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Top Chef: Las Vegas, Ep. 11 – Quiver of a 17th Century Courtesan’s Inner Thigh

Personally, I thought Eli was a goner considering how visceral the dislike for his dish came across from the ladies. Tom later admits to rather liking it, but thought Eli missed the boat with the dome and with the grainy soup. Kevin rightly points out in the Stew Room that it was such a risky dish that it would probably take a couple of run-throughs for Eli to get it right.

Goes to show how bad Robin’s was that she was worse than Eli’s mess. When it comes down to it, she gave them a poorly-made panna cotta with none of the actual inspiration from the casino. And as Tom and Nigella pointed out, panna cotta is easy for an established chef to make.

Quickfire hits –

• BryanBot’s kid is rather cute, and how funny was it that he got on and called his dad, “Bryan.” But my only beef with the Bot, you named your kid Dasher? Why not just go the full reindeer and go for the full Blitzen?

• Jen definitely has some killer fatigue going on, as we suspected last week. With the show likely going for a Top Three in the Finals, it does not bode well for my preseason favorite.

• Robin has no internal monologue. I can see why some people were annoyed by her.

• Hawk to Robin, after he just cleaned up her mess before cooking and she showed up in the tight space to actually clean up – “Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, I’d rather you not be here right now.” Robin got upset by his reaction, and I think the piece was edited to make Hawk look like a jerk, but I have no problem with his reaction there. She hurt his chances at winning the challenge and then got in his space. He did say excuse me, after all.

• Why were all the guys going to the casinos for inspiration in their undershirts?

• The World Market Center looked really nice. Eli thought it was 1984 inspired. For me, it looked like someplace Bruce Wayne would throw a fundraiser.

• Nigella was ready for “wench mode.” I must say, the lady has a way with words, as the commentary title implies.

• Funny moment – Kevin in the Stew Room, “OK boys and girls, how’d everybody’s stuff come out tonight?” Silence. Kevin – “That good?”

• Robin said she is not a “sugar master.” I wonder who is the sugar keeper?

Extra scene – boring. Just the six of them drinking what looked like enough champagne to spray all over the 2009 World Series Champion New York Yankees. Sorry, I had to.

Next week – The chefs seem to have something big to do. Kevin actually screws up and Hawk talks more smack about him. There will be a tough elimination next week, as Eli and Jen try to stay alive.

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