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The Amazing Race, Nov. 1 – Know When to Fold 'Em

Let’s hope we get a really competitive race tonight and that we don’t have people eliminated just because they did something stupid like lost a passport or just repeatedly made stupid mistakes. I’m not going to call Mika and Canaan’s elimination stupid except on his part. Had he chilled out and let her be, I think she may have gone down that water slide on her own. But once he tried to literally push her down, she was done. I’d like a fight to the finish tonight, without bullying, and without stupid mistakes.

The first team to leave from Dubai are Meghan and Cheyne at 1:13 PM. They must now fly to the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Once there, they’ll drive themselves to a causeway that connects Amsterdam to Friesland. When they find a monument, they’ll get their next clue. Cheyne thinks their focus is to stay in front, staying it’s the only way they know how to do it. If they have a target on their backs, there’s nothing they can do about it. I have to say that’s working for them so far. At the airport, they get a flight departure of midnight, meaning it’s another of those great Race equalizers.

Maria and Tiffany leave at 3:09 PM. Tiffany notes that second place is awesome, but they’ve learned from poker that it’s really easy to get comfortable and get involved in pots they shouldn’t. The higher up you get, the easier it is to fall. Sam and Dan leave one minute later, not surprisingly. Dan has a degree in anthropology, studying culture, and is ready to see the world and travel. It’s what he wants to do the reset of his life. Sam gives it to him that he’s books smart, but he himself is street smart.

Ericka and Brian take off at 3:25 PM. She doesn’t know if she’s becoming a nagging wife, but she realizes she yells a lot. She hates it, but thinks it’s good she’s aware of it and can stop it before it gets too far. Gary and Matt leave nine minutes later, and Matt says before this, the only time he was out of the U.S. was to Canada for a week of fishing. Sam and Dan check in before the poker players and get the midnight check-in time.

Flight Time and Big Easy leave in last place at 4:20 PM. Big Easy knows a lot of teams want to see them go, and he understands it, as if it comes to a foot race, or anything close, they’re a very strong team. They meet up with the others at the airport, and Big Easy gives a replay of what happened with Mika and Canaan at the waterfall.

Dan talks later about coming out to the other teams there as they all chatted, saying they were comfortable and like to wait to tell people until they’re comfortable, and that’s now. He tells them they’re the token gay team. Brian tells them the matching swimsuits make sense now, and Sam says that was their mom’s idea anyway. Tiffany says gay or straight it doesn’t matter, as they’re still the most sweet and gentlemanly guys to them on the Race. Who they choose to date doesn’t matter to them, although she does admit there may be a little teardrop there.

Landing in Amsterdam, everyone takes off in their cars. Brian has a hard time driving the car, as Tiffany notes, “These kids aren’t used to luxury cars.” Funny that Miss America isn’t used to luxury cars, but the poker players are. Brian and Ericka continue to struggle. They get out, and Brian asks a local to show him how to put the car in drive. He’s upset with himself as they drive away, and she tells him, “Stop trippin’ out,” as he dictates her mood. He tells her to calm down.

Meghan and Cheyne are not surprisingly the first ones to the monument on the causeway. The others aren’t far behind. The clue tells them to drive to the city of Groningen and go to Martinitoren, the highest building in the city, to search for their next clue. The others realize they didn’t see Brian and Ericka anywhere around the statue and remember them having trouble starting the car. Flight Time notes if they don’t know anyone’s name on the Race, they know Brian’s, as that’s all they hear is her shouting his name. They finally make it there, with no other teams in sight, to get their next clue.

Meghan and Cheyne are again the first team to reach the next clue, and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will make their way up the winding staircase and count the bells along the way, 62, and present their answer to the Carillonneur, who will give them the next clue. Meghan says she’ll do it, and Sam and Dan arrive with Dan deciding to do it. He thinks if he and Meghan count together, they can knock it out. He’s glad he worked on the Stairmaster at home as he winds through the building. There are so many bells, that counting them is crazy.

The basketball players arrive, and Flight Time decides to do it. As Matt and Gary arrive, Matt will be climbing the stairs. Maria and Tiffany arrive, and Tiffany makes the climb to count. Brian and Ericka finally arrive, and he tells Ericka to do it. As she climbs, she admits she has no idea what she’s doing. It’s dark and murky in there with spider webs, and she realizes it’s not going to be as easy as it should have been.

Meghan and Dan make it to the top and are still counting. Matt is right on their heels. The bells start ringing while they’re still counting, making it hard for Meghan and Dan to hear what each other is counting. Matt makes his way down and presents the answer of 62, getting the next clue. This has them driving to the town of Vierhuizen de Marne, to find a windmill with the next clue. Matt and Dave stop for directions. Dan presents the right number, as of course Meghan does. We haven’t seen what happened to Flight Time, but Dan whispers the number to Tiffany, figuring it’s a smart idea, as they’re a team they can beat. Sam gives him a hard time for giving the poker players the answer.

Sam and Dan and and Meghan and Cheyne pay a driver to let them follow him to the windmill. Gary and Matt are still chatting with a local for directions. Dan is glad to be at the front of the pack in all this. Tiffany presents the answer of 62 and of course is right. Flight Time is still trying to count as Ericka makes her way up right behind him. Flight Time presents the right number. Brian waits somewhat patiently. Ericka presents the number of 43, and is way off, obviously.

Sam and Dan reach the town of Vierhuizen first, but Meghan and Cheyne are right behind them. The brothers are the first to the windmill and find a Detour – Farmer’s Game or Farmer’s Dance. In both, the teams will don traditional Dutch costumes and ride bicycles. In Farmer’s Game, teams will find a creek, strip down to the farmer’s underwear and swim across. They’ll use unique clubs and play three holes of farmer’s golf. They must take turns and finish each hole in eight or less strokes to get the next clue. If they are unable to do it in eight strokes, they’ll need to keep playing until they’re up to par. In Farmer’s Dance, teams will find a country festival, and one member will have to ring the bell on top of the high striker. Then they’ll learn a Dutch folk dance and perform for a crowd. If they do it well, they’ll get salted herring. If they finish the herring, they’ll get their next clue.


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