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Project Runway, Nov. 5 – The Art of Fashion

Irina tells the judges that her parents were immigrants and starts to cry while talking about dreams. She adds that she’s been called mean and therefore doesn’t want to pick favorites, but she does anyway: Althea and Gordana.

Christopher says he hasn’t had many successes or opportunities in his life and going to Bryant Park would be the biggest so far. He thinks Irina and Carol Hannah are the designers who most deserve to accompany him.

As the judges deliberate, they agree that Althea pushed herself with her pleated skirt, but that she also bit off more than she could chew. The result was disappointing. Irina’s dress is a bit dowdy. Christopher needs to learn how to choose fabric, as his skirt was far too heavy. His dress’ corset looked uncomfortable, but the top was beautiful. Carol Hannah’s dress is impeccably made. Gordana got closest to her inspiration and has a simple aesthetic, but she’s been too “hit and miss” to send to Bryant Park.

The judges then call everybody back in to announce their decision. Irina has consistently performed well and is therefore in. Christopher has done some inspired work but lacks experience, and is therefore out. (What he really needs is to go to design school; he’s had no formal training.) Carol Hannah has made yet another beautiful dress and is therefore off to Fashion Week. Gordana’s dress was lovely, but had some construction issues. She is therefore out. Althea’s look was a mess, but that was because she’d taken risks. She is going to Fashion Week.

Do these results surprise anybody? I strongly suspect that the judges made their decisions based on a designer’s overall performance and not just this last challenge. Althea would have probably been sent home if they’d based their decision on just this one challenge. By considering overall performance, they tried to ensure that the winners would all be designers who would be likely to deliver the goods at Fashion Week and not let their nerves get the better of them, as Gordana and Christopher have been known to do. It also helped them avoid the the snafus of earlier seasons. The three designers going to Fashion week are the three strongest which is the way it should be.

Next week: Fashion Week! Plus, Carol Hannah gets sick.

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