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The Amazing Race 15, Nov. 8 – My Dad Is Superman

I apologize for the lateness of this recap. Due to a really bad flu, it kept me away from both the computer AND my TV for a few days. I’m back, though, and ready to find out what happened Sunday night on The Amazing Race. It has to finally be another non-elimination, right?

The first team to leave The Netherlands are Sam and Dan at 9:33 PM. They receive a clue telling them to fly to Stockholm, Sweden, where they will travel by train and ferry to an amusement park to find their next clue at one of the rides. The brothers are excited to finally get a first place and acknowledge it’s been difficult at times for them. Their 21 years of sibling rivalry is coming out at inopportune times as they argue about whether they’re laughing at each other or not.

Meghan and Cheyne are the next to leave at 9:48 PM. He says they’ve been together for 4-1/2 years, and marriage is definitely something in their future. They’ve been running a strong race, and it’s a great sign to him of partnership and compatibility. Flight Time and Big Easy leave at 10:32, and Flight Time notes they decided just to have fun in the race, but at one point they also decided they wanted to win. Not surprising for athletes. Today’s Flight Time’s birthday and they think a first place would be icing on the cake. They joke about stopping in the Red Light District to use the Internet on the way to the airport. Can you imagine Phil having to track them down there at time of elimination as everyone else has finished the leg, but they’re still hanging out there??

Gary and Matt leave next at 11:08 PM. Gary thinks it’s motivation to be the oldest competitor left in the Race, but Matt doesn’t think his dad seems all that old. Sam and Dan arrive at an empty airport, followed by Meghan and Cheyne. They find flights leaving at 6:55 AM and 9:25 AM. It looks like this will be one of those great Race equalizers, allowing Brian and Ericka to catch up. It seems the ticketing offices don’t open until 5:30, so they’re all camping out at the desk. The other two teams arrive as well.

Brian and Ericka leave in last place at 1:38 PM. While they drive, Brian thinks it’s interesting that where they’re driving is the exact same path they walked in their clogs twelve hours earlier. She thinks it’s okay, as at least they looked good. He admits they’re on the Race to show Ericka’s family they’re a good team, as they, especially her mom, have had some problems with her being married to a white guy. Miss America’s mom is prejudiced?

Meghan and Cheyne, the brothers, and the basketball players, all get tickets on the 6:55 flight. However, Matt/Gary and Brian/Ericka find the flight booked, leaving them to take the 9:25 AM flight. With the first three teams on their way to Stockholm, this leaves the other two to sit and bemoan their prospects.

When the first three teams land, they rush to buy tickets for the train. The brothers and Meghan/Cheyne make a departing train, but the basketball players miss it. They also catch the resulting ferry without them. The two teams in the lead reach the amusement park and find the Frit Fall ride and their next clue. One person from each team must ride the Frit Fall and search for an arrow that points towards their next cluebox. The problem is it’s only visible for about fifteen seconds until the ride plunges 24 stories in a matter of seconds. These two teams decide to work together, which might not be so smart with just five teams left. Sam and Cheyne take the ride, and Sam finds the arrow easily.

The Globetrotters arrive at the ferry determined to make some time up, as the first two teams reach the next cluebox, telling them they need to play Roaming Gnome Ring Toss. Once they catch a gnome’s hat with a ring, they’ll get a Roaming gnome with the next clue. The brothers get the gnome first, with Meghan and Cheyne shortly after. This next clue tells them it’s a Detour – Nobel Dynamite or the Viking Alphabet. In Dynamite, the teams will fill sandbags to create a bunker in a rock quarry. Once protected, they’ll set off an explosion that will unearth their next clue. In Viking Alphabet, the teams will decode a message using the ancient alphabet to receive the next clue.

The basketball players arrive at Frit Fall, and find that the person doing the ride can’t be taller than 6’4″. Big Easy thinks they may as well have just put on the clue, “Big Easy, you can’t ride the Frit Fall,” since he’s the only one on the race taller than 6’4″. I’d have to agree with him on that. Flight Time gets the arrow placement, and it’s Big Easy that gets the ring toss. Not surprisingly, they choose to do the dynamite.

The last two teams are arriving at the airport, and Brian and Ericka catch some luck again and make the train, while Matt and Gary do not, as they decide they’re toast. Meghan/Cheyne and the brothers are asking for directions to the Explosives, and Dan says that if the Globetrotters did everything right, they’ll have time to catch up. Indeed. They’re driving to the Explosives as well, trying to come up with names for the gnome. Sweet Pea is mentioned by Flight Time, and Big Easy explains that’s dumb, then comes up with Louisiana Shorty, as Flight Time tells him that’s Ghetto. They seem to settle on Harlem Gnome.

Brian and Ericka hop on the ferry as Gary and Matt hop on the train, saying they lost fifteen minutes, but they refuse to give up hope. Ericka will be stuck doing the Frit Fall, since Brian is afraid of heights, and father and son are hopping the ferry. Ericka finds the arrow quickly, and they make it to the ring toss. She hooks a gnome’s hat right away. Brian notes the guy is supposed to win the girl something at the fair, not the other way around. They choose to do explosives as well.

Gary and Matt reach the Frit Fall, with Matt taking the fall, and dad doing the resulting ring toss and getting it fairly quickly. They, too, decide on building the bunker for the explosives. The first two teams reach the bunker and find they have to put on safety gear. The basketball players are excited to go blow something up and know the other teams are going to know they’re in trouble when they see them show up. Sure enough, they arrive as the others are still getting their gear on. The brothers ask the Globetrotters if their fans helped them get there. Hmm. Can’t handle healthy competition?

While the other teams use the tiny shovels they’re given, the brothers figure out using their hands will go faster, and hide that from the other teams. That’s a smart decision, considering the Globetrotters surely have larger hands for this than the others. Brian and Ericka get lost and pay someone to let them follow to the Explosives. Matt and Gary just try to navigate using a map, but find themselves back where they started at one point.


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