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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Oct. 27 – Boy, Was This Dancing!

The last pair is Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras. He notes he’s more of a musical person starting out playing piano and moving on to the trumpet and thinks that helps him listen to music. Mollee is a goofball as that’s just who she is. She’d rather be a person that lifts everyone up to make everyone in a room into happy people. They’re working with Doriana Sanchez. If she had to sum it up, she’d say she was very inspired by Mexican wrestling. Mollee comes through his legs at one point and hits in between the legs causing him some great pain.

Mollee and Nathan dance to Turn the Beat Around (Pablo’s 12″ Remix) by Gloria Estefan. They do one really great lift that is amazing. She seemed late through some of it. He’s definitely on it, and is as amazing as we thought he’d be. But I feel a little let down by her, just as she seems a little out of it, and not as much into it as she should be. It could be that immaturity they keep mentioning of hers. Some of their tricks, though, are amazing.

Adam tells Mollee and Nathan that first of all they’re the most adorable couple, and he knows they already have fans, but they have them for a reason, as their energy is really upbeat. They did some very sexy lifts and none of them seemed dirty at all. Nigel notes that Adam isn’t a huge fan of disco, but Adam says he was a big fan of this number.

Mary points out Doriana is famous for making the toughest disco routines they’ve ever seen, and this was really hard, but Mollee and Nathan pulled it off. They have such great charisma, and they are probably the dream team. She is so looking forward to seeing them go all the way through, thinking they’ll be here for an awfully long time. Nigel knows this remix could only be danced with people that have their energy, and anyone that doesn’t like disco has to to be crazy. Mollee and Nathan bring the fun to the competition. He can’t wait to see more from them.

Once Cat mentions them needing to pick two guys and two girls to place in the bottom four for nomination, the judges look really depressed at this challenge, and I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t even know where to start myself. I don’t feel it’s right to place Brandon in that bottom four after just a day and a half.

Nigel says it’s important to state immediately they are being judged by everything they know of them so far, not just the work tonight. The four of them dancing for their lives are Ariana, Brandon, Pauline, and Russell. What they heck? Russell? There is no way they’re getting rid of him, so Brandon is leaving after just a day and a half. I just see that as so unfair. How unfair is that to pick a guy that came into it a day and a half ago and another guy that had to dance with the choreographer instead of his partner? Boo hiss, Nigel.

First up dancing for her life will be Ariana. She does a quick contemporary dance and does well, but I can’t say she knocked me out of the park or anything. Russell is up net, and yeah, this one is the exact opposite. He’s really impressive. He’s so good at what he does. He deserves more of a chance. That was amazing. Pauline shows what she can do and I have to give the edge to her between the two girls. She seems to make it a little more exciting, which is what Adam was telling us earlier it was all about. Brandon steps up and is really exciting, and I realize watching him why i got his hip hop mixed up with contemporary earlier. It was strong, but not nearly as much as Russell’s.

Nigel mentions that all three of them are unanimous with their decision with the girls. To get into the top 20 this season they had to be an amazing dancer. They’re both amazing, and they’re looking at every aspect of their performance. Pauline dances with wonderful charisma, but they would like to see more passion. Ariana will be going home this week. She’s such a strong dancer, but they’d love to see more charisma in her work as well. Yet, she is remarkable and well worthy of being in their top 20. Peter, waiting with the others, tells her he loves her. This has all taught her she can do anything she puts her mind to.

The guys step up, and Nigel mentions again being unanimous. Russell is told that they urge him to keep dancing and keep learning other styles. He’s a remarkable man with what he has achieved on the stage. Brandon is leaving, but it’s an unfortunate series of events that led him here tonight. They didn’t put him in the original 20 because they thought they needed him to grow. The rules state you aren’t allowed to come back after they make it this far, but he’s going to speak to Fox to see if they can change the rules and allow Brandon in next year. The interesting thing is he and Pauline are seen working together in Vegas, so it makes sense they had some chemistry when he came in.

This creates a new couple out of Pauline and Peter. I don’t think Russell ever had any chance of going home. They loved Billy so much on this show, that I know it was a blow to them to lose him. I think they just stuck someone in there for the past few days with the intention of not keeping him. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just had Pauline dance with Jason the choreographer for this week, since Noelle was allowed to sit out and wait. It kind of seems the only fair thing.

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