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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Oct. 27 – Boy, Was This Dancing!

Ryan Di Lello and Ellenore Scott will take the floor next, and he says he loves to work out and is a fitness nut, and that’s who he is and a trait he brings to this show. Ellenore likes to say she’s 19, but has been dancing for 20 years, as her parents are both dancers and her mom continued dancing when she was pregnant with her. They’ll be doing contemporary jazz and working with Sonya Toyeh. She notes the piece is about two angelic creatures, with Ryan being dark and overbearing, and Ellenore being submissive ad pure, and he’s trying to take over. He wants to not be seen as a ballroom dancer anymore. Sonya hasn’t been this inspired here until today and Ellenore thinks it’ll be one of he the best pieces she’s done and perhaps the best the show has seen.

Ellenore comes running in and I didn’t even recognize her at first. That body of Ryan’s is always recognizable though. They’re dancing to Arcadia by Apparat. It’s a really good piece, and Ryan and Ellenore are definitely really strong in it, but I don’t know if I would say one of the best ever on the show. There’s a lot to live up to with that statement.

Adam tells Sonya that she rocks his world and mentions it to be incredibly exciting for him, as technically he wouldn’t have been put either of them as technically the best, but they’re exciting dancers on the show, and that’s what the show is about. It was totally beautiful and unique and showcased them beautifully. He would have liked to have seen more throwing themselves than shaking. Mary thought the chemistry between the two was crazy. It’s always tough for a ballroom dancer to just focus on the partner, instead of 50% of the time on the judges and audience. But he was on her 100% of the time. They never broke character and were in it all the time.

What Nigel finds amazing is that Sonya’s style is changing all the time with the music, and what they brought to us with this was a completely new style. It’s hard to pin it down and say they didn’t do it right, as he doesn’t know what she asked them to do. Sonya had said it was about a fallen angel, but looking at him carrying her, he thought it was a really big turkey for Thanksgiving. He was totally surprised by Ryan, and he thinks the one thing everyone has shown so far is they aren’t showing what style they’re adept at. They wouldn’t be able to tell with anyone dancing tonight.

Pauline had been paired with Billy, but will now be with his replacement Brandon Dumlao. She explains she’s a very visual person and loves doing photography and capturing moments, and in dancing, she feels she can do the same. Brandon is so confused and shocked, and just found out she was his partner. It’s scary to realize everyone else is ahead of them and he needs to catch up. They’ll be doing the smooth waltz with Jason Gilkison. He notes it’s one of the most traditional and oldest, and he’d like to create a young modern love story. She says it’s like they’re drifting into outer space together.

Pauline and Brandon do their smooth waltz to You Light Up My Life by Whitney Houston. I think their connection isn’t bad and their partnership does pretty well considering they just started working together at some point this week. I definitely got the story in it and that’ a good thing.

Adam says it’s hard to do something like that given that Pauline lost her partner and didn’t know what would happen, and Brandon just came into it. Brandon admits he just stepped into it a day and a half ago, and I have to say that’s amazing to step into it and do that well after that short amount of time. They had some beautiful performance moments, with her smiling up at him and some beautiful lines. Brandon is told he’s a hip hop dancer and when he does ballroom he needs to open up more, but he did a yeoman’s job in a difficult task.

Mary agrees, saying it’s difficult to come into this, but they are the cutest two people ever to hit the stage. Jason did create this very romantic waltz, and the chemistry was dynamic in just a short time. The actual dancing isn’t the best, and she agrees he needs to work on opening up. Pauline was elegant and created a good quality of movement. Nigel notes he loves them both, but the only fair way to treat this is without the knowledge of what happened this week. Having said that, the routine needed to be lighter than air, and felt a little bit like a prom couple. It wasn’t strong enough for him, despite what he thought it would be when he took her head in his hands. Pauline wasn’t strong enough either. I disagree with Nigel. I think it is fair to judge them on what happened this week.

Kathryn McCormick and Jonathan “Legacy” Perez are up, and she explains growing up in Georgia she loves being outside at the beach, at the river, four-wheeling and just being outdoors. Legacy started off as a street performer and put it out to millions of people and thinks you can see what comes from his heart. They work on hip hop with Dave Scott. He says for her, the first time doing this style, you don’t know why your body is moving the way it is. She says if you’re two serious about it it just looks stupid, and Legacy says it seems simple to be humorous, but you have to do certain facial movements and have to make it work without it just being movement.

On & On by Missy Elliott is the backdrop of Kathryn and Legacy’s hip hop, and they start this looking like cavemen somewhat. She does really well for this not being her style. We expect Legacy to do well, and he does, but she pulls it off just as well. She’s really strong, too, as in physically strong, putting him out at the end.

Adam calls this hot, as it’s about meeting in the middle. It’s interesting, as for Kathryn it’s not her style, and even though Legacy is a B Boy, he’s not used to this type of choreography. A lot of people have only seen the real nasty Dave Scott, but this was the goofy side to him. Their chemistry is really great and they have an opportunity here to really learn from each other. He can learn from her about how to connect, style, and fluidity, and she can learn from him how to get dirty in there.

Mary issues a “Yabba dabba doo,” as these two were busting a move in the cave tonight. She leads a few cheers for Dave, then tells Legacy she was on his case for not being there with dancing and transitions outside of his style, “but boy was this dancing.” She didn’t think he was capable of this. For Kathryn, the way she kept popping her body in different directions, she was really into it. Nigel tells them Dave uses music so well and put it into their bodies. He loved how it suddenly broke through to different areas of their bodies. It was like the hip hop version of quest of fire. All the other hip hop boys tonight got ballroom and he’s sure it helped, but he certainly brought this to life. Kathryn could have better isolation, but she pulled it together. It was great chemistry, and he thinks they’re another pairing he’s going to enjoy watching develop.


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