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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Nov. 3 – Still Smiling

I’m still not altogether comfortable with the way the show ended last week, with us not getting a say at all in who’s going home, and the particular choices that the judges chose to send home. We have to do that for at least one more time tonight, letting the judges choose, and hopefully next week, with the World Series over, we’ll be able to start voting ourselves and get a stake in who the champion dancer will be at the end of the series. Cat Deeley confirms at the beginning of the show that we’ll start voting next week. Thanks, Cat! It will also be the episode where we learn what each dancer’s worst and best traits are, thanks to their partners.

Our judges tonight are again Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe. The Paula Abdul chair is again empty. Nigel wonders if the reason it’s empty is because she’d have to sit by him, so he moves the chair next to Adam, who says that’s okay, because she’s “forever my girl”, because Nigel is a “cold-hearted” snake, “straight up.”

Nigel has spoken to Fox, 19, and Dick Clark Productions, and they have agreed that Billy Bell can join the show at the top 100 phase next season, and also that Brandon Dumlao can reapply for this show and come back, and he hope that’s fair. Kind of. It’s still not right that Brandon was set up like that be taken out anyway.

Noelle Marsh is back this week with Russell Ferguson. She says the best thing about him is his voice, and the worst is he always wears his sunglasses. He feels the best thing about her is she’s really funny, trying to jump in into his raps, and one of the worst things is she can’t stop from getting inured. They’re working this week with a new choreographer to the show, Jamal Sims. This hip hop routine will be about a lovely dovey couple, tennis style. It’s hard for Noelle to look at Russell with a “mean mugging” thing, as she wants to laugh.

With Move Shake Drop Remix by DJ Laz, Flo Rida & Casely as the backdrop, Noelle and Russell compete with their tennis hip hop. He, of course, does amazing with it. And she’s not so bad herself. But he totally owns it. I never would have thought about pairing hip hop and tennis, so it’s really interestingly choreographed.

Adam is happy to have Jamal on the show and says he’s been a choreographer on the Step Up videos and Miley Cyrus tours. One thing he can do is take the hip hop and give it context, story, character, etc. Russell and Noelle have to not let that ruin it. The dance can either be lost in the characters or let the dance take them. It’s a competition, but they have to let it flow and free up and make it work. They did really well, but they can’t worry about fast. He felt it was overwhelming. Adam wants them to shake it off.

Mary found Russell and Noelle were definitely in a fight to the end there, and Russell won the match, and it’s his style, so she expects it. It got labored towards the end with the rackets and stuff. She’s glad Russell takes the glasses off, as there’s a light and joy in the eyes whether he’s aggressive or joyful. Coming after an injury, Mary couldn’t tell that Noelle had been injured. She was looking for the weakness, and she made that go way. Nigel doesn’t think Wimbledon or Flushing Meadows has seen that kind of speed. It was so fast that they didn’t really get ahold of it. He liked the matrix slomo, but when it came to the aerial cartwheel, Noelle put her hand down to catch herself, and he’s not sure if that will save her. Russell did better than his fox trot last week. Nigel’s just a little disappointed. I think he’s been hanging out with Len Goodman or something.

What Jakob Karr finds as the worst thing about Ashleigh Di Lello is her large mane of falling locks that hits him and attacks him. The best thing is she sweats more than any girl he’s met, and he sweats naturally as well. She feels the worst thing about him is that he creates puddles on the floor with his sweat, and the best thing is when he fakes bad dancing, as it’s the funniest thing to watch. They’ll be doing the Viennese Waltz with Tony Meredith and Melanie Lapatin. Melanie calls the piece a couple’s first dance together. He calls marrying a married woman strange and a little bit wrong.

Ashleigh and Jakob dance their Viennese Waltz to At Last by Etta James. It’s completely beautiful, and I think this is the first dance every bride aspires to have. His leaps are always amazing, and her lines are very gorgeous, especially gorgeous tonight. They’re ending lifts are just …. I’m running out of good words.

Adam tells Ashleigh and Jakob that they can still do no wrong in his book, and that he’s madly in love with them. He’s going to make these comments and wants them to know he thinks that about them. For him, though, it was a little lifty. He would have liked to see them use the space a little more. Jakob’s leap pulled him out of it, and just because he can do it, doesn’t mean the choreographers have to put it in there in every number. Ashleigh is really winning him over, as she’s so elegant and lovely. Mary says it’s nice to know Jakob isn’t absolutely perfect. The lift sequence was really good, but she expected more from the dance part. He was tiptoeing around his turns with no power. What she really loves about him is all the partnering work. She thinks Ashleigh is wonderful. She’s a Latin dancer, but was extremely smooth with lovely lines.

Nigel thinks the way the dance started off, it was like they were on top of a wedding cake. He feels sorry for all the guys getting married in the near future, as all the girls are going to turn around and want them to dance like Jakob. He thinks Jakob is a beautiful dancer. He can do those leaps every week for all he cares. His lines are fantastic. He knows a lot of people thought Ashleigh wouldn’t be able to cope in the competition, but she’s proving them wrong. She needs to be careful of her arms, as they’re still Latin style.

Victor Smalley thinks the best thing about Bianca Revel is that she’s so loud and you’ll never lose her. The worst thing is her hair changes every day and he can never tell if it’s her. The best thing about Victor is his laugh, like laughing vomit. I’m not sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound “best.” The worst thing is he’s always wears something bright. This week they’ll be working with Tyce Diorio. The piece is from The Color Purple, and it’s about Southern church and being moved by the spirits. It feels natural to Bianca, but Victor says he’s never been to a church like that.


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