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Amazing Race 15, Ep. 4 Commentary – The Lions Get Eaten By the Lambs

It is official – Lance and Keri are the new Ray and Deana. For those who recall, Ray and Deana were the seventh place finishers on Amazing Race 7. He was the overly-competitive, muscle-bound guy/personality-challenged fiancé who constantly commented on how they didn’t want to lose to the “old team.” Sound familiar? Lance repeatedly called himself a lion who would devour the weaker teams, or the “lambs.” Just like Ray, he finds himself on his way to Elimination Station while the so-called weaker teams move on. I probably speak for many of you when I say, “good riddance.”

Amazingly enough, the remaining seven teams all have likability factors playing in their favor. Some may have Canaan’s volatility as a strike against them – and he does seem rather short-tempered – but he is a lightweight compared to some other past racers. (Speaking of Jonathan – from that link, he was a producer of Dorf on Golf?!?!?) Some may not care for the Poker Chicks’ method of competing, but they are certainly charismatic and provide some entertainment value. Some may be put off by Meghan and Cheyne’s aggressiveness and “Malibu Ken and Barbie” appearance, but you have to respect that they have been running a somewhat quietly good race.

As it turns out, we may wind up with a pretty likable group of racers making their way across the globe.

As for the Race this week, it was an entertaining episode, if not the most dramatic one. Lance and Keri just continually made the wrong choices along the way, and there was no real drama as to who was going to be eliminated. Once they got lost following the Roadblock, we never saw them encounter another team again during the leg. The only question was whether or not it would be non-elimination. Having the Leg 2 non-elimination pretty much made it doubtful that there would be one so soon thereafter. So, they are out.

Once again, I must express my frustration with the lack of Fast Forwards. If you recall, there was a Fast Forward on every leg of the first four Amazing Races. Beginning with AR5, they were limited to 1-2 per Race. This was done to save production costs, as at the time, the show was in danger of cancellation. I would say that seven Emmys and good ratings leading up to AR15 have proven that the show will run for as long as the show wants to run at this point. Bring back the Fast Forwards.

Not only do Fast Forwards give us more of the world to see during the race, but it also provides a badly-needed strategic element to the Race. When a team is down in the Race, now they must rely on either another team’s mistakes, or the must rely on bunching. The Fast Forward gave them another, more interesting to watch, option to get back in the game. It probably saved several teams who went on to either win or go deep into the Race. All three teams from AR3’s Final Three benefitted from a Fast Forward. Frank/Margarita were boosted by a pre-India Fast Forward to help them along the way. Plus, we got the biggest mistake in the history of the Race thanks to a Fast Forward – Team Guido’s squandering their lead for iced tea and AC in India.

Hey Show, bring back the Fast Forward.

Lastly, Keri mentioned that “in the history of all the Races” that no one had a worse leg. I beg to differ. In fact, Lance/Keri’s mangling of this leg doesn’t even crack the Top 10 of bad decisions leading to a team’s demise (either immediate, or shortly thereafter). This is just off the top of my head …

1. Team Guido’s Indian Air Conditioned Splendor
2. Nancy/Emily Giving Up
3. Paul/Amie’s Desert Adventure
4. The Wonder Twins Can’t Find the Clue Box
5. Heather/Eve Take A Taxi To the Pit Stop
6. David/Jeff Can’t Leave Australia
7. Jonathan/Victoria Have One Less Ass Than Needed
8. Brian/Greg Can’t Drive
9. Uchenna/Joyce Take The Worst Connection
10. Toni/Dallas Forget Something In The Cab