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Amazing Race 15, Ep. 9 Commentary – Can’t All Metro Buses Be Sauna Buses?

Route Markers

• Four hours separated the Trotters from Gary and Matt after the hay bales. Four hours gone in a flash.

Attention J.K. Rowling. Here’s my pitch to you … Harry Potter and the Secret Lair of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads. I only ask for 10% of the royalties.

• Foreshadowing? Brian regarding their lack of wins – “Ericka didn’t win any preliminaries during Miss America.” Could an Eric/Danielle type of future await them? They were the only team to win the Amazing Race with no previous leg victories.

• How stinky were the Trotters’ shoes that they had to keep them out of the car while they slept?

• Anyone else get Love Boat flashes as the teams departed Sweden for Estonia?

• I missed footage of the teams on the boat. Remember the old seasons? Some of the best moments were found in the teams’ interaction with locals on long voyages. I still remember Drew playing cards with the Indian kids and Rob’s very deep observations about how alike, yet different we all are.

• Ericka at the Roadblock – “The medieval men were having quite the conversation slash feast.” Personally, I thought they had walked into a Capitol One commercial. What’s in your wallet?

• Flight Time on incorrectly using a red crayon to scribble on the clue – “I proceeded to scribble like I was in kindergarten,” and Big Easy’s response, “You bigheaded it!” I love that line!

• Matt on the Sauna Bus – “You need a keg fridge over in the corner.” – I will expand on that, most places can use a keg fridge in the corner.

• Who designed that slingshot task? And is this a common activity in Estonia? Firing small vegetables at a moose sign to release a container of larger vegetables? Do we need to export some Wii machines to Estonia? Or suggest a much easier way to obtain cabbages?

• The Trotters and brothers were very, very lucky that the Pit Stop was not at another location. One of them would have been stuck without a cab.

• Always, always choose the task on the Amazing Race where you have to score points in a sport. Too many times in the past have there been these options – and the opposition is usually not trying very hard. Remember – Ping Pong (AR1), beach volleyball (AR2), soccer (AR3), hockey (AR5) water polo (AR6), baseball (AR8), that weird water basketball game (AR9)? And that’s just off the top of my head! Just randomly, these opponents will miss the shot and help you get to your five points. Easy.

• Why, oh why, were Sam and Dan having their crotches blurred out? What kind of bizarre underwear were they wearing? Or were the “Estonian hotties” a bit too hot for them?

• Lastly, on the feud. Firstly, it is an odd one. It has been building for a few weeks based solely on the brothers finding competition rough going against the Trotters. They are dealing with competitive jealousy and lashing out. The shot about fans helping out the Trotters. I can see how that may be annoying in a Rob/Amber kind of way, but just how popular are the Harlem Globetrotters in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia? And the shot about them “just following us” held no water when Frank used it back in AR1 against Rob and Brennan and is still ridiculous today. Even if they were chronic followers (like Andre/Damon in AR3), it is still a valid strategy to a point. If you are physically fit, if you can stick with a team and know you can out run/out perform them in tasks, it is a good plan. And the “takedown” that happened on the way to the Pit Stop? I just looked like Flight Time fell down and took down Sam with him as he fell. Did Sam throw an elbow? Maybe, but we couldn’t see it, and if he did, perhaps it was just reflex to feeling someone grab him from behind. All in all … stupid.

Roadblock – Solve a secret message by finding a candelabrum containing a room number, and then deciphering the hidden message on a scroll by holding it up to the light – Cheyne, Sam, Ericka, Flight Time, Matt.

Detour – Serve (score five points in mud volleyball) or Sling (while standing in the mud, fire assorted vegetables at a moose sign with a slingshot)
Serve – Meghan/Cheyne, Sam/Dan, Trotters
Sling – Brian/Ericka (after initially going for Serve, but would have had to wait for another team to finish using one of the two courts), Gary/Matt

Speed Bump – take a five minute sauna on a Sauna Bus.

Order of Finish
1 – Meghan/Cheyne
2 – Sam/Dan
3 – Flight Time/Big Easy
4 – Brian/Ericka
5 – Gary/Matt – ELIMINATED

Next week – Flight Time sings and the Brothers steal Ericka’s taxi. I fear for their lives.

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