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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 17 – Like Walking On Tall Cotton

Noelle and Russell fox trot to Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes) by Michael Bublé (with Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings), and to this layman’s perspective, they seem to be pulling it off. The krumper can fox trot. They do a great lift. I think the only question will be what Mary thinks of the technical aspect of it. They have the personality that Karen and Kevin should have had in their dance.

Nigel notes it’s only been a couple weeks since Russell had the fox trot, and either the choreographer brought something else out of him, or he vastly improved in two weeks. It was really good with a better carriage and rise and fall. It was really there. There is no qustion that Russell is a star and has a wonderful performance quality, and threw in some great moves on top of it. Noelle has a star partner, but she’s not content in his shadow and fights to get herself out there and known and seen and is successsful.

Mary notes they say practice makes perfect. Russell was so outside his style, yet didn’t even look worried. He just made it look like a walk in the park and was so much smoother. He needs a little improvement, but he already has done that a great deal. Noelle was absolutely gorgeous and flowing around like she should, because she was doing the proper footwork. Adam thinks the key thing to underline in the pefrmance is joy, as it just exuded out of them, along with confidence. For a krumper and contemporary dancer to do so well on the only dance that is more dreaded than the quickstep, they understood the task, met it, stepped up to it, and were fantastic.

Channing Cooke was crazy, energetic, and super hyper when she was younger, and the reason her mom put her into dance class. She loved it and stuck with it. When she was 6 she had to do Stray Cat Strut, and it was her favorite. Victor wasa a brat, the kid getting lost in a deparment store, listening to his mom yell his name in her Latin voice. He remembers Bolero he did when he was young, wearing high pants, and compares his technique then to now, calling it horrifying. They’re doing jazz with Tyce Diorio, a routine about two curious eclectic blackbirds. They have to feed off each other for that energy in the rotuine. Tyce has to yell at them to get out of them what he wants.

There’s actually a giant birdcage onstage as Channing and Victor start their jazz to Blackbird by Bobby McFerrin. The song is a cappella, so it requires them to put a lot more energy into their dance, and I think they meet the challenge. It took two energetic little kids to pull it off. Maybe this is what they were working towards all their lives. Cat points out the stitches on the side of Victor’s head, and he explains it’s from the pecking they were doing, and Channing ended up pecking him in the head. He wanted six stitches instead of five to represent the season.

Nigel thinks this is the first time Channing seemed to really enjoy her performance, and consequently, he enjoyed it. He sometimes feels as though she has no confidence, and looking at the cage, sometime he feels she cages her emotions, but she let it go this time. Channing admits she stepped outside of the cage this week. Ever since they saw Victor the first time, he has grown as a person and man, and as a dancer he was always at a high stsandard. Nigel is not seeing him grow higher than that, and other guys might push past him. He needs to keep pushing forward. He can grow as a person, but also needs to grow in his performance.

Mary tells Tyce she loved this concept, giving them a format where they could play, be different, and be quirky. They brought it to life, and she agrees Vicor hasn’t had a star moment, but is always so consistent, keeping him here. Channing has been great and strong all the way along, and it was fun to see her let it go and get into the character. Adam tells Channing she’s finding her way into the show. There was a rocky start, but she’s loosening up and letting go, and if she uses this as a springboard, she’ll do wonderfully. It was incredibly smart by Tyce, and Bobby McFerrin is such a musical instrument on his own, that the song kept him from feeling some things, which aren’t their fault. He starts to give Victor advice, then kind of backs off of it.

As a child, Kathryn McCormick was extremely shy, and she got into dancing because her mom owned a studio. Her first performance was onstage with her mom, and as she danced behind her, she broke out of her shell. Jonathan “Legacy” Perez was really rebellious as a child and coincidentally, his first performance was with his dad, who always tried to force him to dance at parties. His dad bribed him with $5, and that got him started. Tony Meredith helps the two of them this week do the paso doble. The steps will tie into the story of Legacy being an admiral who comes into port and finds his lover. Legacy is focused on showing everyone he’s in charge and works so hard he splits his pants.

Kathryn and Legacy paso doble to Pusuit by Ka (cirque du Soleil soundtrack). The strength and passion is definitely there, and it needs to be noted Legacy looks as good shirtless as Ryan. Legacy should not be good at this and while his frame probably isn’t perfect, he carries it off enough to make it look really good. Kathryn does well, too, but it’s hard to have your eyes go past Legacy. His lift at the end falters, however, as it seems he nearly drops her.

Nigel wonders where Tony got the story from, joking about how many admirals walk around shirtless like that. Adam tacks on that if he’s an admiral, he knows a lot of people that will want to sign up for that Navy. Nigel reminds Kathryn how he complained she was dancing too juvenile, and says she certainly changed that this week. Tony was asking for intensity and passion, and she brought it all. Every time he sees Legacy, even passing in the hall, he’s practicing, and this week he was even paso doble posing, and he notes it’s that passion and need for knolwedge that’s going to push him into the top 10. If he does, it will make Nigel very proud.

Mary tells Kathryn she agrees. She played it just right, the little vixen playing really coy, luring Legacy in. “Holy smokes.” Legacy is just crazy again this week, and the character he portrayed was dead on. Some of the characters may not be there, but theyr’e still noticing that he’s delivering so much further than they anticipated. He had the fire and mind in what it needs to be to be a matador out there. Adam tells Kathryn she killed it out there. and when she hit the ground, she hit the ground. H tells Legacy he remimbers in Vegas the one thing that was shocking to everyone was his lack of stamina, yet now it’s spectacular, and he’s grown so much that way. He’s another that people questioned whether he should be in the top 20, but now if he keeps growing, he could be in the top 10. He’s an inspiration to the breakdancers out there, as he’s no longer a breakdancer, and is just a dancer.


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