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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov.10-11 – The Quickstep Kills Again

Pauline takes a shot and also does somewhat of a manic dance. I don’t think it’s enough. She’s had a few tries at this. Peter tap dances really well, but I just can’t see the judges getting rid of Ryan or Kevin. Karen brings out her Latin hips and brings it, yet also doesn’t seem like she was fully prepared to be up here soloing. Kevin hip hops much better than the one we saw on Tuesday night, and unless they want to balance out the hip hop dancer/ tap dancer ratio, he’ll stay.

The women are brought out to get the news first, and Nigel gives a general note to everyone dancing solos, saying no one gave them a decent enough performance to stay in the competition, and they are so close to season five and still remember how brilliant all of them were as soloists. He even tells the audience to listen up and shut up. The judges keep saying this season is more brilliant, but the dancers need to show it.

Nigel tells Karen to step forward and says without question she’s one of the most smoldering Latin dancers in the cmpetition, and in some ways, she’ll be intimidating to the voters and not get the votes she deserves. Ellenore needs to be careful that in searching for sometihng unique and quirky, she doesn’t lose her competitive edge. They have to compare her with the girls she danced with tonight as well as the solos from the past as well. Her perfomance as a soloist was not as strong. Pauline has gotten by on her charisma and personality instead of her dancework, and they feel it’s a little too “classroomy” as described by Adam. Conqequently, she’s leaving. No surprise there.

As the guys come down, Nigel says the judges are unanimous again. If Ryan is going to do a roundoff into a back somersault, he has to do it sensationally, as he points to Ade’s work doing the same last season. His partner work is strong, but he has to come up in his solo work. Peter hasn’t really had a starring role anywhere yet, and his solo didn’t show it either. Kevin knows the history of the program and knows how strong streeters become, and he is getting better every week, and they are investing in him a little longer. Peter is now the last tap dancer to leave.

The quickstep kills another. Although, I don’t think it was the quickstep as much as the dancers they found themselves in the bottom three with. There was no way those other dancers were going home.

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