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Top Chef: All-Star Dinner – I’ve Got An Accent; Get Over It

Time out taken on the season, as we get a special episode this week. Fabio hosts a dinner party for finalists from each season of Top Chef. Nothing worth noting really thematically, other than the continued buffoonery of Marcel.

One thing that comes to mind … Top Chef is by far the best show out there when it comes to bringing back old stars. Every season features some visits from past stars as part of challenges, and they have done several little All-Star Reunion specials. I wonder if this will preclude a future All-Star Top Chef edition. I think it may. Lots of the successful chefs on the show move on to be, well, successful chefs. As we learned from Masters, it is not as riveting to see successful chefs compete on the show. So much comes from the need to make a name for yourself, that Top Chef: All-Stars could be a poor choice.

Survivor and Amazing Race can do it – the winners can’t really move on to becoming professional Survivors and Racers. And you can count on one hand the amount of people from those shows who have become celebrities outside of reality programming (I think it may only be Elisabeth Haselbeck, but I am still thinking). On Top Chef, Project Runway and the other skill competitions, there is an industry for them to conquer afterwards. And they do. It will probably make All-Stars lame, or full of chefs who didn’t advance very far in the competition.

Anyway, here is the meal they made, followed by some observations from the episode. The chefs divided up by season to cook a course – just for fun:
Course 1: Cooked by Season 3 Winner and Finalists – Hung, Casey and Dale
Casey: Fanny Bay Oysters Puree, Puffed Rice, Watermelon and Red Onion
Dale: Crab Pierogi with Mushroom and Asparagus Ragout
Hung: Sardines with Black Pepper Pork Broth and Scallions

One note – Dale’s is the only dish of the night that seems to be subpar.

Course 2: Cooked by Season 1 Winner and Finalist – Harold and Tiffani
Seared Scallop with Scallop Sashimi Noodles and Tom Yum Broth

No comments from Fabio about it being Top Chef, not Top Scallop.

Course 3: Cooked by Season 2 Winner and Finalist – Ilan and Marcel
Salt Encrusted Thai Snapper with Ratatouille

Course 4: Cooked by Season 4 Finalists – Lisa and Richard
Corn Fed Beef, Duck Pate with Savory Root Beer Caramel

Course 5: Cooked by Season 5 Finalists – Carla and Stefan (Finn for our purposes)
Raspberry Panna Cotta, Chocolate Mousse with Almond Strip

Quickfire Hits

• Let me say it once and for all, and let there be no dispute. Casey is by FAR the hottest Top Chef contestant ever. No offense to anyone else, but seriously, she’s the Daily Show and everyone else is network news.

• When did Ilan turn into Jeremy Piven? Did I miss a memo?

• Dale and Sara are now roommates, that’s kind of cool in a doesn’t-really-matter-that-much kind of way.

• Richard is going for the London Rocker hair now. I have three words – Flock. Of. Seagulls.

• Speaking of hair, oh Lisa. Why?

• Fabio and Finn reunion – Fabio – “I knew you were coming, I had a shower.”

• Fabio comments on the infamous Lisa scowl. They may be the most complete opposite successful contestants ever.

• Casey and Carla reunite after their disastrous pairing in the Season Five Finale. Of course, much ado about nothing as Carla does not blame her at all for her loss. Casey at least gets to get closure and publicly ask why she was getting blamed.

• Speaking of, Finn gets to give Fabio some ribbing about his critical analysis of Finn’s Finale dishes.

• Marcel. You know, I sort of rooted for him after the head shaving incident. But he was just being an ass for ass sake here. To Fabio – “I’d talk to you about your season, but I never watched it.” Why? Although I loved Fabio standing up at the table and calling for the cameras to be shut off and gave Marcel the chance to get the hell out if he didn’t want to be there.

• Richard’s stream of consciousness about his take on competing – awesome. I can’t come close to repeating it, my favorite part – “is that bacon? Do you smell bacon?”

• Whole Foods – Marcel cuts in front of an old lady at the seafood counter. See? Ass for Ass Sake.

• I did like the old clips – Harold trying to get a whole salmon. Ilan and Marcel compare …um … knives. Hung running all around and almost stabbing Casey. The Vending Machine Challenge. 48 hours of Wedding Wars. Green Eggs and Ham. Leah and Jamie get plastered. Howie vs. Joey. The Season Four Stew Room Explosion. Season Five Volleyball. Good times.

• I loved Toby giving it to Marcel in the lost Season Five Finale clip. Go little British guy!!!

• CJ’s ditty – “I love sitting in a furnace in Miami/Who will it be?/Surely a surprise.”
I missed the old Dale headband. Welcome back.

Um…that’s about it. Only so much you can talk about when it comes to a reunion dinner. I think Fabio will make an excellent host of the show if ever needed. If only we could do something about that accent …

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