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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 3 – Still Smiling

Karen and Kevin hip hop to Ice Cream Paint Job by Dorrough. She really picks this up great for it not being anywhere close to her natural Latin style. These two have great chemistry together and show even more sexy moves, even in the hip hop. I think they’ll be sexy no matter what they’re doing.

Adam tries to keep his ahooga eyes in his head this time, but he does fall out of his chair at the mention of Karen’s name. He says he’s been talking a lot about getting out there and making it work, and this is what he means. Karen, as a Latin dancer, went out there with more confidence than Kevin and tore it up. It was very smart choreography of Tabitha and Napoleon. Kevin was fantastic, but Adam expected that. It was fun to see Kevin enjoy the character.

Mary calls it hot and tells “Miss Thing” she is still on the Hot Tamale Train and is going first class. Kevin is fighting for it 100% and does it with such ease. Karen can’t help it; she has the it factor. Kevin was supposed to be great in this style and was. He’s phenomenal. And this week, he makes it on to the Hot tamale Train with Karen. Nigel thinks the best thing to do in this competition is pick out of the hat what they’re good at. But the compliments still goes across, as Karen moves some parts of her body that they didn’t think would move. She really is a real pleasure to watch, but it’s also her personality that comes out. That’s the mark of a true performer.

Kathryn McCormick says one of the best things about Jonathan “Legacy” Perez is that he can speak so many languages, even ones you wouldn’t think he should. One of the worst things is his cricket whistle. What he loves about her is that he can relate to her in their emotions. The worst thing is that she is beating him down in rehearsals. They work with Stacey Tookey on a contemporary routine on a story of a woman struggling with fear, and he’s going to be the fear. She’ a stickler for lines and admits to being hands-on. Legacy says the character of fear is really difficult.

Kathryn and Legacy dance to 2 Steps Away by Patti LaBelle. It’s a beautiful dance, and it’s hard for me to imagine right now that he’s a B-Boy. They do beautifully together, and you can see her being pulled by him, and controlled by him, but also kicking him out. It’s great choreography, but they pull it off really well.

Adam thanks Stacey, saying it was incredibly special, and more compellingly, there’s something about her work and something about what she does in rehearsal that has transformative power, because Legacy is a different man than he’s seen before. There are no words to quantify how proud of Legacy he is, but was a huge step. Legacy turned a corner. His feet were pointing, and he’s a B-Boy. He was dancing. A lot of that is going to come with a great partnership. Kathryn is bringing it out, and he’s bringing it out of her. He cannot wait to see what they do next week.

Mary felt that was really abandonment into the routine. The growth they’re seeing in Legacy brings the hair up on her arms. They appreciated what he did as a B Boy, but she doesn’t think they’ve seen anyone growing as fast as him at this stage. What can she say about Kathryn other than she keeps nailing it every week. It’s just fun to see it a well. A lot of hem didn’t see her earlier in the game, but now their eyes are wide open. Nigel adds his compliments to Stacey and says it was a very touching routine, reminding him of Mia Michaels’ Addiction routine. It allowed some wonderful movement, particularly for Legacy, as he dived at her, and she pushed down her feelings at the end. He remembers Legacy being emotionally touched for the first time in Las Vegas by the choreography. Kathryn was an unknown going into the top 20 and people have have thought she didn’t belong there, but she is proving them wrong.

This is the first week for Pauline Mata and Peter Sabasino working together, after their partners left last week. He says the best thing about her is that she’s always taking pictures and documenting the process, and the worst is her obsession with sneakers. She says the best thing about Peter is that he treats the top 20 as his family, and the worst is that he thinks he’s a ladies man, and he’s not. They work with Wade Robeson this week. This piece has to do with the Van Gogh painting, A Starry Night, an earlier version, Van Gogh got upset with that version, trashed it, and those discarded people from the painting have now come back to torment him. Wade Says they’ll really have to push themselves to put themselves inside the painting.

Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection is the background for this Van Gogh painting. It seems Peter gets a little more into the character than Pauline does. He has a little more of the manic in him, and you need that with Wade’s stuff. There’s a certain Jim Carrey appeal as well in these movements by Peter.

Adam thinks this piece will be controversial, but Wade always forces his dancers to be 1000% committed, and Pauline and Peter absolutely were. Adam was not sure if that element was going to work, because it was so essential they go inside the character. He, too, felt Peter particularly went into character.

Mary loved the concept and the costumes and felt Pauline and Peter danced it really well, but doesn’t think it will take them anywhere. Nigel hopes it doesn’t take them anywhere and that they stay here on the show. He says with Wade’s routines, whether you like or not, he always makes a statement with his dancers. Peter has to be careful as his shoulders are very tight and stiff. Peter licks his forefinger and pinky and smoothes his eyebrows down with a wink. Nigel thanks him, but says he didn’t need that. Nigel also notes that because Pauline is smaller, she finishes her movements, leaving him tight. Yet, it’s the first time he’s seen Pauline dance to the full extent in one of these routines.

Our final couple tonight is Ellenore Scott and Ryan Di Lello. She says what annoys her about him is that he always has a protein shake or protein bar, and the best things are his muscles that make him like her personal bodyguard. What he loves about her is her quirky personality, and that she’s not normal. It’s a bit scary to him. I guess he doesn’t dislike anything about her as we move on to their rehearsals with Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrioneuvo as they learn the Argentine Tango. They have to learn very intricate steps here. When Ellenore sees the lifts they expect them to do, her face goes into shock.


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