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The Amazing Race 15, Nov. 15 – Look On Your Face Says You Wanna Kick Some Butt

The big question looming over everyone’s heads is how important Gary and Matt’s non-elimination will prove to be. We all know how the most recent speed bumps have pretty much amounted to nothing. I’d personally be in favor of going back to stripping teams of their belongings and cash, although I think the race gods are trying to stop the teams from begging in the streets. Yet, maybe there’s something that can be done between forcing them to become beggars and having them do silly challenges that only set them back a matter of minutes.

The first team to leave Stockholm, Sweden, are Flight Time and Big Easy at 2:23 AM. They receive a clue telling them to travel by ferry across the Baltic Sea to Tallinn, Estonia. They’ll need to figure out how to open up a door to the building of Mustpeade, the secret lair of the brotherhood of the blackheads. I had to look this up to make sure this is what they were saying. I couldn’t imagine a brotherhood devoted to zits. Flight Time mentions every team here deserves to be here, and they’re aiming to knock out Sam and Dan, just as much as the brothers are aiming to knock them out. The basketball players find out the next ferry going out is at 5:45 PM, meaning they just lost their whole lead.

Meghan and Cheyne are the next to leave, doing so at 4:12 AM. They were nearly two hours behind the Globetrotters. She talks about their struggle during the last leg of the Race to make decisions. Their goal now is to just stay at the top, although so close to the end, they know they can’t work with the teams they have been working with so far. Brian and Ericka depart at 4:37 AM, and aren’t concerned they haven’t won any legs, relating it to Miss America, as Ericka never won any preliminaries, yet won the big prize. Both of these teams stop to get help to find the ferry.

Sam and Dan leave at 5:04 AM and try to figure out the clue they received with the huge set of keys. Sam thinks the last leg put their fighting into perspective, and they know they wasted too much time fighting. Brian and Ericka arrive at the ferry before Meghan and Cheyne. No one is happy about the 5:00 PM departure time. Gary and Matt leave in last place at 6:29 AM. Gary admits that his concern coming on the Race was that Matt would see his flaws. He didn’t want to let him down, yet finds it a relief that his son has seen his flaws now and still accepts him.

With everyone but father and son at the airport the basketball players discuss how Sam and Dan shouldn’t have acted the way they did with each other, flipping the bird and cussing at each other. The brothers, meanwhile, feel the ideal ending for them would be for them to come in first, yet have the basketball players eliminated. Somehow I don’t see that happening. I see these two teams going to the final together.

Everyone leaves on the ferry at the appropriate time and find they get mini staterooms. Matt and Gary feel good to have caught up to the others and know with the speed bump ahead, they have to stay on top of their game. Matt throws on his black headband again just to show everyone else they mean business and won’t go down without a fight.

Arriving in Estonia, everyone runs off the ferry, and Big Easy gives everyone else a hard time for getting tired, noting that he and Flight Time are still jogging. They just want everyone to know that they’re right with them. However, their taxi is the last one to leave the ferry.

Meghan and Cheyne are the first team to arrive at Mustpeade, followed closely by the brothers. They start trying all their keys to get the door open. They get it open and close it quickly as Brian and Ericka come running up. Inside, the first two teams find a Roadblock. One person from each team will go down to the cellar and find a candelabra with a number attached. They’ll find a room with that number and get what appears to be a blank scroll, but in reality, they’ll find that if they hold it above the lit candle, it’ll really their next clue.

Cheyne and Sam decide to do this Roadblock. Brian and Ericka are still working their keys as Gary and Matt find their speed bump. They’ll need to find a special bus and take a five minute sauna with a bunch of locals. Again, this is an extra challenge because … Cheyne and Sam have a hard time finding their rooms with the special room numbers. Brian and Ericka finally get the door open, and by this time the Globetrotters have arrived. Ericka and Flight Time search for the candelabra.

Gary and Matt find their sauna bus, and Gary talks about his family being from Finland. They love the sauna. Flight Time is the first person to find a room. He received a type of crayon with his scroll, so he thinks he has to rub it on the paper to get the clue. Cheyne finds his room and figures out right away to hold the scroll up to the candle. Matt is having a great time in the sauna sitting next to a very attractive blonde, and if it wasn’t for the heat, I’d think he was blushing.

Ericka finds her room and holds her scroll up to the light as well. One side of his scroll completely colored, Flight Time puts the clue down and we see the clue without the aid of the candlelight, but he still doesn’t notice it or think of it. Sam holds a match up to his scroll trying to read it. Cheyne gets the clue and moves on, as does Ericka. They find they need to go to Pik Herman Tower Garden.

Gary and Matt finish their sauna time and take off back to the Mustpeade. They get in, read the clue, and Matt is told by his dad to do the Roadblock. There’s one problem. He has no idea what a candelabra is and can’t even pronounce it correctly. Maybe he should ask Jackie O, the princess of Cambodia. Finally Sam gets the answer and is off. Flight Time finally puts it over the fire and sees the clue. Gary is getting frustrated because he can’t help his son who is still searching for a candelabra, even asking people down in the cellar if they are a candelabra. He finally realizes this word sounds like candle and realizes what he needs to pick up. I learned what a candelabra was when in Girl Scouts and posing for a picture around a candelabra, and after pushing and shoving, was pushed into the candelabra catching my pigtail on fire. I’ll never forget what it is.


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