villain hall of fame. The brothers? Posers. The Guidos would never steal a cab – they’ll just cause an international incident in Roman airports!

• Oh, and the brothers’ thoughts on the Praga mystery? They thought it was a jacket. Again, there’s this thing called the internet. Some famous guy “invented” it, and it is has a lot more on it than this. One may consider using it to research items that they need – like I just did in finding info on Al Gore and Avenue Q.

• I loved the communication between the married team – Brian – “I’m not blaming her…” followed closely by Ericka’s, “Don’t blame it on me.” That sounds about right.

• Flight Time – “So we are going to old town, looking for old cars and we have an old man driving … and he’s driving like one.” Heh.

• When I think of Prague, I instantly think – isn’t that the city where you can do adventure sports in the heart of the city? The things you learn on the Amazing Race.

• After watching the brothers fight over kayaking, and virtually everything else, can you imagine Thanksgiving? “Is that how you serve mashed potatoes? You’re scooping it wrong!” “Shut the F up, Dan!”

• Ways to turn Season 15 into a drinking game – Every time the brothers fight, whenever Brian and Ericka make a interracial joke, each time the Trotters reference the projects, whenever Meghan/Cheyne…um…win.

• The Roadblock reminded me of the Montreal Olympic Stadium task in the season finale of the Family Edition. Search the arena (in this case a beautiful old theater called the Estates Theater) for a hidden item. In Montreal it was departure times, here it was a tiny mandolin. What made this one great … decoys. There were sitars and guitars and empty tiny mandolin cases all around the theater. So, if you didn’t know what a mandolin was, you had some extra trouble. Maybe this will help.

• What made it super special? The local actor hired to collect the mandolins and issue the clues. If you presented him with a violin, he would laugh heartily and dramatically give a “no.” Even better, when it was only Ericka remaining, he took a sandwich break. Then he took a seat next to Brian. I loved that guy. Give him his own show. It can’t be any worse than this one.

Next week – it seems teams are building a golem. And we presume a team will be eliminated.

Detour – Fast and Furious or Slow and Steady
Fast – kayak down a man-made whitewater rafting course and grab a clue (Sam/Dan – bailed on the task after several times hilariously capsizing)
Slow – the aforementioned aerial ropes (Everyone)

Roadblock – Find a tiny mandolin hidden among the 600 seats in the Estates Theater – Cheyne, Big Easy, Dan, Ericka.

Order of Finish
1 – Meghan/Cheyne
2 – Sam/Dan
3 – Flight Time/Big Easy
4 – Brian/Ericka – NON-ELIMINATION

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