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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 17 – Like Walking On Tall Cotton

When Ellenore Scott was a little girl, she was sassy, especially in dance class. She wore a little polka-dtted blue tutu in her first performance, and she was just annoyed with the others and picking her wedgie onstage, and she still has that sassy thing going on a little. Ryan Di Lello started dancing at 4. It’s in his blood as his grandprents were professional ballroom dancers. In hIs first dance he had little bunny ears hopping round. He’s come a long way. They’re doing contemporary this week with Travis Wall, who wants to do a reunited couple thing with them. The man realizes he missed out on the best thing he ever had in his life. Ellenore knows it’ll be a lot of emotional involvement. Ryan has experience being with the love of his life, but Ellenore’s never really experienced that.

Ellenore and Ryan dance to Your Ex-Lover’s Dead by Stars, and both put lots of great emotion and great dancing into it. You can almost herar them saying, “Thank God!” as they find eadh other. We can experience that joy right along with them, and that pain of not wanting to lose out again. What? No bunny ears?

Nigel thinks there’s so much luck on the program, and after doing an awful krump last week and managing to stay, they have cemented their position again with an absolutely brilliant Travis Wall routine that is certainly his favorite of the week. Travis is an absolute asset to season six. This couple benefitted from the hours Ryan spent in the gym, with lifts that look like they happen without preparation. All the choreographers this season say Ellenore is one of the sharpest tools in the box, and he notes she beomes a different person in every routine, and there’s brilliance with it, but there’s also a worry the public won’t know who she is. This week he thinks they’ll see the brilliant performer she is. They always talk how Ryan shouldn’t be able to do this or that, but again he would have never guessed he was a ballroom dancer and thinks he’s the best ballroom dancer to have done contemporary.

Mary agrees and says it’s so great to see choreographers that have been contestants, and Travis is growing leaps and bounds and hasn’t taken a wrong step this season. Ellenore is the perfect blend of being absolutely gorgeous with star quality moments. The legs and feet – and that she can develop into any character is outstanding. She goes into it blindly. For Ryan to catch her with perfect timing that would even take professionals weeks to get down, it doesn’t get better. Yes, Ryan is a ballroom dancer and is an inspiration to other ballroom dancers, but he’s broken so many barriers. She breaks down a little and just can’t talk. Her grandmother always had a saying that you should be so proud like walking on tall cotton, and these two should be proud like that.

Adam agrees about Travis, Ryan, and Ellenore. The show has kicked in just now. He’s been loving many things this season, yet he hasn’t had that moment where he caught his breath since the first performance show, but these two made him catch his breath again. One of the things that made it beautiful was Ryan doing the cartwheel over her with control falling to the floor. Adam mentions Ryan’s commitment to the story that is so not ballroom. He doesn’t even know what to say to Ellenore as she’s so ridiculous. It was a great use of tools for Travis. He’s pretty sure Ryan will end up in the top ten with his wife.

Nathan Trasoras, as the youngest of three brothers, was kind of a brat. Watcing his brothers dance got him dancing,. His first performance was quite embarrassing, but you have to start somewhere. Mollee Gray was the complete diva as a young dancer, and going back to the first perfromance, she owned the stage and was a diva to the max. They’re doing pop jazz this week with Laurieann Gibson. They’re worried, and have reason to be, having to use these warrior voices and faces, as Laurieann is really intense. Mollee and Nathan are worried to have to reach down into their souls for this.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is the backdrop for Mollee and Nathan, who start off in slow mo, then totally kick it in with a lot of energy. Their weaknesses were exposed last week, but this week they have the benefit of using the energy of their youth. The proper amount of energy carries the rotuine and without it, it would have failed.

After last week, Nigel just wants to compliment Nathan and Mollee on how they dug much deeper this week. Mollee is one of the most committed dancers he has ever met, and where she could have had fun with it as a kid, it will only serve her well later in her career, as you need that passion. Where else do you have to put up with people shouting at you? He notes a lot of people thought he was tough on Nathan last week, but he’s not letting up. He is one of the most talented young men, and Nigel is not going to give up. Nathan has to grow and has the potential to be one of the best ever on this show. He has to keep watching his back, as less technically gift are coming up around him, looking at Ryan, Russeell, Jakob, and Legacy. He’s at an extremely high level, but has to grow in other areas.

Mary notes it’s so great to have the dream team back again, as Mollee and Nathan scared them all to death last week with the salsa. They were two people she tought would have nailed it, and it was shocking. Luckily they made it through, and tthey’re back and strong and committed. Mollee was on the mark tonight, and Nathan was as well. She didn’t get chills, but it was really good, as she gives them just a little shout out.

Adam wants to talk to Nathan and Mollee about strategy. He was a little surprsied that Nathan said in his clip that he got everything he wanted. It came easy to him, but this wasn’t. Last week they had a palor of survival skills, and it made him appreciate them. Now with a strong week this week, it’s good. They’re dancing together, and Adam hopes in the future they find more nuances to their chemistry to seduce the audience into falling in with them past being cute. Nigel congratulates Laurieann for knocking them into shape this week. Adam admits he doesn’t want to run into her in a dark alley. He also enourages them to really look at the others that they’re praising. They’ll go far anyway, but he wants them to go really far. He’s expected a gasping moment with them in the future.

Nigel thinks the couple in trouble this week are Karen and Kevin, and Mary agrees, as does Adam. He notes they can dance for their lives and it’ll be all good. I’d agree with that, as everyone else definitely did well enough to stay. They s hould all be walkin on tall cotton. Yet, I don’t see the judges sending them home yet, and two other couples need to be in the bottom as well. I just can’t fathrom who it will be. They quality of talent is just there so much this season that it’s going to just get tougher and tougher when it comes to results.

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