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Project Runway, Oct. 22 – A Sense of Place

The judges start with Irina, who tells them that she drew Aspen. She shows them the zippers on her pants, which were inspired by ski pants. Milla laughs and agrees with Irina that the outfit’s owner doesn’t really ski; she just hangs out at the lodge and drinks. Michael thinks the sweater’s open back is sexy and very 1980’s. Nina says it creates a fantasy, and Heidi loves the tailoring of the pants.

Christopher tells the judges that he was inspired by Santa Fe and its landscape. Nina says she imagines more vivid colors, while Michael thinks it looks like costume and doesn’t see the American West at all. Oh, that’s not good. I suppose that may have been the point of the belt, as big leather belts are a staple of that look, but it obviously wasn’t enough in this case. Milla likes the belt, but Heidi says that it’s the only interesting thing in his outfit. Ouch.

Carol Hannah explains she was inspired by the sun and the beach and that she wanted a relaxed but dressed-up feeling to her look. Nina likes the color choice and the braided detail in the front and the back. Both Heidi and Michael like the fabric. Michael comments that the dress could be worn with flip-flops or “serious jewelry.”

Nicolas says he designed for somebody high-end and edgy. Michael thinks his outfit looks more like Grease the movie than Greece the country. “Where is the fantasy?” demands Nina. Heidi thinks the proportions are off, as the body is tight, while the sleeves are loose. Milla thinks a dress would have been better. (I have to disagree with her, as Nicolas would have just sent down White Dress #97. Seriously, the dude needs to learn how to use real colors, not just white or other neutrals.)

Gordana tells the judges that her dress is for a New York socialite. Milla loves the necklace, but wishes the dress had been simpler. Heidi thinks it’s beautiful and is amazed by the neckline. Gordana explains that the necklace is detachable. Michael thinks the look is sophisticated and urban.

Logan explains he was designing for “Young Hollywood.” Nina thinks he didn’t pull off the needed styling. “It’s just basic clothes,” she explains. Heidi likes that it’s a young look, but Michael thinks he should have done something more outrageous with the jeans. “They’re clothes, they’re not fashion.” Milla tells him that he needed to “really go for it” more than he did. The consensus seems to be that his look is too generic and conservative.

The judges deliberate. Irina “created a dream.” Heidi wishes there had been more color, but Michael says he could definitely see Aspen in the outfit. Michael loves Gordana’s necklace and Nina thinks her look “fit the part.” Michael thinks Carol Hannah chose great fabric, while Milla admires the details.

Onto the designers they didn’t like … The judges agree that Christopher’s look was ugly and the belt was the only redeeming feature. Nicolas’ outfit just didn’t work. Milla thinks it would have worked better as a dress, while Michael questions the wisdom of using grey menswear fabric for Greece. Logan’s outfit was simply boring and too understated.

The judges call everybody back in to announce their decisions. Carol Hannah is in, while Irina is the winner. As this is her third win, she now all but has a lock on the finals. She would have to seriously screw up to miss out on Bryant Park. Irina is delighted, but feels she will have to top herself. Gordana is in, and Heidi advises her to not sell herself short.

Heidi tells the guys that they are talented but need to “really pump up the volume.” Logan is in, leaving Christopher and Nicolas in the bottom two. Nicolas simply missed the mark and didn’t think about the challenge, while Christopher failed to provide a sense of place or fantasy. Christopher is in, while Nicolas is out. Later, Nicolas jokes that this is the last we’ve heard of him and that’s he’s going to switch gears and become a shepherd. Tim assures him that his work was beautifully executed. “It’s a matter of taste.” Nicolas says that it’s hard to break into the fashion industry, but vows to keep on fighting.

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