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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov.10-11 – The Quickstep Kills Again

Mary addresses the technical aspect, saying she always expects a trainwreck with the quickstep, but they pulled it off. The performance was amazing, and Peter was on fire bringing a joy to the dance, but the leg action wasn’t really skimming as it should. Pauline is a vision tonight, and was a little lighter on her feet, but their holds weren’t well-connected. Mary adds that Pauline’s hips were really working. Nigel agrees it wasn’t technically perfect, as the running steps weren’t good and the top line wasn’t good. But did he care? Absolutley not. It was a fabulous performance and that’s what America votes for, and all the winners of the show have done so with ability and good dance personality. He doesn’t think theyr’e going anywhere. He believes this is the first time he’s seen a quickstep with story behind it, and that’s what will make it accessible to the audience.

Kathryn McCormick says what we don’t know about her is that she feels alive helping people and recently went on a mission trip to Costa Rica. Jonathan “Legacy” Perez adds in we don’t know he loves soccer and was supposed to be a pro, and even had scholarships. They’re working this week on Broadway with Andy Blankenbuehler, with the story being a battle between a guy and a girl at home, as she tries to get his attention. Kathryn is excited about the character, and Legacy thinks it’s difficult to do the quick choreography as well as work on the story.

An easy chair is the prop tonight for Kathryn and Legacy dancing to I Wanna Be Like You by Singin’ Fireballs, along with what looks like a can of pop or beer. Shes trying to get his attention, but he wants to keep watching TV. How famliar is that to some of us ladies? It appears to be another great number here tonight. The choreographer made great work of Legacy’s B-Boy tricks here. It was a really cute number.

Adam tells Andy it was an adorable routine, but notes to Kathryn and Legacy when you say Broadway, it’s the big underline of character and also needs to have tecnique and flair. He wasn’t sure though what Kathrn’s character was. While she was sweet, if he listens to the song, one of his favorites, he wants more of a maneater type. He wanted her to be pissed off that he was ignoring her. He tells Legacy it was another huge step in his growth, as there’s no way he should have been able to get through it, but did. One of the interesting things in watching him grow is that he’s going through the history of dance and interpreting it all into his style.

Mary agrees that Broadway is about choreography, character, and chemistrry, and it was missing a little chemistry for her with Kathryn and Legacy. She thinks Kathryn did get lost, but fears it’s because Legacy is growing so much. The characters he’s growing into will take him into the top 10. Nigel was also disappointed with Kathryn, and he can’t put his finger on it, but it seemed slightly juenile, and up until this week, it was so mature. He wanted a vixen. He thinks the show has some type of alien transmognifier that turns street dancers into complete dancers, as Legacy has gone in and come out like a sausage machine churning out a Guys ‘n Dolls dancer. To watch his other talent grow into other styles is an inspiration.

What we don’t now about Victor Smalley is that he used to be a really hardcover gothic rocker, but he grew out of it. Channing Cooke used to race lawnmowers. Really. They’re dancing contemporary with Stacey tookey. The routine will be about a toxic relationship, and it will be hard for this couple that was just created after last week’s eliminations. They admit that wil be their struggle this week. Luckily it’s in their own genre.

Channing and Victor dance to Be Be Your Love (Live at KCRW) by Rachael Yamagata, and from the ouset, I have to say it’s absolutely beautiful. They look well together and dance well toether as well. I definitely get the story here of the toxic realtionship. It comes out loud and clear. They need each other, no matter how much it hurts. They can’t stay away, although they keep trying.

Adam thinks the new partnership will reinvigorate them back into the competition. Being of the same style, Victor brought out some of Channning’s softness and sensitivity, where Phillip had given her energy and razzle dazzle. He also notes it was a great, beautiful piece by Stacey. It was danced beautifully, but the qualitiy of the movement and emotional rise and fall showed how beautifully they worked off each other. Mary agrees about the new parntership, saying it goes to show you opposites attaract with the tractor rider and glam-makeup wearer. It worked, and was like the quality of movement was phenomenal. She enjoyed the routine, but while it didn’t necessarily touch her soul, it was nice to see. She sees Channing as a beautiful, strong woman, and thought Victor was just in his element.

Nigel says with two contemporary dancers doing contemporary, they had to be good. He wasn’t emotionally carried away, but was technically. Stacey put them in a position where they had to be sick of each other, but had never been together. They were given a difficult job emotionally, and what they now have to watch, if they pull something odd next week, is they both have to be careful, as they will both be out of their element. He was expecting more, since others out of their style were brilliant.

Ellenore Scott admits what we don’t know about her is that she is actully six different ethnicities and calls herself an American Mutt. Ryan Di Lello is an extreme sports junkie and secretly desires to be a superhero. They’ll be doing hip hop with Lil C, which will focus on timing, swagger, and synergy. It scares Ryan coming from ballroom, and Ellenore knows she has to figure out how to get down and dirty.

Hip Hopping to Lost Boiz Anthem by Tha J-Squad, Ellenore and Ryan have really odd black and white outfits, and are criminals, it seems, stealing bags of money. He seems to have a little bit of a hard time loosening up. He does well, but there’s just something holding him back making his moves not has sharp as they should be.

Adam wants to know whose face lost more color when they found out who they were getting, Ryan’s or Lil’ C’s. He figures Lil C was thinking, “I had to get the nice one and the weird, funny girl.” Lil C likes to get dirty and get down, and they come in like some strange Bobbsey Twins. But all those things make him say Ryan is the most transformed dancer tonight. It was a really big step, because for a guy of his full size to be able to open up that much on the floor would be a challenge. They didn’t do great, but really good, considering. Yet, Adam urges them to not wear white the next time they rob a bank.

Mary thinks it’s a crime to have Ellenore so covered up, as she’s such a hot tamale. She agrees it wasn’t great, but it was good. She’s impressed with the both of them, but did find a few times where it wasn’t synchronized. While it was good for a ballroom guy, at some point they need to not care Ryan is ballroom. She wanted it to be great though. Nigel thought we were talking about swagger and the only swag was in the bags. He didn’t think the style suited them and he notes it’s specific, not like when Tabitha and Napoleon bring jazz in. He doesn’t think either of their personalties come up to this and Ellenore looks more like the James Bond Ski Badger. He knows it had to kill Ryan, as he seems the type to have to be good at whatever he does. The style just wasn’t there, though. He completely disagrees with Adam and thinks they pulled the worst choice to have to do tonight.


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