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Project Runway, Oct. 29 – Winning Looks

Gordana says it’s great to be in the top six, “especially with my humble beginnings.” It turns out she grew up on a farm in Bosnia, and can’t believe she’s made it as far as she has. Christopher feels this is the time for the judges to see their personalities. Chris, Honey, I’m sure they’ve figured out what you’re like by now. The season’s almost over, after all! He calls his look a “Christopher piece,” and Logan snidely comments that Christopher has done the volume thing too many times, and that his fabric looks cheap.

Tim comes in to make his rounds and he starts with Carol Hannah, who thinks her look is a “big scary mess.” Tim agrees with this assessment, and advises her to take the fabric she’s using and layer it under something else. Carol Hannah likes the result and decides to do just that. “You just had a major breakthrough,” Tim says. Yeah, Tim, thanks to you!

Irina tells Tim she loves the tapestry-like fabric she’s using and that she has decided to make a large sweater and a small dress. Tim considers this an unexpected combination and suggests that the sweater be a cardigan. Irina agrees that a cardigan would appear more youthful. I’d say that depends on the cardigan; I’ve seen plenty of older women wearing them.

Christopher says he wants to have texture on just the bottom of his dress. Tim tells him his winning look was “youthful”– and that his current project “looks like her mother.” Christopher isn’t pleased. Althea is looking forward to the model-fitting, because she wants to make certain her proportions work. Tim thinks her pants are so big they seem to be “waiting for a diaper,” but he concedes the sketch is “stunning.” He hopes she can execute it.

Tim finds Logan’s design exciting. Logan explains he’s going to take his zippers and turn up the volume. Althea notes with disgust that his collar resembles the one she’d made for the Bob Mackie challenge. She thinks she did it better, though. I don’t remember if her collar was also made of zippers or not. If it was, she’s got good reason to be upset with Logan. If not, she should get over it. In any case, Tim considers Logan’s look a wow. Gordana describes her look as “rock and roll industrial.” Tim advises her to stand by her ideas about proportion.

Althea grabs a snack and gossips with Irina. Althea wonders, “How uncreative do you have to be to steal from people?” She then adds, “I hate Logan.” Irina giggles and suggests that she tell the judges. One, Althea would need ironclad proof that Logan was ripping her off to talk to the judges, who generally frown on contestants trying to get each other in trouble. Two, well, this is Logan we’re talking about. He’s not major competition, anyway.

Tim is still talking to Gordana and encouraging her to take risks. He tells everybody he’s excited by their designs and urges them to use their remaining time well. He also sends in the models for their fittings.

Irina comments that Christopher’s dress looks like “one dress throwing up another.” Althea talks to her model about Logan’s zipper collar. She thinks he should be sent home. Not only has he never won, but he’s never even cracked the top three. She also thinks he gets away with stuff because he’s cute. I had noticed that one or two of the guest judges seemed inclined to cut him some slack– but I’ve never seen his appeal. I just don’t find him all that attractive.

Christopher decides to add flowers to his dress, while Logan is regretting using all those zippers. He’s finding it hard to sew over all of them. The next morning is the day of the show. Logan informs us that there is only one more challenge after this one, so he’s anxious. He decides to put on his silver jeans for luck.

At the workshop, Christopher has one hundred petals to sew on and plans to add something to the neck. Chris, Honey, this isn’t “huge”; this is “desperate” and “forgot to edit.” The judges do relish details, but they don’t like overly busy looks. Althea has found that her sweater needs to be completely hand-sewn and is now basting the bottom.

Gordana realizes she needs a hook and eye. She tries to borrow one from Althea, but she doesn’t have one, either. She next asks Irina if she has one, and Irina responds, “I don’t know.” Irina then tells us that she isn’t on the show to make friends, and, more importantly, she isn’t going to help a competitor. (Yes, Irina’s a bitch, but she’s still right about that.)

“Irina has the nickname Meana Irina for a reason,” Logan mentions. He adds that he wishes the judges would humble her. You and at least half the Internet community. Too bad “Meana Irina” knows how to design the kinds of clothes the judges like.

Tim sends in the models for hair and make-up. Althea’s model says she thinks Carol Hannah’s dress is cute, but Althea comments that she’s sick of seeing Carol Hannah make dresses and calls her a one-trick pony. Gordana thinks her own look is edgy, while Logan thinks it looks like his grandmother’s couch.