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The Amazing Race, Oct. 25 – Baywatch Moment

For the past two weeks, the people going home on The Amazing Race have been those that have ended their time on the Race with stupid mistakes. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s becoming a trend for this season, or if it will serve as a warning to the others. We also don’t know when the next non-elimination will come up, since we had one so soon in the Race. It’s these things that are keeping it interesting this season. There isn’t anything set in stone.

The first team to leave the pit stop in Dubai are Meghan and Cheyne at 8:17 AM. They receive a clue telling them to pick up a locked briefcase. Meghan feels like a businessman, but the music is more international intrigue, like James Bond or Austin Powers. They are to then travel by taxi to the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and search the Boardwalk for the next clue. Meghan knows there are a lot of stressful decisions left to make, and she hasn’t ever been this stressed, which Cheyne adds is saying a lot, as she gets stressed out in everyday life. He thinks this city is a lot like island Vegas, very fabricated and very hot. Meghan notes that in Dubai they get their tans in the winter when it’s 80.

At the Golf & Yacht Club, Meghan and Cheyne find a Roadblock. One person from each team must row an inflatable dinghy to the yacht anchored offshore. They’ll meet up with a sheik who will present them with a watch, following the Arab custom of hospitality. They’ll return to the dock and figure out that the time on the watch is the code of the briefcase, 835. Inside the briefcase, they’ll get their next clue. Cheyne decides to do this one, as he has experience boating, and knows the logistics.

Brian and Ericka leave next at 9:59 AM, and they note they’re leaving second, or in pageant terms, first runner up. He knows people see her as “Pageant Patty,” but she can rough it if she needs to. She explains you have to start with hair and makeup done, and it may melt off during the rest of the day, but you have to start out that way. I was never in a pageant, but I agree. My mother-in-law thought I was crazy showing up to be induced to have my son with my makeup done. They want to stay out in front, because bringing up the back isn’t a fun feeling. Cheyne is still rowing, singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

And we go from that lovely song to Sweet Georgia Brown and Flight Time and Big Easy, leaving at 10:42 AM. Big Easy thinks it’s too hot here, the most hot he’s ever been. He’s going to keep saying the word hot, because it’s hot. Alright then. Cheyne has climbed aboard the yacht and received his watch, working his way back to shore.

Gary and Matt leave at 10:45, and Gary jokes the briefcase should be handcuffed to their wrist. Matt notes this is the longest they have ever been together. It’s been going really well, but he brought some hair dye with him last night and redyed his hair. Gary never thought he’d be helping his son dye his hair, but it’s getting really close.

Cheyne makes it back to the dock, and he notes the watch is stuck on 8:35. They figure out pretty quickly that that’s the lock code on the case. They retrieve a clue from the briefcase telling them to take their taxi to Abra Station, a water taxi station, to retrieve their next clue. Meghan does not want to wait for Cheyne to put his shoes on. He’s not worried, as he knows some people will have a hard time rowing the boat.

Brian and Ericka arrive at the Roadblock, and he notes, “this one does not do water,” pointing at Ericka, so he knows he needs to do this challenge. He’s never rowed a boat before, so he’s struggling. Sam and Dan leave next at 11:34 AM. Sam notes they’re still working closely with Maria and Tiffany. Dan adds it’s helpful to them, and if it comes down to the wire, they think they can outrun them. They could probably outrun most teams, except the Globetrotters, which is why they want them out.

Brian is arriving at the dinghy. The Globetrotters have been taken to the wrong place. Brian and Ericka get their case open and take off, despite him having a slight injury on his thumb. Gary and Matt arrive at the club, with Gary deciding to row the dinghy, despite telling his son it’s been awhile.

Meghan and Cheyne arrive at Abra Station and find a Detour – Gold or Glass. In Gold, teams will find a jewelry store and use a scale to weigh out exactly $500,000 worth of gold, so they’ll need to figure out the gold exchange rate first. This rate is constantly changing, so they need to do it quickly, yet it’s shown on a television screen there within the challenge. In Glass, teams will go to a spice market and use a crateful of disassembled hookas, utilize all the parts, and assemble twelve hookas. Meghan and Cheyne know the Gold sounds confusing, so they choose Glass, heading there in a water taxi.

Gary arrives on the yacht and gets the watch, as Maria and Tiffany are leaving at 11:47 AM. Tiffany notes how James Bond this missions sounds, and says she doesn’t think she’s ever seen James Bond sweat. Mika and Canaan are the last to leave at 11:54 AM. She knows he’s more competitive than her, as she’s never been in a lot of competitive sports. She’s never really ran in her whole life, so he needs to push her a lot.


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