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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 3 – Still Smiling

Bianca and Victor definitely look the part, dancing to Maybe God Is Tryin’ To Tell You Something from The Color Purple Soundtrack. She’s even carrying a fan to fan herself in the southern heat. When the song kicks it up, so do they. She definitely gets the Southern church experience, and he’s trying. At the end, the spirit totally overtakes him. That was a really fun piece.

Adam says it gives him a great opportunity to talk about something. It’s very important as a dancer to study and know what came before you. A great reference for this routine would be the Ecstasy section from the wedding dance in Fiddler On the Roof. Bianca and Victor danced this well, but it’s not the point. Adam wanted to see them lose it. He was overly aware that they were dancing, and he feels bad that’s a criticism on this show. They danced it well, but that wasn’t the point here.

Mary thought it was good, but agrees it didn’t go there to a place of abandonment. She thought Victor lost character when he turned and did a leap. It was good, but she felt he and Bianca were doing choreography instead of taking it to the next place. Nigel agrees with the others, that the characters weren’t strong enough. Victor looked like a fish out of water. He danced it well, but as a character should have taken it somewhere else. All Tyce can do is explain it. Victor has to take it to somewhere else on his own. Bianca had the character, but she still needed to take it someplace else. The crowd disagrees.

Nathan Trasoras thinks the best part about Mollee Gray is that her personality is very big and bright, which brings him out of his shell. The worst thing is that she goes to the bathroom a lot. She thinks the best thing about Nathan is that he’s kind of attractive. The worst thing is that he gets distracted very easily with himself. They’re going to do a Bollywood routine choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan. Nakul explains it’s about a warrior prince who is going to war, and his princess isn’t happy about it. Mollee has never done a routine with as much elegance and power.

Bollywood is danced by Nathan and Mollee to Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah from the Jodhaa Akbar soundtrack. I’m not usually fond of the Bollywood routines, but I like this one more than others. I also think they’re stronger in this than they were in the disco. They seem to get the character work that Victor and Bianca didn’t get.

Adam compares the screaming for Nathan to the Beatles. He tells Nathan and Mollee they’re an exciting couple, and she specifically is coming into her own. He can’t believe how much maturity she just danced with. She was originally so floppy all the time, but it’s amazing to see her stand there so beautiful and own that. Mary starts off with a scream and says it was just like a Hollywood movie with the lighting and drama. She adored the beginning and it kept getting better. It could have been a double-edged sword, as no one can forget Joshua and Katie doing it a few years ago. But they’re very different dancers and are bringing something new to the stage. There’s an energy between them she thinks is outstanding.

Nigel notes that Nathan and Mollee are the youngest couple they’ve had on the show, and Mollee was like a little puppy dog when she first came on the show, but she’s maturing very quickly. Nathan did tremendous stuff with terrific control. Both had terrific fingers, and what he likes about what Nakul has done, is he has merged Western choreography in with this stuff, and Nigel finds it tremendous.

Phillip Attmore’s favorite thing about Channing Cooke is her amazing eyes, as he gets lost in them. Her worst thing is that if push came to shove, she could take him down. What she really likes about him, is that even if he’s having a really tough day, he still has a smile on his face. His worst thing is that he is always talking. They’re going to work with Tony and Meredith on the samba. Melanie calls it a classic competition samba, and Tony adds it’s full of isolations, technique, gyrations, syncopation, and movements of the body. It’s hard, Phillip admits, to merge a tap dancer and contemporary dancer into a samba.

Channing and Phillip take on the samba with Maracatu Funk by The Samba Squad in the background. She may be a tomboy, but she knows how to get sexy when she needs to be. And the interesting thing is she keeps her strength throughout. Her hips gyrate around like nobody’s business. They struggle a little with one lift, but their next lift is amazing, including when he jumps on her.

Adam gives the criticism first, saying he could see Phillip and Channing struggling, and it falls under the category of “You gotta make it work.” You don’t want to let the audience know you’re struggling. Channing made some great strides with the hip action, but he notes she lost character afterwards and made faces. What he saw that was great was the interpersonal action. They’re a really supportive team; he can tell.

Mary could see how hard Phillip and Channing were working, and what she needed to see was the party and celebration of it all. A lot of the reactions were right on the money, though. Phillip’s feet were sloppy, and he struggled during the lifts, but Channing was there. She needed more help, and Mary feels Channing was let down by Phillip. Nigel noted the same thing last week to Phillip, that as a tap dancer, he has all of the momentum to get down into the fall, yet he stayed on top of it. The chemistry didn’t work for him, and he felt Channing looked nervous going into the lifts. Channing looked like a sack of potatoes, a beautiful sack of potatoes, going around his head.

What Karen Hauer thinks is the best about Kevin Hunte is that he’s the sweetest thing ever, and the worst thing about him is his hair. It takes him longer to do his hair then it does her. The best thing about Karen, he thinks, is that she’s beautiful and dynamic. The worse thing is that when they get on the stage, the judges only notice her. They’ll be doing hip hop this week with Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo. Kevin gets to shine this week, whereas Karen did last week in her own style. He’ll be the mechanic, ands he’ll be the hot girl that walks into his shop. She’s struggling with this a little, feeling like she’s going into a foreign country.


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