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Project Runway, Oct. 22 – A Sense of Place

Nicolas is having problems with his white top, as he’s never used jersey before. Then why’d you buy it, genius? This isn’t exactly the best time to be fiddling with unfamiliar materials! He doesn’t want the draping to look “Grecian goddess.” That’s Greek goddess, thank you very much. But he has a point, as that style of draping is probably overdone and too expected. He needs to come up with something that will make the judges immediately think of Greece, but isn’t a cliche.

Althea thinks Christopher’s dress looks horrible and says she’ll be amazed if he isn’t eliminated. Christopher himself decides his dress looks too much like a costume from “Little House on the Prairie” and therefore shortens it drastically. He likes it better with a short skirt.

That night, back at the apartment, Nicolas says he’s close to all the other designers. Even though they all hope that somebody chokes, he thinks they’re all very talented. Althea comments that Bryant Park feels very close now. Know something? She’s right. Project Runway typically sends the top three or four contenders to Bryant Park, and there are seven designers left now.

The next morning, Nicolas wonders out loud what Michael will think of his design. Althea says her outfit needs some tweaking, but is otherwise ready. Logan is making a new waistband so his pants will fit his model.

Tim sends in the models. Christopher thinks his dress is much cuter now that he shortened it. Gordana loves her dress, but isn’t sure if it’s sophisticated enough. Logan is relieved to find that his pants now fit his model.

Nicolas doesn’t see “Greece” in his outfit, but believes somebody would wear it there. Err, I don’t think the challenge was to make something a tourist would wear to Greece, but to make an outfit inspired by Greece. Maybe Nicolas should have gone with the Greek goddess lock after all. At least the judges then would have known what it was supposed to be. Althea, on the other hand, feels her outfit screams “St. Tropez.”

Christopher feels he has the most to gain from being on the show, as he doesn’t have a degree from a design school. He thinks Project Runway will help him get a foot in the door. I’d say that’s debatable. Being on a competition show probably does help somebody who’s good but low on the food chain, but I can’t imagine a prospective client hiring somebody who’s been in the bottom a million times.

At the runway, both Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are back as judges. (Yes! And about time!) Milla Jovovich is the guest judge.

Logan is up first. His “Hollywood” outfit consists of nothing but skinny white jeans, a blue shirt, and a black vest. I can appreciate his desire to not make something suggestive of “Old Hollywood,” as that is so overdone, but this getup looks like something you could find at your local mall. I’m fairly certain I have a shirt like the one he made– and I’m hardly a fashionista.

Althea’s “St. Tropez” outfit consists of bronze shorts, a white tank, and a floaty beige blouse. Nicolas’ “Greece” look appears to be another misstep, as it consists of grey pants and a white shirt. There’s nothing about it that specifically says “Greece”; the model could be anywhere.

Carol Hannah made a nice flowing green print dress fit for a day at the beach, which makes sense as Palm Beach is her inspiration. Christopher’s “Santa Fe” outfit consists of a light aqua shirt over a white camisole, a brown skirt, and a wide black and tan belt.

Irina’s “Aspen” look consists of fitted pants, a cowl neck sweater with an open back, and a hooded fur vest. All three pieces are brown. Gordana sends down a sleek, sleeveless silver-grey gown with a jeweled necklace.

Heidi calls Althea and tells her that she’s safe. The other designers have the highest and lowest scores between them.