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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 3 – Still Smiling

Ellenore and Ryan dance their tango to Violentango by Astor Piazzolla. We know he’ll be good, and he is. They pull off the lift that worried them. Their leg flicks look pretty good as well. They’re exciting to watch, but not as much as some of the earlier couples. Nevertheless, I don’t think they’re in trouble at all.

Adam doesn’t need to say anything, as the fact that Ellenore’s heel was caught in her dress throughout much of the dance, yet she carried on. I have to note I never noticed it during the dance, so that’s how impressive it really is. Adam calls it incredible that she did that, and the laser-like connection they maintained during a potential disaster was impressive, but what was even more impressive for her was that she has a stillness an maturity. Ryan had great partner work as usual.

Mary adds it’s distracting as a dancer to have your heel stuck, but Ellenore didn’t even try to fix it. She felt Ellenore was just like Miriam, as when she dances, she looks like it’s all about the calm over her shoulder, and the soldering look she gives her partner. Ellenore was reliving what she learned from her. Ryan was making it work and Mary would have never guessed he wasn’t an Argentine Tango dancer. This isn’t totally Ryan’s thing, but he was totally in character and totally there for her with outstanding technique. She stands up to give them a shoutout. Nigel says it’s one of those things when the public votes, they don’t realize how difficult it is. Everything is just sort of kept inside, and it’s so hard to do. He doesn’t know another couple on the show this season that could have done it better than what they just did. When Ellenore walked across the stage, she had a Cyd Charisse quality to her. Nigel cracks the Argentine Tango is a bit like him, reserved.

The other dancers join Ellenore and Ryan onstage, and Nigel announces the bottom four. He asks Russell and Noelle, Bianca and Victor, and Channing and Phillip to step forward. That’s six, so asked to step back are Russell and Channing. The others will dance for their lives with solos in their own genre.

Noelle is up first doing a contemporary routine, and if we couldn’t see her injury before, we definitely can’t now. She is dancing for her life. Victor comes out with some more contemporary, dancing to some Russian music, or at least it sounds like that. Bianca comes out to tap and does really well, with a very interpretive tap dance. Phillip follows with his own tap routine, one that is more classic.

Noelle and Bianca take center stage, and Nigel notes they don’t think either girl came up to the best that they can do in their duets this evening. They are not unanimous with their decision. Bianca steps forward, and he says they think she’s grown across the seasons, and she was asked to dance for he life, and it was hard to get across her personality in that routine she did. They asked Noelle to dance for her life and there is no question that’s what she did, and that’s why she will be staying. Bianca has reached the end of her journey. Russell looks very upset offstage. She says it’s changed her life by making her a better person and better dancer. She always felt like she belonged in this season out of all the ones she auditioned, just because of the people.

Victor and Phillip take the stage, as Nigel says it upsets him more personally than anyone can ever know. Phillip is eliminated, making two tappers go home, which upsets Nigel a great deal. Phillip explains his father passed away about a week and a half ago, but it was amazing to see more than half of the contestants here at his father’s funeral. It’s been a crazy journey, and it’s amazing to have gotten this far. He thanks the judges for opening the door and allowing him to be here and giving him a chance. He knows his dad is smiling in Heaven, and says it’s great to be here.

Somewhere in there there’s a powerful statement about the tap dancers, for two of the three to go home tonight. And for Peter to be the one that is staying, I wouldn’t have guessed that. I would have thought Phillip would make it further than any of them. Truthfully, though, I think had we voted, it would have ended up the same. I think the bottom three couples would have been the same, although with all six dancing for their lives, maybe the results would be different. I hate to lose Bianca and Phillip, but more for their personalities than their talent.

I should note that Channing’s words reverberated at the end. She mentioned he smiles throughout, even through the toughest Day. Here he is, being eliminated, and talking about his dad dying, yet he’s still smiling.

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