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Top Chef: Las Vegas Ep. 10 – It Sucks Being Told You Suck

Quickfire Hits

• Why oh why, did nobody make a pasta or rice dish? Last time I checked, there was no meat in pasta. It would certainly have helped make the dishes more filling. That is what won it for Kevin; his was the only one that felt like a meal.

• Natalie regarding the banana polenta – “Who is his dealer and does he want more clients!” HA! First Natalie Portman made sex jokes, and then drug jokes. All she needs to do is do football analysis and she’s perfect.

• Jen on Pebbles/Bam Bam – “She had a cute boyfriend, even though he carries a club around and pulls her by her hair…although that is not so bad sometimes.” JEN! Speaking of sex jokes, Jen just made one about the Flintstones children! I am sure there is some fan fiction about that somewhere online.

• Did anyone else see the veggie twist coming from a mile away? They talked SO much about the meat; you just knew they weren’t going to be able to cook it.

• I’d love to see some football games start with the flipping of a dehydrated orange.

• Kevin on MM’s leek idea – “Looks like a scallop, tastes like sh*t.”

• I wonder if Robin has ADD – she never can seem to focus on one thought at a time.

Extra scene – family-style dinner at Paul’s restaurant. Kevin on his size – “I didn’t get fat by accident, it was a personal choice.”

Next week – Padma lounging in bed. Are they trying to top this week?