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The Amazing Race 15, Nov. 8 – My Dad Is Superman

Sam and Dan finish their sandbags and set off the explosive, and go search for their clue. Their clue has them going to Bogs Gard Farm, the location of the the Hay Bale challenge that is well-known in Race lore. The Globetrotters finish the sandbagging and blow it all up, getting their club. The brothers picked an interesting time to stop sharing information with Meghan and Cheyne. The future intendeds set off the explosives after the other two teams and get their clue to go to the farm. Meghan calls it horrible teamwork, as she kept asking Cheyne to help her, but he refused to listen.

Brian and Ericka are getting closer to the site of the Explosives, while father and son are still lost trying to get out of the city by following the map. Brian and Ericka reach the explosives and start using their hands to fill the bags, as she says she can’t even think about beauty at this point. If she’s dirty and stinky, she doesn’t care. She just wants to win. The Globetrotters decide they’re going the wrong way and double back as the brothers find the farm, with Sam the navigator telling Dan the driver, “Don’t question me, Bitch.”

With no one else to race, the brothers race each other to the cluebox and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must unroll hay bales to find the next clue. The task did in Lena and Christy in a prior season who worked at it for more than ten hours, and were then eliminated by Phil, who told them the team before them checked in two hours prior. This is the new Switchback, as the teams will have to do this again, finding one of only seven race flags in 186 hay bales. This time, the farm is also the pit stop.

Sam starts doing the task, and Dan tells him he needs to unroll the hay bales, not smash through them. They argue a bit, before Dan informs his brother about Len and Christy doing it for ten hours. Sam can’t figure out why on earth he chose to tell him that now. Meghan and Cheyne arrive next, with Meghan asking if she should do it, despite knowing how hard it looks. Cheyne says he had thought she was taking the lead during this leg. She does it. Sam and Dan argue again about how to do it, as Cheyne tosses Meghan a pair of gloves.

The Globetrotters arrive finally, as Dan yells at Sam that he’s taking too much time on each one and is only on his second one. Big Easy runs out to look for the clue, as Flight Time tells him to find him a birthday present. Meghan wishes him a happy birthday, and he asks her and Sam not to find the clue until after Big Easy does … for his birthday, you know.

Brian and Ericka are still filling bags, and Matt and Gary arrive. Husband and wife think they’re done, but have another whole row to fill up. They finally set off their explosives and get their clue, leaving father and son, who really don’t seem to be too far behind.

Back at the hay bales, those not doing the challenge call it a nightmare, and Meghan decides it’s the worst thing she’s ever done in her entire life. I’m sure Lena could commiserate. Dan continues to give Sam a hard time for completely dissecting each bale, and I’m not sure, but I think Sam flips him off this time. Cheyne is proud of Meghan for giving 110% and taking the lead on this leg. Sam and Dan are still arguing. The Globetrotters just joke about not having any hay in the projects.

Big Easy finds a clue, as Flight Time says, “That’s what I’m talking about. It’s my birthday.” Meghan calls him fricking lucky, and Sam says of course, why not, they ware only the third team to get there! The Globetrotters run onto Phil’s mat and are called team number one. Flight Time’s birthday gift is a trip for two to Turks and Caicos. Flight Time has appreciation for his teammate going out and winning him this big birthday gift. It’s icing on the cake. He wants people to know at this point they’re here to win the race.

As the Globetrotters skip away, Sam is cursing them and Meghan is asking Cheyne to tell her witch hay bale to go through next. Brian and Ericka arrive with Brian doing it, and Meghan declares if he finds one, she’ll freak out. Matt and Gary arrive, with Gary deciding to do the search. Meghan cries, saying she’s been here two hours, as Sam and Dan continue to argue. She cries to Cheyne that she can’t do this anymore. Ericka looks really happy to have told Brian to do this. As the brothers still argue, Brian shouts out to Dan that it’s harder than it looks. Finally he decides to shut up, admitting he should have in the beginning.

Matt feels his dad has better odds since so many hay bales have already been gone through. Matt tells Ericka someone in a past season did this for eight hours. He’s missing a few hours there. Meghan finally finds it, then tries to surprise Cheyne, telling him she can’t do it anymore, face plants, then produces the clue out of her pocket. They run onto the mat and are pronounced team number two. Cheyne says he’s overwhelmed with pride, and he’s happy she’s his partner, including his partner for life.

Matt pronounces that his dad is doing great, saying he’s worked through hay most of his life. Dan is finally cheering on Sam, as Brian is the next to find a clue. He and Ericka jump on the mat for third place, as Brian says he couldn’t ask for a better wife, because of the way she encouraged him.

Sam takes a break, and Dan tells him that’s alright. With just two guys left searching, there’s a lot of encouragement to go around, and Sam finally comes up with a clue. He still finds the energy to race his brother to the mat. Ah, to be young again. They are team number four and still in the race. Phil tells them it was like a replay of season six. Dan starts to cry and says he was being such a jerk, he would not have cared if they would have lost. There was no reason to yell at Sam like that, as he was working so hard. He just wants him to be okay. Sam says Dan might be hard on him, but it’s just because he’s a passionate guy. Today was a reminder that they’re here to be with each other. They won’t be angels to each other from hereon out, but their bond is stronger than ever.

Gary refuses to give up even at 1 hour and 55 minutes of searching. Matt feels helpless after nearly another hour of it. Gary finally gets the clue, and they run onto the mat, surely hoping for a non-elimination round. They get it! They’ll have to do a speed bump, but let’s get real. They’re usually nothing and don’t seem to weigh the teams down too much. Matt calls his dad “Superman” for sticking in there and not giving up. Matt says they won’t give up and will take it to the hilt, as they, too, skip away from the mat.

We sure had a lot of warm fuzzies here at the end of the episode. We had brother beating himself up for treating his brother badly, husband and wife being proud of their partnership, boyfriend being proud of his girlfriend and pronouncing her his partner for life, and well, basketball players getting the warm fuzzies for their new gnome friend. But mostly, I’m overwhelmed by Matt calling his dad Superman. Every dad wants his kids to think of him as superman, and kids do, but eventually learn the truth. The fact that this adult man still thinks this of his dad is really heartwarming.

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