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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Oct. 21 – Meet the Top 20!

I’m not sure if I even remember who is still in the running for the top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance. I remember a few key people that left during Las Vegas week, but I don’t know if I remember any of the people still in it. I’m hoping at least one of the tap dancers makes it for the first time ever. And, I think the krumper is still in it as well. He’d be a fun one to make it. I expect after I see the people making it through or not making it, I’ll be saying, “Oh yeah …”

Unlike previous years, the contestants are finding out the results in the SYTYCD studio with videos of their auditions and their time in Vegas behind them. This means it’s hard to call it Las Vegas Week still, right? First off, we’re not in Las Vegas, and secondly it’s taken three weeks.

The first dancer up to hear his fate is Nathan Trasoras who auditioned in season 5 at 17 years old and was given a ticket by Nigel to come to Las Vegas for season 6 when he would be 18. Mia Michaels explains the show is so difficult emotionally and physically, and there has to be a maturity, but he’s … a baby. Yet, they feel that they would like to be a part of his growth. He’s in the top 20. He thanks them, saying how much it means to him.

After a bunch of dancers are denied, David Hovhannisyan walks onstage to hear his fate. This ballet dancer blew everyone away in his audition. Mary Murphy asks about his experience in Las Vegas, and he says hip hop or ballet dancers are a different world, but he’s really excited and shaking. She notes they’re grateful that so many ballet dancers came out this year, but she’s sorry to tell him it’s the end of the road for him. He just needs to come out of himself a little more.

Kathryn McCormick is up to face the judges, and this is one I don’t remember seeing before, so if they’re taking the time to show her facing the judges, maybe that means she’s in. She had just moved to California from Georgia at the time of her audition, and she was quite homesick. She’s still really emotional today. Mia asks about her experience, and she says thank you and gets emotional … again. Nigel notes her voice gets higher as she goes. She admits to letting go with limitations and opening her arms, feeling blessed to have made it this far. Mia tells her to open her arms up again and receive it, because she’s in the top 20.

Contemporary dancer Channing Cooke is taking her chances with the judges. Nigel told her at her audition she was everything he could ask for. He tells her now she is exceptionally strong, but needs to work on her chemistry with a partner. She does so many things for herself and is so strong, she doesn’t need anyone else. But she will have to learn to rely on a partner, as she’s been unanimously voted into the top 20. He can’t wait to play soccer with her. Ariana Debose and Ellenore Scott get good news as well.

Noelle Marsh and Mollee Gray can hardly take it after watching the other contemporary dancers get through. They’ve shown us too much of Mollee so far with her back story and all, even through Vegas with her foot injury, that I’m inclined to think she’s going to make it. They tell Cat they don’t want to be separated, having made new friends in each other. They’re still not going to find out.

Billy Bell is up and says Vegas was really good for him. He was the one that had Adam very emotional during Vegas. He tells the judges he’s happy to have come this far. Debbie Allen tells him his dancing is so impressive, and his technique is already so there at 19, but unfortunately he’s a student at Julliard. He explains they’re willing to wait for him and hold his scholarship. Unfortunately, he will have to ask them to do that, as he’s going to be in the top 20. Debbie wants him to make them proud. It does not go as well for Jake Guidry and Brandon Dumlao.

Amber Jackson had a weird reaction from Nigel at her audition as he told her her movement was tremendous, but her performance was … some expletive. She breezed through every round in Las Vegas. Mary tells her she is just stunning and seeing her dance on the screen just now, it reminds her how exquisite her technique is. That’s never enough on this show, however. She has to find that personality and let it out. She is so saddened to tell her today she will not be going on this season, but they do believe in her very much. The others are absolutely shocked that she doesn’t make it. Noelle and Mollee can’t believe it.

Russell Ferguson knows if he makes the top 20 it’ll make history as he’ll be the first krumper. It’s a good feeling, and he knows there’s nothing he can’t take on. Mia tells him when she first saw his solo, she was blown away, as it was so authentic, and she hoped he could do other things, and he kept proving himself. She was hoping he would be in the top 10, but recently things weren’t going her way. It’s really cool to know that it is going her way today. He’s going to be in their top 20. Debbie tells him to go and call his mama. Hip hopper Kevin Hunte makes it as well.

It’s time to revisit the tap dancers. Three have made it this far: Bianca Revels, Phillip Attmore, and Peter Sabasino. Bianca will be happy if just one of them makes it, even if it isn’t her, as they’ll have good people representing real tap. She’s up first to hear. She’s been here before. This is her third time in Las Vegas. She wants to be the first tapper to make it through. Nigel is quite frank, saying if they were just basing it on her performance and her tap routine, she’d be in the top 20. It doesn’t work like that, as they have to base it on how much she is going to grow in other areas. It’s a controversial decision, but she is in the top 20. She cries and asks Nigel why he did that to her. Her fellow tap dancers are rightfully proud of her.

Phillip was confident in his audition, but his attitude was questioned when it came to the group round in Vegas. He blamed it on the fact there were five different styles in his group. He felt he ended with a bang on his last solo. He admits to Mia that he got offensive right away and knew he had to shut his mouth. The others debate whether he was being offensive or explaining himself. Mia says it’s more than being a great artist; it’s about being a great person. Peter is hoping all three of them will make it in and be a trio, and Phillip comes in and says he made it.

Eeesh, is there really room for three tap dancers? Mary talks about Peter’s journey with him there in Las Vegas, and he admits he had three yeses and three noes after his solo. He was shocked, but he knew he could have done more and didn’t. As the week went on, he didn’t get too many more good reviews. Mary tells him there are two other tappers on the show so far, and he needs to be proud that he made it this far, but sometimes history is made on this show. Peter makes it through. Three tap dancers are in the top 20. Nigel warns him to pull up in other areas. Peter celebrates with Phillip and Bianca, who is happy to be the girl in the middle.


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