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Amazing Race 15, Ep. 10 Commentary – This Isn’t A Friggin’ Hold Your Hand Game

For a non-elimination leg, the teams were rather anti-social this week, weren’t they? The title of the commentary refers to Cheyne’s explanation to his partner after abandoning the shortest-lived alliance in the history of reality television. After agreeing to work with the Trotters after the Detour, Cheyne yanked the directions scribbled down by the kind bystander and hopped in the nearby cab, leaving the Trotters to politely ask for another set of directions as they waited for the bus. Meghan was aghast at both his rudeness to the nice lady and that he pissed off another team for no really good reason. Cheyne? Well, he didn’t want to friggin hold hands.

Cheyne has a good point, but he surely could have been a bit nicer. Flag down the cab, then turn to the lady and say thank you. Then say to the Trotters, no offense guys, but this cab happened to drive by, we’ll make it up to you later. Just some politeness would go a long way.

Meanwhile, the brothers can add a second team to their enemy list. After last week’s run-ins with the Trotters (which Flight Time said is all cool now, as evidenced by Big Easy’s embrace of the brothers at the Pit Stop, but not from Flight Time’s needling of them at the same time), the brothers turn around and swipe Brian and Ericka’s cab. Uh oh. Seriously, guys. I would not mess with Ericka. Not by a long shot. Don’t poke the sleeping bear, boys.

To be honest, I see why they did it. They could not be certain of a non-elim leg and they were clearly the bottom two teams at that point. While the Roadblock was still coming up, it was still potentially a decision of fair play vs. elimination. Probably, they should have at least had the cabbie call for another taxi to come and get Brian and Ericka. But, “Team Yellow Shirt” has every right to be pissed, and every right to want to kick the boys’ butts. And their admission to the others at the Roadblock, “we kind of took their cab.” No, you actually took their cab. Own up to the evil, boys.

By the way, after dissing the Trotters last week for following them, the boys did a heck of a good job following Meghan and Cheyne at the Route Marker. They had no idea what a Praga (a vintage Czech convertible) was, and unlike the blonde juggernaut and the Trotters, the boys failed to do any research whatsoever in their several hour wait at the airport. Pot? Meet the kettle.

The other incident was Flight Time’s delay of game. I see no problem with this, even though Flight Time said he had no intention of playing that way. He started to descend the ladder following the Detour and Cheyne immediately started accusing him of taking his own Sweet Georgia Brown time in getting down. Flight Time took umbrage and thought, hey, good friggin idea, Cheyne. And you don’t have to hold my hand either.

I think back to Alex in AR2 on the airplane in Australia, after Blake had managed to bring his bag on as carry-on while the rest had to check their bags. He grabbed the intercom; he dramatically faked a leg injury, etc., all to hold up the de-planing so the checked bags could be taken out. Or perhaps Jill in AR3 holding the ferry boat while John Vito ran to get the clue, thus making all of the remaining teams wait until he returned. Smart game play.

Anyway, despite the anti-social behavior, this leg in Prague had little going on, as most non-eliminations do, as it just leads up to the final elimination next week. Brian and Ericka made a fatal flaw in taking the bus out of the airport and were never able to make up that time. Although, they arrived at the Detour and were able to go head-to-head on the ropes against the brothers. And they arrived at the Roadblock with teams still searching for the mandolin. So, in theory, they could have made a comeback, but they had no room for error – and Ericka’s failure to realize that she needed to use her legs on the ropes and her inability to get lucky in the needle-in-a-haystack Roadblock doomed them to a Speed Bump next time around.