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The Amazing Race 15, Nov. 22 – Creating Enemies

What will be interesting tonight, of course, will be to see how the tussle between the brothers and the Globetrotters affects their play, if they can all put it behind them, or if they begin carrying an even bigger grudge against each other. Those that carry grudges on the Race usually don’t fare too well as it almost becomes like a cancer as it starts to overrule the game play.

But even ahead of them, the first team to leave Estonia are Meghan and Cheyne at midnight. They get a clue telling them to fly to Prague, Czech Republic. They’ll make their way to the old town square and find a man in a vintage Praga. They’ll need to find out first, of course, that a Praga is a vintage Czech convertible. The teams on this Race aren’t so good about finding things out. Complicating this, they get zero dollars for this leg of the Race. Cheyne claims they aren’t setting their sights on winning it just yet, but are looking ahead to the final three.

Sam and Dan are the next to leave at 12:19 AM, and Dan is asking if they speak Spanish in Prague. When his brother tells him no, he asks where it is, and Sam informs him it’s a country. Good luck with that car thing. They talk about their rivalry with the basketball players and are upset about being accused of pushing them. Flight Time and Big Easy leave one minute later and say they talked it all over with the brothers and they’re all cool. Funny how the two teams see it differently.

Brian and Ericka leave in last place as 12:22 AM, and he says so far everything on the Race has worked out well for them, even when they think it’s not going to. Helping things along today is the fact tht their cabdriver has their team color on, yellow. How are they expeced to take cabs if they received 0 dollars for this leg of the Race? Apparently they were supposed to be budgeting.

Meghan and Cheyne get the news at the airport that the next flight leaves at 5:20 AM tomorrow. They left at midnight, so does that mean this next morning, or more than 24 hours away? It connects in Riga and will get them to Prague by 8:15 AM. The ticket offie doesn’t open until 4:00 AM though. The other three teams all hit the internet to get the same news. Meghan and Cheyne are smartly looking up what a Praga is, find out it’s a car, and decide to lie to the others and say it’s something else. The Globetrotters have already done their home and researched that it’s a car. Everyone makes the Riga flight.

The teams get taxies to make it to the old town square, but Brian and Ericka hit the subway, as someone on the airplane told them that was the fastest way. The brothers are asking their driver if a Praga is a robe. Meghan and Cheyne find the Praga and a clue telling them to go to Kayaky Troja, an outdoor adventure center. The brothers find the car right after them by following, the same thing they accused the brothers of last week, and both teams hit the taxis again. The brothers admit they ran through so fast, they didn’t even get to see it much. San missed out on the sightseeing, and Dan claims he’s acting like he’s in third grade.

The Globetrotters arrive at the Praga, get the clue, and take off in a taxi again. Brian and Ericka are still caught up in subway traffic. They get out and take a cab the rest of the way and call it a gamble, with Ericka getting way too defensive about Brian saying it was a bad decision, saying he went along with it, so it wasn’t just her.

Meghan, Cheyne, and the brothers arrive at the clue box and find a Detour – Fast and Furious or Slow and Steady. In Fast and Furious, teams take a ride down a kayaking course meant to train professionals. They have to grab a ribbon with their next clue as thy move past it, and if they miss it, or tip over, they’ll have to keep riding the rapids until they get it. In Slow and Steady, teams will need to make their way along a grueling aerial rope course where they’ll get the next clue at the end. The brothers decide on Fast, thinking they’ll be able to maneuver better. Meghan and Cheyne decide to do slow, as the kayaking doesn’t look like the safer way to go. Besides, Meghan flips out a little over it. The basketball players arrive and decide to do slow as well.

Brian and Ericka are just arriving at the old town square and begin looking for the Praga, not knowing what they’re looking for. They think it could be the old guy on the horse. Sam and Dan get ready for their first kayak attempt as the other two teams are getting ready for the rope course. The Globetrotters do their usual banter as Big Easy says they jumped off the third story in the projects, so this is nothing. Flight Time claims they only had one story in his projetcs. The brothers paddle by promising to beat the basketball players, then start to argue about steering the boat. Brian and Ericka finally figure out the Praga is the car. She says if they are the last team to get the clue, their strategy obvoiusly didn’t work. How astute.

The brothers argue and tip their kayak over, having to start the course over again. The other two teams are slowly making their way down the rope course, and Meghan says it gets harder as you go along. The basketball players agree, saying it takes upper body strength, but Big Easy is so heavy, his feet are touching the water. San and Dan take off on their second attempt and this time try to get the steering thing worked out. However, they still argue and tip over once again. With their athleticism, the rope course would have been a much better bet.

Meghan is happy to see Big Easy struggle, as he’s such a big guy and it usually comes easy to him. Flight Time finishes before anybody, but has to wait for Big Easy. The worker on the rope course asks Fligh Time to go down off the platform, assumably because he was the first finished, and Meghan calls him out on going slow on purpose. You can’t blame him for that. He’s buying some time for his teammate. Brian and Ericka are close to arriving, as Sam and Dan continue to argue about steering. Big Easy finally finishes up the course just as Meghan and Cheyne are finishing climbing down. Flight Time tells Meghan he wasn’t even slowing down on purpose until she pointed out to him that he could.

Now that the teams have the clue, they need to figure out that the words, Stavoske Davadlo refers to the Estates Theater where they’ll get their next clue. The brothers work on yet another attempt down the rapids as Big Easy climbs down. The brothers finally think they have it, but tip over and even lose their paddle. Brian and Ericka arrive as the brothers decide to switch tasks. Meghan and Cheyne try to get a taxi and Meghan decides they should ask the Globetrotters to work with them to get a taxi, as they’re just going to follow them anyway.

Brian and Ericka decide to do the high ropes, as Ericka is afraid of water, yet Brian is afraid of heights. He wants to do this for her and conquer this fear a little. Meghan, Cheyne, and the basketball players walk along train tracks looking for the subway stop. The other two teams are struggling on the rope course, as Sam says its hard, and Ericka just does it slowly but surely.


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