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The Amazing Race 15, Nov. 22 – Creating Enemies

The two teams in the lead get direction help from a local on how to take the subway to get there. Cheyne insists he and Meghan slip out and take a taxi, and Meghan tells him he’s rude. The basketball players are left to wait for the subway. Cheyne explains it’s not a hold-your-hand game, but she’s upset that they left him there, and he just wants to know where her competitive spirit is. The basketball players decide Cheyne’s an ass as they see the brothers on the rope course behind them. Brian calls out to Ericka to try two hands, and she tells him she is. and that he should just worry about himself. Cheyne apologizes to Meghan for being rude and says at this time he’s not waiting around for others in the race. Meghan guesses that now the Globetrotters will be mad at them and could hold it against them.

Meghan and Cheyne are indeed the first team to arrive at the Estates Theater and find a Roadblock. One member of each team must play a part in operatic history and search among the 600 seats to find one of a few tiny mandolins, a miniature version of the one played by Don Giovanni in the opera, then bring it on stage to him, where he’ll give them their next clue. Cheyne decides to do this one, and calls it breathtakingly unreal as he walks inside the theater. He decides to do downstairs last in his search. Good idea. And you know what? I bet he’ll find it in the last place he looks.

The basketball players arrive off the subway, and the other two teams are still on the rope course. Meghan just keeps telling Cheyne over and over to be systematic. He brings a regular sized instrument to Don and is told “No,” with a fit of laughter. The basketball players are trying to reach the right outlet in the subway as Sam and Dan finish the task and take off. Ericka is still a long way from finishing. The basketball players enter the Estates Theater, and Big Easy decides to do the searching as Cheyne continues to bring up regular-sized instruments. Flight Time blows a little smoke up Meghan’s butt saying in front of her that he knows he can find a needle in a haystack.

The brothers find one cab waiting there, Brian and Ericka’s cab, and offer him extra if he’ll take them instead. Brian and Ericka shout at their driver to not do that, as they see it happening, even from the top of the rope course. The driver takes the money and the brothers. Ericka says the brothers just proved they were jerks and she’s going to go for the jugular now, as it just lit a fire under her.

On the instrument search, Meghan just keeps calling Cheyne over and over, as Big Easy says it’s getting on his nerves. Ericka finishes the rope course, and Brian says the brothers had been good to them before, but after stealing their taxi, he doesn’t see them working with them much more. Ericka tells him they aren’t working with anybody ever anymore. Probably not, as this one looks to be possibly ending your race.

The brothers arrive at the Estates Theatre, and Dan is stuck doing this one despite Sam having been some type of performance major in school. Sam even recognizes the song Don Giovanni is singing. Brian and Ericka stop to call a cab, as the other three search for instruments. Flight Time starts doing a ballet on the stage. Who’s the performance major now? Dan also presents a normal-sized instrument, and gets laughed at. Brian thinks the brothers are being eaten alive by what they did to them. Right.

Dan finds a tiny instrument case, but it’s empty. Big Easy finds the wrong thing and is also laughed at. He tries the empty case and is laughed at again. Cheyne finally finds what he thinks is it, sings along with the Don, and hears a yes. Big Easy was just happy Cheyne found it so he can stop listening to Meghan call his name. Cheyne’s clue tells them to make their way to Prague Castle, the pit stop for this leg of the Race.

Meghan and Cheyne get in a cab and mention they haven’t seen Brian and Ericka since the Detour, but know they could catch up with everybody on the Roadblock. Big Easy is just about to find an instrument under a chair, but Dan beats him to it. Ericka is told by Brian that she can remain composed under pressure, and she’ll be searching for the tiny instrument, as Dan finds the right instrument, and he and his bother make their way out. Brian is dismayed that the brothers won’t even look them in the eye, let alone apologize.

Meghan and Cheyne find Phil and his mat in the castle. Thy are pronounced team number one. As the winners of this leg, they win a trip for two to Hawaii from Travelocity. Cheyne thinks they could be the the team to beat and realize they other teams are probably dismayed to always be running behind them. Actually, hasn’t everyone else here still won at least one leg? Don’t get ahead of yourselves.

Ericka is calling it “ridonculous” to have to look under every chair, and Big Easy is getting tired of hearing Don sing. Just then he finds the instrument and runs down the stairs. He begs Don not to laugh at him, and thanks him when he says yes as they take off for the pit stop. The brothers are still looking for a taxi as the basketball players make their exit. Ericka says looking for things is not her strength, so Brian really should have done this, as he tells her to start looking more aggressively.

The brothers run to the castle and don’t know where the entrance is; the basketball players are searching too, yet the brothers find it first. They’re team #2, and Phil asks them what team they hope is eliminated. They hope either Meghan and Cheyne or the Globetrotters, saying they aren’t worried about Brian and Ericka, and just stole their cab anyway, so the husband and wife aren’t going to be big fans of theirs. The Globetrotters arrive minutes behind them for third place, and talk about the backlash going on about the cab stealing.

Don Giovanni eats a sandwich while he waits for Ericka to find the instrument. I can’t decide whether it’s more rude or more funny. She finally finds it, presents it, and receives a yes and a clue. They appear on Phil’s mat and he asks if they’ve enjoyed the Race. They say yes, as they’ve had angels the whole way. Phil tells them they have one more angel, as this is a non-elimination leg. They’re still in the race. They’ll have to do the speed bump, and have to fight like crazy to get into the final three. If I were the brothers I’d watch out, although Brian says he wants to prove you can win this game by playing fair.

Interestingly, the teams are still in Prague next week, meaning we won’t have a great equalizer of a flight. It means they’re all really tightly bunched still, and Brian and Ericka still have to do the speed bump. Yet for some reason, we don’t see the basketball players in the previews, meaning it’s good or bad for them, but I’m leaning toward good. The brothers and Brian and Ericka are seen imploding again. And now the brothers have created another grudge match for themselves, and Meghan and Cheyne have created one as well. It looks like it’ll be a very tense hour.

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