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The Amazing Race 15, Nov. 15 – Look On Your Face Says You Wanna Kick Some Butt

The first to the clue at the Pik Herman are Meghan/Cheyne and Brian/Ericka. They find a Detour – Serve or or Sling. In Serve, teams will need to play mud volleyball and score five points. In Sling, teams will need to go into the mud and use a slingshot to shoot vegetables at a target, which when hit, will dump cabbages and a clue. Meghan played volleyball in high school and Cheyne played a little beach volleyball, so they decide Serve is up their alley. They have a minor tussle with Brian/Ericka over a cab, and Meghan and Cheyne come out on the winning end.

Matt, too, thinks he needs to rub the crayon on the scroll to get the next clue. He holds it above the candlelight to see through his rubbings. Ericka talks about needing to keep her husband in check, because he “gave” the cab to the other team. She admits she’s more capable of playing dirty than him.

The brothers and basketball players are all looking for Pik Herman. Matt finally gets the clue and heads out with his dad to find it. The brothers and Globetrotters arrive at Pik Hermann and both teams decide to do the volleyball. They search for taxis as the brothers try to get people in a filled cab to leave it, explaining they’re in a race. One person riding in the cab can’t walk. They tell these people they’ll order them another one. They then fight for a cab, and instead both teams take it together. Sam is disgusted that the basketball players are just following them and not doing anything on their own.

Matt and Gary arrive at Pik Herman and miss the cluebox. Meghan is now reading that they can opt to do their Detour in their underwear. Brian and Ericka are noticing the same thing, wondering if it’s a nudist colony. He wants to do it in his underwear, oddly. Gary and Matt try to go inside a building to get the clue, walking right past the actual clue. Isn’t it funny that this is putting them behind and not the big scary sauna bus speed bump? They finally find the correct clue and decide to do slingshot. Their driver is friends with the driver of Meghan and Cheyne. They tell him to tell the other driver to go slow, but the other driver tells him in return he doesn’t have time to show him how. I’m not sure how that correlates.

Meghan and Cheyne arrive at Serve and find the others in swimsuits as they strip down as well to get into the mud. The basketball players are putting their jerseys and shorts on to move better, but I think with their height, the mud will come up to their ankles. Brian and Ericka’s driver appears to be lost, but does pull up, just ahead of the cab carrying the brothers and the basketball players. Meghan and Cheyne are struggling over their last point and getting more and more tired.

The other three teams are lost on their way to the volleyball missing the marked path, as Meghan and Cheyne finally score their last point. They receive their clue which tells them to run to the pit stop, Keava Raba Overlook Tower. They see it at the end of the path and run up the tower to meet Phil. They are declared first place, and he gives them the good news that while they missed out on the sauna bus speed bump, they have won a red cedar sauna. Their goal now is to just make it to final three.

The other three teams finally find the marked path and all race there. Matt and Gary recognize they need to get it together and cowboy up. Flight Time says he figures when the volleyball players see them coming up, they’ll be intimidated. Meanwhile, Sam can’t get over the hot Estonian guys. Brian and Ericka can’t do the volleyball, as only two teams can do it at once, so they start slinging veggies while they wait. Flight Time is happy to to see the mud, as he thinks it puts both teams at a disadvantage.

Gary and Matt are still driving to the Detour, knowing they have no idea where anyone else is, and only hope to catch up. The brothers and basketball players struggle in the mud, as the brothers say it’s taking forever. The basketball players finally score a point, as do the brothers. Brian and Ericka continue to sling veggies, as she gains more respect for David and Goliath. The basketball players finish their points and crawl out of the mud and back into their clothes. The brothers finish as well and argue over where the tower is and find the Globetrotters are going the wrong way. They turn around and take off after the brothers as both teams run. Big Easy and one of the brothers collide, get up, and keep running. Sam and Dan are named #2, and the Globetrotters #3.

Phil notes Big Easy has a look on his face like he wants to kick some butt. He asks in a fatherly concerned way if there was some elbow play. Dan says Big Easy tried to push him down, and that’s when they both fell down. Big Easy explains they didn’t know elbowing and physical stuff was going to go on. He seems to indicate that things will change if that’s going to be the protocol. Dan still wants to make it a Globetrotter fault, and he says he’s 6’10”, 260, so they’ll do what they have to do. Sam thinks the basketball players have a vengeance, and Big Easy figures if it was the final leg, they would have to run through them.

Brian and Ericka finally hit their target and run to the tower. They don’t know if they’re in last place or not, but Phil informs them they’re team number four. They note they’re so focused right now, and are the most they have been so far.

Gary and Matt came on the race with the number one goal of having fun, and Gary thinks they did that. To spend the one on one time has been priceless. They put on snowshoes to get through the mud and start slinging vegetables. They get the clue and run to the tower and are named the last team to arrive. They’re eliminated from the race this time. Gary says you can’t put a price on the experience and the time they have spent together. They’ll take it with them for many years. He knows his son definitely stepped up on the race and he’s really proud of him. He starts to cry and says it was a long race, but it’s been good. Matt never wants to see a candelabra again. They walk off arm in arm.

Let’s repeat it wasn’t the speed bump that killed Gary and Matt. That was just a mere five minutes. They still had a fighting chance. What killed them is Matt not knowing what a candelabra is and then them missing the cluebox at Pik Towers. What’ll be interesting next week is how close the four teams are. We know they’re within minutes of each other despite the first through fourth place. If there’s no race equalizer, it could be interesting and just as tense, if not more, than this week.

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