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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 18 – Dancing Is Always Hotter …

The show opens with the group dance, which could have been smack-dab in the middle of a Cirque du Soleil show, and nobody would have noticed. Choreographed by one of my favorites – Wade Robson – to Imogen Heap’s Aha!, the dancers expertly flutter about as though wanting to break out of a cocoon, but are enjoying the process way too much and thereby never spread their wings. I have to laugh here because this opening dance stands in stark contrast to the cheesy opening dance on the silly-but-loved “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” flick back in the 80s. Remember how Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker wanted to make it as ‘regulars’ on “Dance TV” and thought that a few cartwheels and back-hand springs would secure their win? Well, Wade Robson would have probably whipped them into better shape, focusing more on technique and less on ‘fun’… and big hair.

The host, Cat Deeley, steps out in pink, looking even skinnier than last week. Judge Nigel Lythgoe informs her that last night’s routines put the show back on track and that it was the dancers that were NOT technically trained who stole the show. Remember folks, he says, it’s about the dancing … not about who is the favorite.

Results are in: 1) Ashleigh Di Lello (who could double for Jennifer Garner) and her partner Jakob Karr have made it with their hip-pop routine. 2) Ryan Di Lello and Ellenore Scott are in too. They had beautifully danced to a routine choreographed by former contestant, Travis Wall. Just looking at him makes me smile. Their song, Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars, was hauntingly lovely and sad. Look up the lyrics; I adore them. 3) Noelle Marsh and Russell Ferguson – both so overly, but genuinely, smiley – have made it too. 4) Jonathan “Legacy” Perez and Kathryn McCormick danced their way into the next round with a hot Paso Doble. Legacy is intense; and I like it.

The bottom three…
Kevin Hunte and Karen Hauer: Their dance had been too safe and, in my opinion, too flat.

Victor Smalley and Channing Cooke: They had danced to a really cool blackbird jazz routine, and the host and judges amused themselves a bit too much with the whole bird/cage metaphor.

Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras: Although they’re referred to as the “dream team,” I’m thinking it’s more of a nightmare for them being in the bottom three after performing a cute jazz routine.

The judges deliberate while we watch a Bollywood dance production number. It reminds me of those marathon 1-hour aerobic classes where you wonder how the instructor can keep prancing about while donning the biggest relaxed smile without sweating.

It’s time for the solos. Karen, looking like the lead singer Nicole from Pussy Cat Dolls, moves and grooves to The Doors’ Break On Through, wearing skin tight black pants. As I’m wondering where I can buy those pants, I hear my husband comment, “That girl looks manly.” Never mind. Haha.

Kevin dances to Freeze by T-Pain and Chris Brown, and I’m distracted by the resemblance to R. Kelley. Next is Channing, who performs a contemporary number wearing a very bland outfit – almost pastel. Victor follows with a beautiful contemporary dance and spins. A lot. He spins quite a lot. Almost overly so. But, he definitely knows how to spin.

Mollee dances next … in black tight pants … it’s a sexy dance, and she does this really cool maneuver – an aerial cartwheel onto the knee – and still, the pants don’t rip. Nathan dances last to Discovery’s “So Insane” dance, and it’s, well, I actually forget. And, that’s not a good sign.

Was Nigel pleased with the dance solos? “A few of them,” he answers. Apparently, there were moves he’s never seen. (And, maybe tight black pants too. :-))

While the judges deliberate, Orianthi performs. She’s that pretty blond-haired Australian guitarist who was going to be Michael Jackson’s guitarist for his This Is It tour. And, she’s amazing when she plays the guitar. YouTube her and watch her play. I wished she had simply played the guitar without singing. Oh, and as the theme of the night seems to be, wearing, yes, tight black pants, as she does as well.

Back to the judges: They’re unanimous in both of their decisions. Who’s out? Channing and Kevin. According to the judges, Kevin wasn’t growing very much as a dancer, and Channing was great at technique but not so great at performance. I’m thinking she should have thrown out the boring pastel outfit for some tight black pants. With lace. 🙂

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