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Project Runway, Oct. 29 – Winning Looks

Althea is still upset about Logan’s collar, but has (wisely) decided not to say anything. Irina, on the other hand, is now complaining that Althea’s sweater is a rip-off of her Aspen look. I don’t see it. One, lots of designers use oversized sweaters. Two, Irina’s Aspen sweater was a cowl-neck pullover, while Althea’s is a cardigan.

At the runway, the designer Nick Verreos is subbing for Michael Kors, and Kerry Washington is the guest judge. Nina Garcia is also in attendance. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has an article about Project Runway, which includes an explanation for Michael and Nina’s spotty attendance this season. Basically, the new location and production schedule (from summer in NYC to fall in LA) have caused all kinds of scheduling conflicts for Michael and Nina. Happily, this problem has already been resolved; the seventh season will be back in New York.

Carol Hannah is first up and she sends down a short black cocktail dress. It has a halter and a cummerbund. Althea’s model sports an oversized grey cardigan, a white camisole, and black pants.

Logan sends down a shiny black dress with silver accents and a stand-up collar. Just like last week, Irina’s favorite color seems to be brown. She made an oversized cardigan over a form-fitting dress decorated with brocade.

Gordana made a long grey jacket with leather accents at the waist and a short black skirt. Christopher made a massive black and white gown. It’s actually a black halter dress over hundreds of black and white ruffles.

Heidi doesn’t call anybody’s name. As there are only six designers left, they all have to face the judges. They start with Christopher who had used his red carpet look. He tells the judges that he wanted to use texture again with a different treatment to the petals. Nina thinks it’s so bottom heavy that it makes the model look like a carnival float. Nick recognizes it could have been pretty, but only after some serious editing. (Told you.) Heidi likes the top, but not the bottom. Kerry thinks it looks like two different gowns sewn together.

Irina tells the judges her dress is an evening look. Nick calls it “uptown chic,” while Kerry says it’s both elegant and cozy. Nina dislikes the dress, though, saying that it looks cheap. Heidi disagrees with her, and says she likes the dress.

Gordana explains her original look was edgy, so she used leather on the new piece. Heidi doesn’t think it’s edgy at all. Or fun, or fashionable, or beautiful. She also thinks it makes the model look drab. Kerry thinks it’s “passive.” Nina dislikes the jacket, and Nick says the model looks like an office worker in Warsaw.

Carol Hannah says she wanted to play off the texture of her winning piece. Kerry calls the outfit “delicious,” and Nick says she’s like Ava Gardner. Kerry loves the pockets and thinks they’re fun.

Logan tells the judges that his dress would be a “wow” piece in his collection and that Pink would wear it. Nina thinks it looks like a student project and finds it unflattering. Nick is reminded of Judy Jetson.

Althea describes her look as an easy, casual look with a tailored garment. Heidi declares that she wants it. She especially likes the pants, while Kerry likes the sweater. Heidi wonders who came up with the sweater jacket first, Althea or Irina? Althea says hers was in her sketch, and assumed the same was true of Irina’s. Irina says that there has been some resemblance in the workroom, “which surprised me.” Nick responds mildly that sometimes does happen, but Irina retorts she wouldn’t expect it to happen when there are only six people in the workroom. Althea says again it was in her original sketch, and as Tim himself saw said sketch, the judges can easily verify this if they need to do so. Heidi drops the subject and says she loves the look and proportion.

Afterwards, the judges deliberate. Irina’s look is chic and luxe. Althea has tremendous skill in construction. Carol Hannah has turned out a young and sexy cocktail dress.

Onto the designers they didn’t like. Logan’s outfit is too “Space Odyssey” and strange. Gordana’s outfit is a sad, drab dress. Christopher had made one thousand petals for a dress that ended up looking like a bed skirt.

The judges then call everybody back in and announce their decision. Carol Hannah is in, and Althea is the winner. Irina and Christopher are both in, leaving Logan and Gordana in the bottom two. Gordana’s look didn’t really go with her winning piece and was both sad and dated. Logan’s outfit looked like “a bunch of zippers exploded.” Gordana is in, which means Logan and his silver pants are finally out.

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Next week: The last challenge before the finals!

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