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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Oct. 21 – Meet the Top 20!

Victor Smalley is next up. Adam tells him he was one of the most talked about dancers in Vegas, because they came after him because of his appearance. Debbie remembers his hair was distracting, until he shaved it, then made fans of everyone. Adam tells him he dances with the type of confidence a guy who thinks he’s a good dancer should dance with. Nigel adds this group of guys were the strongest male contemporary dancers they’ve had throughout six seasons. Adam says it makes it harder to tell him it doesn’t always work out so well, but fortunately it worked out very well for him. He’s in the top 20. Jakob Karr makes it as well.

Noelle and Mollee are still waiting, and there are only five spots left. Mollee gets pulled onto the stage. She’s not waiting until the end. Noelle knows Mollee wants it just as much as she does, which makes her want it even more for her. Nigel tells Mollee it’s a tough day, and they discuss different aspects to her work. She’s a really good dancer, but they’re asking her to dance like a 20 year old, and a lot of the work is really mature, but she dances between a 14 and 15 year old. This is why people on the panel have said no they don’t want her in the top 20. But they’re not going to listen to them. She is in the top 20.

It’s Noelle’s shot, and she says she’s wanted it since she was 3 and never once did she question her love for dance. Mollee is crossing, hoping, and praying she makes it. Noelle’s family told her they are proud of her either way, and that’s all she had to hear. But she has to wait even longer to hear anything from the judges.

It’s Pauline Mata’s turn in front of the judges. She never even got to finish Vegas week after hurting her ankle really badly in the Broadway round. Adam tells her it’s crazy and bittersweet as she couldn’t finish it, and having not see her do everything was a disadvantage. But it was a disadvantage for the us, the TV audience, as they love her and she’s in the top 20.

Noelle is finally up. Tyce congratulates her for making it this far. She talks about being cut in the Broadway round in season 5 and says she thinks she regained this season a sense of who she really is. She makes it, goes backstage and has the best hug ever with Mollee. I’ll admit. It made me tear up.

B Boy Legacy Perez gets his shot in front of the judges. Mary tells him he knows they only have ten spots for guys, and it’s really getting down to it now. It has been really difficult, as he’s crazy good at what he does, but there were some other good hip hop guys, and they had to look at them as well. Any other year he would have gone right into the top 20, but what he does is so crazy, they’re putting him in the top 20.

There are three girls left and only two spaces. Paula is up next. This is her second time getting to this point, and she wowed this judges this year. Tyce tells her they think she’s fantastic and love what she did in Vegas. She’s very special. They want her in their top 20. He’s not good at beating around the bush, is he? We have two guys and two girls left, and one spot for each, but Cat tells us they’re in for the shock of their lives. Could it be a top 22?

The four dancers that are left are all ballroom dancers. Married couple Ryan and Ashleigh Di Lello say that if one doesn’t make the show, they’ll be sad, but happy for the other one. They knew it was a possibility. He continued to outshine his wife even in Vegas, until the last round when she was told she grew the most out of everyone.

Ryan and Gene Bersten are up against each other. Mary notes they’re making it tough on her this time. They have tough shoes to fill in ballroom with Pasha, Dmitry, and Artem, but there’s room for one more. The two of them are so close. Ryan is moving onto the next round with his guns. For Gene, it’ the end of the road, though. Hmmm. It’s not a top 22.

Karen Hauer is going up against Ashleigh for that final girl’s spot. Karen had auditioned with her husband as well, but he was cut in Vegas. Nigel tells Ashleigh the good news that her husband made it through. She cries. He says it’s been hard to decide between the two of them, as Karen never put a foot wrong all week and Ahleigh started out shaky, then grew. They need ten good girls. Karen will be in the top 20. Ryan waits anxiously for her. Once Karen comes in saying she made it, Ryan waits for the inevitable, and she comes in and says she made it too. 11 girls and 10 guys?

Oh wow. Paula turned them down when they asked her to be in the top 20. What? How do you get to that point, then turn them down? Maybe she just wanted to know she could make it. We flash back to Paula telling them she was offered a contract for a movie, and she’s so sad she can’t continue her dream. This opened up another spot,, and they gave it to Ashleigh. Bianca tells Ashleigh and Ryan that they now have 18 kids.

And we have our twenty kids for season six of So You Think You Can Dance. We’ll get an additional night of dance next week. On Monday, there will be no voting, but we’ll get a special intro to the top 20, watching them each dance in their own genre and getting some background on them. We’ll then see the judges pair them up, and I’m sure they’re not putting husband and wife together. Tuesday will be the first performance night in their new pairs, and Wednesday will be results night. Who will we send home first?

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